Jerry Needs To Do Some Fixin Up Before The Season Starts

I can’t believe that football is almost here. (somebody pinch me!) With only a couple of days left until the Cowboys begin training camp, there still seem to be a few lingering issues. Of course no matter what the team does, there will always be some new controversy or adversity to deal with, but I’m hoping that they can get these few loose ends tied up so that they don’t become a distraction down the road.

1. Don’t go singing the praises of how great and how exciting first round draft pick Anthony Spencer is, and then still not have the rookie defensive end signed with training camp only two days away. As a matter of fact, only one of the Cowboys’ first eight draft picks have signed on the dotted line so far, and that only happened this past Friday when they signed seventh round pick, fullback Deon Anderson. I know that the Cowboys like to drag their feet when it comes to working out contracts with their players, but this is ridiculous. I want to see these guys suited up and ready to compete so that we can take the best team possible up north when the regular season starts. Get that wallet out and start forking over those greenbacks, JJ.

2. This is also another contract issue, but can somebody tell me what the delay is with signing Tony Romo to an extension? I know that both sides have agreed to get a deal done during the season, but is negotiating a contract during the week of a big Cowboys – Eagles game the way to go with Tony Romo? Call me crazy, but I have never been a big fan of contract negotiations taking place once the season begins. I can think of a million reasons why you shouldn’t do it, but I can’t think of one good reason why you would. When the Cowboys passed on drafting Brady Quinn at the NFL Draft, I thought for sure it meant a long term deal was only days away for Romo. It goes to show you how much I know. What do you think?

3. Will somebody please tell Greg Ellis to shut up already. In 2005 he complained about Bill Parcels not giving him any love. Then he complained about his decreased playing time. (he didn’t mention anything about his decreased performance at the time.) The he walked out after the first day of mini camp. Four weeks ago he asked for his release because Jerry Jones wouldn’t meet with him privately. And now he’s going around telling any player that will listen to him that the "Cowboys have slapped him in the face." Do we really need this negativity as we try and start a brand new season? I wish he would just stop his whining and just play some football.

Obviously we are not talking about anything major here, but I was bored and I wanted to write down some of the little things that are bugging me so far. Maybe a few of these things can be resolved before we take the field on Sunday, September 9th against the New York Giants.

Oh and by the way, with regard to this weeks poll, you damn well know I got my popcorn ready!

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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    You are just a wealth of information!
    I mean, you should start charging!!
    RoMo will be signed.
    I’m not worried.
    Not only that, you’re going to see a brand new Terrell Owens.
    I’m not going to try to convince you here.. but *trust me*
    You haven’t seen him healthy & 100%.
    He is dangerous and an amazing talent.
    With Parcells gone (and I did like some things about him)..The big story all the way to the playoffs will be RoMo2Owens.
    All year long baby.. All year!
    17 days til Pre-Season!!
    woot*woot* LOL

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