Draft Day Trades Have The Boys’ Sitting Pretty

I’ve never been one to spend an entire day watching the NFL Draft, but I’ve been under the weather and so I found myself staying home and watching ESPN intently.

Let me first say how much the draft coverage of ESPN sucks. Pick after pick they have 5 different so-called experts on their panel who continually speculate and predict who each team will take, and they are wrong 90% of the time.

I mean they aren’t even getting the position right, let alone the player. And everytime they got it wrong they would say something like "another shocker here at the NFL Draft in New York" or "what a surprising move by the (insert team name) …", gimme a freaking break!

Led by Chris Berman, who I like to refer to as the mouth that swallowed New York, these guys are a big joke. (with apologies to Steve Young who actually knows what he’s talking about but is constantly drowned out by the other 4 guys)

Secondly, does the commissioner have to say "with the ___ pick of the 2007 NFL Draft" every single time? I mean come on, we know it’s the 2007 NFL Draft, we dont need to hear it 250 times.

Despite those two complaints I have to say I actually enjoyed watching and waiting until the Dallas Cowboys made their selection with the 22nd pick (of the 2007 NFL Draft).

So who did they take with the 22nd pick (of the 2007 NFL Draft), you ask?

Well, as it turned out, our Cowboys traded the pick to the Cleveland Browns who finally took Brady Quinn with the 22nd pick (of the 2007 NFL Draft).

See what I mean, lol. Admit it, you are sick of hearing it too aren’t you?

I actuall felt bad for Brady Quinn who was projected to go in the top 3 picks by our notable panel of experts. NOT! The poor guy had a hundred cameras on him watching his every emotion as pick after pick transpired. By the time he was finally chosen, his pinstriped jacket was gone, his collar was unbuttoned, his tie was hanging loosely, and his well kept hair was a mess. What a drag… Now he will only make 5 million per season instead of 8 million.

Anyhow, I digress…

The fact is that the Cowboys played their cards perfectly!

There was no doubt that Brady Quinn was the guy to take for the Cowboys who were set to take the best available athlete.

The Cowboys had no real needs as they addressed those needs by signing Leonard Davis and Ken Hamlin in the off-season.

As a matter of fact, after pick number 6 I had already told my girlfriend that the Cowboys could be looking at Brady Quinn they way I figured it.

I actually looked at all the teams that had yet to draft and I didn’t see any team with a huge need at quarterback except the Jaguars (sorry Jacksonville but Leftwich sucks).

When the Jags decided to draft a safety instead of Brady Quinn, I jumped up and said "we just got Brady Quinn or we are about to make a big trade." 

Of course the Cowboys were caught between a rock and a hard place. Could you imagine the stir that taking Quinn would have created? Imagine the quarterback controversy this would have created!

Believe me when I say the Cowboys made the right call by trading their 1st Round Pick (#22 overall) to Cleveland for the Brown’s 2nd Round Pick (#36 overall) and their 1st Round Pick in 2008!

Truth be told, there is no real difference between picking #22 and #36 in the NFL Draft. Now the Cowboys can now use the extra second round pick to fill a hole or add depth to another position.

Regardless, having two 1st Round Picks in next year’s draft is huge and will pay big dividends for the Boys down the road!

This was an absolute steal for the Cowboys and let me just say, way to go for the Silver and Blue!


Right as I was about to post this bulletin the Cowboys just traded to get back into the 1st Round! Wow!

They just made a trade with the Eagles (ugh) for the #26 selection and took Defensive End Anthony Spencer of Purdue! This guy is a fierce tackler with explosive speed and a ferocious hitter. You can pencil him in fro starting along side DeMarcus Ware!

Here is the net result of both trades…
We trade a #22 overall plus a third and a fifth round pick for #26 overall (Anthony Spencer) and a 1st Round Pick in 2008!

How Bout’ Them Cowboys!

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Great blog Joe! Cowboys did the right thing here. It will be big for us next year. With no desperate needs this year, I think they played their cards perfectly. COWBOYS FOR LIFE!

  2. Angela
    Angela says:

    I love this blog! I agree about the mentioning of ‘2007 NFL Draft’ everytime. C’mon! I actually have been watching draft day footage on The NFL Network and it is much better than ESPN. I am getting so pumped up for this coming season! Go Cowboys!!

  3. Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez says:

    I would have to disagree, yeah we got a 1st round next year, but do we want to win next year, and why a DE and then trade to get back into the 1st just pick up a defensive player? we need offensive play makers, and we haven’t addressed that…. best player available at 22nd was Quinn, and we passed him up for a damm….. DE….. not going to be a smart choice!!!!!!!

  4. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Hi Michael,
    I just blogged a reply to your comment.
    Thanks for reading and please comment back.

  5. TrixieLicious
    TrixieLicious says:

    Good grief that was the Emmy winner for most boring show hosted by the biggest blockheads in Sports Television History. To be honest I did not sit and watch the entire thing. My son did and he yelled at me when it was an important time to come in there. He went nuts when he thought we were going to get Brady and then had a total breakdown when we didn’t. It never made sense to me anyway. And what the heck is wrong with them humiliating him the way they did? I think the producers of that show were on strike yesterday and they hired some crack heads to take their place! Gawd. Nice write up Joe. I always enjoy your style.

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