Cowboys Lose Pre-Season Finale to Vikings, 23-14 

The Dallas Cowboys dropped their final pre-season game to the Minnesota Vikings 23-14, finishing with a record of 2-2.  The Vikings improved their record to 2-2 to close out their pre-season.  The Cowboys will now travel back to Dallas to start preparing for their season opener next Sunday night against the Giants at Texas Stadium, while the Vikings will stay in Minnesota to prepare for their season opener at home against the Falcons.

As expected, most all of the Cowboys starters sat out for the whole game, as the players gunning for a spot on the 53 man roster were given a chance to prove their worth.

The Cowboys opened up the scoring early, as Jerheme Urban scored on a 96 yard punt return for a touchdown.  It was a ball that he should have never fielded, but was able to get to the sideline, barrel threough the punter, and cut back across the field for the final 40 yards for the TD.  Minnesota challenged the play on whether or not Urban stepped out of bounds, but the play stood as Dallas took a 7-0 lead.

Minnesota would later tie the game at 7 early in the 2nd quarter when Artose Pinner punched one into the end zone from a yard out.  The Vikings would later take a 14-7 lead after they were given great field position off of a fumble by Cowboys’ QB Mike Moore deep inside of his own territory.  Brooks Bollinger threw a 4 yard pass to Sindey Rice for the touchdown.

 The Cowboys took the ball late in the first half as Matt Moore drove Dallas 57 yards on 9 plays ending the drive with a 5 yard pass to Tony Curtis to tie the game at 14.  It would be Dallas’ last score of the game.  Minnesota tacked on 3 more field goals for the 23-14 final score.  The Cowboys finished with 5 turnovers that resulted in 17 points off of turnovers for the Vikings.  Dallas also committed 7 penalties for 45 yards.

The Cowboys quarterbacks did pretty good overall.  Brad Johnson completed 5 of 7 passes for 44 yards, while Matt Moore went 14 of 19 for 94 yards and a TD, but had 2 lost fumbles that the Vikings converted to 10 points.  It will be interesting to see what the Cowboys decide to do with him.  Richard Bartel completed 11 of 13 passes for 81 yards and an INT.   

Nick Folk never really did get to prove anything on the field tonight.  He did handle the kickoff duty but didn’t have any field goal attempts.  He made both extra points. 

Some players that I thought made a good impression were Jerheme Urban, although did have a lost fumble, did have that 96 yard punt return for a TD.  I wouldn’t count on seeing him returning punts and kickoffs regularly if he makes the team though.  Tony Curtis caught 5 passes for 44 yards and a TD and looked very good.

On defense, Remi Ayodele had 5 tackles and Stephen Bowen had 3 tackles and a sack.  Courtney Brown had an INT to go with one tackle at CB.  There are going to be some interesting and difficult decisions to be made by Wade Phillips and the Cowboys’ coaching staff.

So the pre-season is finally over, and it is time to get ready for the regular season.  These games actually count toward your record.  Players who we saw in the pre-season won’t be here by the Saturday deadline to cut the team down to the 53 man roster.  Now begins the what will seem like  a forever 10 day wait leading up to the Sunday Night Fooball season opener for our Dallas Cowboys.  The pre-season records mean nothing, and the stats mean nothing.  Now lets wipe the slate clean, and get off to a great start against the Little Giants September 9th.  Can’t wait for it!  Looking forward to a great season!  Go Cowboys!!!



Cowboys (2-1) vs. Vikings (1-2), Thursday, August 30, 7:00 PM CT, CBS 11

Pre-Season Week 4 Preview:

Both the Cowboys and Vikings will play their final pre-season game when the two teams battle at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The Cowboys are coming off a somewhat humiliating 28-16 loss to the Texans while the Vikings lost to the Seahawks 30-13 in their last game.

The two teams met in the pre-season finale last year at Texas Stadium.  The game ended in a 10-10 tie.  Something tells me that it won’t be happening this year.

Since there are some position battle yet to be determined, you should only expect to see most of the Cowboys starters in for only a series or two, if that.  Expect all of the starters that have been injured for most of or all of pre-season to sit out this game too, giving more younger guys to opportunity to make an impression on the team.

"I’m looking forward to this ballgame to end the preseason," Phillips said. "I think we certainly need it. We have a lot of evaluation to do. We do have a lot of guys to look at. I am worried about our roster overall – who fits where and who our best players are."

"Really, the only way to tell is to play in a ballgame. You can evaluate them in practice certainly and their character and work habits are important and a factor. But, still, the determining factor is how well they play in a game. We’ve got to give a lot of guys an opportunity to play in a game, so they can show us what they can or can’t do."

There are two homecomings in this game.  Brad Johnson spent nine years with the Vikings in Minnesota while Marion Barber III was a standout at the University of Minnesota and all-state performer from Wayzata High School in Minnesota.  Both players have ignored the hype and downplayed the situation. 

Martin Gramatica has a hamstring injury that will likely keep him off the field for tonight’s game.  That will give rookie kicker Nick Folk to opportunity to prove that he belongs on this team.  Gramatica says that he should be ready for the season opener if he makes the roster.

It will also be very interesting watching the battles at cornerback and fullback in the game against the Vikings as well. 

Hopefully these positions will be filled by the time that the Cowboys cut their roster down to the standard 53 players by Saturday, but if not maybe other teams players could help us. 

If there’s one thing that I really want out of this game, it wouldn’t be the win, although it would be nice, but hopefully for everyone to get out of the game injury free.  There have been a lot of costly injuries to teams this pre-season. 

Calling all Cowboy Fans!

‘We just didn’t play well.’
I know there is an in-state rivalry between the two teams. It’s still ‘only’ pre-season. As far as I’m concerned, it’s important for the team to get these on the road learning experiences out of the way before the season starts. We’ve seen what they can do at home! Of course, I’m disappointed that we didn’t beat Houston. Phillips also said in reference to the offense and defense, ‘We just didn’t play well.’ Not to say this like it’s a bad thing but: IT’S HOUSTON!
Oops! I said it like it was a bad thing.
Phillips said he was worried about how the Cowboys would react in front of the crowd in Houston. It’s no big secret that the home team has a definite advantage. This will prepare The Boys for their tricky schedule on the road. Our schedule has us visiting stadiums where the fans show no mercy and their favorite team can be just as ruthless! Sure, it was loud in Houston but we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Compared to many fan-filled stadiums, Houston doesn’t know fan intimidation! Personally, I would like to see Cowboy Fans get a little better at it! I’m a fan: Loud & Proud! I start my pre-game ritual knowing in my heart that I will be celebrating a win in the coming hours. Does that always happen? Of course not! Is that part of what makes it so much fun for fans? YES, IT IS! It’s the rollercoaster ride that thrills us.
It’s the rich history of our favorite team and the competitive spirit in all of us that brings people from all over the world together. The action and drama both on and off the field that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Whether you love, hate or love to hate them, you know one thing for sure: The Dallas Cowboys have always been and will always be America’s Team. No pre-season loss to the Texans can change that and it shouldn’t change the recent positive headlines. We have waited, for what seems like a long time, to get a play-off quality team. We can still say SUPER BOWL and COWBOYS in the same sentence without fear of sounding overly optimistic. Or, in my case, finding yourself on the receiving end of the look that says, ‘That’s cute. She likes football and The Cowboys.’
I’m calling all Cowboy Fans! Whether you watch from stadium seating, at your favorite sports bar, with family and friends or at home practicing your arm-chair QB techniques; BE LOUD – BE PROUD! When our opponent has the ball, every Cowboy Fan should be so loud that the parking lot vibrates! IT’S TIME!! Time to rally around our team! Why wait for things to start looking good mid-season? Why wait for that big win or big play? The time is NOW. There are people that get paid to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. As a fan, it’s my job to be supportive and positive. Not because I get paid to do so but because I LOVE THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!
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Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results

Hi Cowboys fans!
Here are the results of last weeks poll which asked the question:
How Long Should Our First String Players Play In The Last Two Pre-Sesaon Game?

Only 12% of the voters thought that the Cowboys’ regulars should play past the second quarter.
An overwhelming 89% of the voters said to “yank them” by the end of the first half. It’s probably best that the Cowboys play it safe from here on out. I’m actually hoping that our guys on offense don’t play more than one series on Thursday.
This week, we were wondering how you felt about some of the players that are already going through some injuries of their own.
Which of the these players would be missed most if the miss the season opener?
1. Terry Glenn
2. Terence Newman
3. Greg Ellis
4. Anthony Fasano
It’s kind of an interesting question to think about because at least three of them bring something big to the table. I have an idea on who I would pick, and I look forward to seeing if I am on the same page as most of you.

Cowboys News: Cowboys Cut Nine, One To Go

The Dallas Cowboys have cut nine players and will have to cut one more by tomorrow. That will bring the roster total to 75. On Saturday they will have to cut 22 more players to bring the count to the league-mandated 53-man roster.

Players that were cut include:

RB Jackie Battle

WR Jamel Richardson

NT Ola Dagunduro

LB Dedrick Harrington

OT Jason Hilliard

LB Alex Obomese

WR Jerard Rabb

WR Jamaica Rector

Jamaica Rector has missed the past three weeks with a knee injury. Last year Rector was awesome in preseason but didn’t play much after that. Jackie Battle is also injured but I think we all knew Tyson Thompson was going to get the spot as the 3rd running back. Both Rector and Battle were given injury settlements.

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone

It’s funny how people get so offended and hurt when the team loses (understandably, I’m one of the guilty). It’s a preseason game, not a playoff game. The good thing is we can learn from the experience and it isn’t going to hurt us one bit. Of course it’s nice to win every game no matter the caliber, but sometimes it helps not to go into the season with a "big head" or overblown confidence when you start playing teams like New England and Chicago just to name a few.

I do believe that Gramatica has lost his job as starting kicker, especially if the rumors are true that he pulled a hamstring Saturday night. Missing an extra-point kick is really not the way you impress your coach when you’re battling for the starting position. Of all teams, we certainly know how much a missed kick can hurt!

If you’re wondering when to expect Greg Ellis back on the field, good luck finding the answer. No one knows or can even speculate when to expect the veteran linebacker’s return. Jerry Jones is determined that Ellis will be back, at least that’s what he is saying in front of the cameras. I’ve heard a third medical opinion is being sought. Expect to see rookie Anthony Spencer on the field in his place when the season kicks off.

Several other injured Cowboys missed the game on Saturday. Anthony Fasano, Terence Newman and Terry Glenn did not participate but are all expected to start in the season opener. Terence Newman will likely feel pain throughout the season after being diagnosed with a torn plantar fascia in his right heel. Anthony Fasano is sitting out after receiving a sprained shoulder in the second preseason game. And last but certainly not least, Terry Glenn is still recovering after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery during Training Camp.

As the Cowboys prepare to travel to Minnesota for the final preseason game, we should keep a close watch on the roster. Several players will be cut tomorrow, bringing the roster number down to 75. I don’t think we will see much from the first string on Thursday because September 1st the team will be trimmed down to the standard 53-man roster. It’s always interesting and certainly unpredictable to see who will go and who will stay.  


Game Recap: Houston 28 – Dallas 16

Well, sooner or later, you knew it was going to happen. The opposition finally broke through the Cowboys starting defense and scored a touchdown for the first time this preseason. In fact they threw for two scores.

The Cowboys suffered their first loss of the preseason, when the Houston Texans upended Dallas by a score of 28-16.

The Texans came out of the gate with a fast-paced offense that featured pinpoint passing and a power running game. The Cowboys were simply not ready.

They looked very soft in all aspects of their game. Take a look at some of these key stats and you’ll see what I mean…

Julius Jones and Marion Barber combined for 16 carries and 48 yards rushing, and that includes a 12-yard run by Julius. Their average gain per rush was only 2.7 yards. Brutal…

Martin Gramatica missed a key extra point after the Cowboys first touchdown, that was sort of a glimpse into what kind of a game lay ahead for the Cowboys. With the miss, Gramatica may have just handed over the place kicking job to rookie, Nick Folk. (something that was predicted right here back in March)

Offensive Line
Their 3rd down efficiency was a very soft 5-11, and the one time they went for it on 4th down, they didn’t make it. The quarterback was sacked three times.

Tony Romo wasn’t really that bad, but he clearly needs to be sharper and make better decisions if we are to be ready for the Giants on opening day. He finished with 14 completed passes on 22 attempts, and threw for two touchdowns and an interception. Brad Johnson wrapped it up completing 5 of 6 passes.

Special Teams
Allowed a first possession touchdown on a 91 yard punt return. Our total punt return yardage was only 2 yards, compared to 105 yards for the Texans. Ouch!

The Texans were 3-3 (100% Efficiency) in the Red Zone. By the end of the second half, the Texans had already put up 21 points. Allowed an alarming 144 yards rushing to an aging Ahman Green and company. They did not force a fumble or an interception, in fact they were never anywhere near the ball when Houston had possession.

The Cowboys also drew seven penalties in the game for a loss of 48 yards.

OK, there were some positives in the game as well…

I gotta give credit where credit’s due. Sam Hurd looked absolutely amazing in the field and proved that he can be as elusive as any of the elite receivers. He led the team in receiving with 68 yards on 4 catches, and he may have moved up in the depth chart after an impressive performance.

Terrell Owens had only 1 pass, but it was good enough for the Cowboy’s first touchdown of the game. He was the victim of constant double and sometimes triple coverage, and it was clear that Houston’s game plan was to take him out of the game.

Jason Witten also grabbed a pass for a TD and finished the day with 3 catches and 47 yards.

Matt McBriar was his usual dependable self, and had a nice game too.

Bottom Line:

It’s preseason, and this game doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. What’s important is that the Cowboys learn something from this and apply it towards their next contest. I expected to see a much more vaunted defense from a Wade Phillips coached team. The Cowboys have the players and the talent to keep the pressure on opposing offenses, but that clearly wasn’t the case in this game.

The offensive line struggled and drew far too many penalties in the game. You could blame them for the soft numbers compiled by the usually effective tandem of Jones and Barber.

I am absolutely certain that next week, these same Cowboys will be a much more focused team with a nose for the ball on defense, and a nose for the end-zone on offense.

You just wait and see…

Game Preview: Dallas at Houston

Cowboys (2-0) vs. Texans (1-1) Saturday, August 25, 7:00 PM CT, CBS 11
Pre-Season Week 3 Preview:

The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans will bang helmets Saturday night when the two teams meet at Reliant Stadium. The Cowboys are coming off of an impressive 31-20 victory over the Broncos while the Texans used the 3rd quarter to fly by the Cardinals 33-20.

This game may not be as big since it is just pre-season, but don’t let that fool you. There are so many things that make this game big.
This will mark the return of Wade Phillips since he served as an assistant from 1976-80 under his legendary father, Bum Phillips. This is also an in-state rivalry, which means both teams want to win no matter what.
"It’s a big deal for us as far as a preseason game, and being the third one, you want to do well out there," Phillips said. "I think there’ll be a big crowd, I think they’ll be into it, and that will help their team some as far as motivation in the game and those kinds of things, and I want to see how my team reacts with that.
"It’ll be a good experience for this team to see where they are."
Finally, the Cowboys and Texans will be competing for th Governor’s Cup, awarded to the winner of every game, pre-season or regular season. The Texans won the first meeting 19-10, while the Cowboys won the match-up last year with a strong 34-6 victory. The Governor’s Cup was also awarded back when Houston was still called the Oilers until they moved to Tennessee in 1997. The Cowboys won the series 5-3.
Tony Romo, who already looks to be in mid-season form, will try to turn in his 3rd straight solid performance. He has completed 21 of 29 passes for 219 yards and an INT through his 1st two pre-season games. Look for most of the starters to play into the 3rd quarter on Saturday.
"There’s still a evaluation here and especially the guys that they call ‘on the bubble’," Phillips said. "We need to see guys playing special teams because that’s a real important part of making the team. I’d like to see some of these guys get some playing time. We won’t get as much this game with those guys I don’t think, but maybe the last game some of the guys.
"We want to see if they can really play in the NFL and we’re going to give them a little more time."
Greg Ellis (foot), Terence Newman (heel), and Terry Glenn (knee) are out and are expected to be out until the regular season begins. Greg Ellis’s injury will probably linger into the regular season though, but hopefully will be worth the wait.

Injury Update: No More Preseason For Newman

As you may have heard Terence Newman has been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Basically he has severe pain in his heel when he walks or runs. Newman missed last week’s game against the Broncos and will miss the rest of preseason. Coach Phillips expects Newman to start the season opener on September 9th but the injury will likely bother Newman the rest of the season.

This is bad news, considering his backups are veterans Aaron Glenn and Anthony Henry. Newman’s shoes are not easy to fill and he is one of the most underrated cornerbacks in the league. In 2006, Newman had 63 tackles, 54 of which were unassisted.

He has been a proven leader on and off the field and would be a great loss to the Cowboys. Lets hope to see "T-New" out on the field and ready to rumble when the ‘Boys take the field September 9th against the New York Giants.


Cowboys News: Glenn Will Miss the Final Two Preseason Games

It has been reported that Coach Wade Phillips has ruled out the return of Terry Glenn for the final two preseason games. When Glenn had arthroscopic knee surgery on August 1st, he was projected to be back for the final preseason game, however that no longer seems probable. Coach Phillips said Glenn will return to practice after the August 30th game. Glenn hasn’t had any setbacks in his rehab and the team isn’t worried about the veteran’s lack of practice.

"No, it’s not a real concern," Phillips said. "He knows what to do and he knows how to do it and as long as he’s ready physically, I think he’ll be ready to do it."

As for the rumors going around that Terry Glenn has re-aggravated his knee, Coach says he has no idea where that information came from. Glenn should be ready to go for Week 1, September 9th against the Giants.

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Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results


What should the Cowboys do with Greg Ellis?

Last week we asked you what you thought about the Greg Ellis situation and the results were quite surprising as only 31% of you felt we should even keep him. Or to put it another way, Ellis has got a disapproval rating of close to 70% dissatisfied Cowboys fans that either want him released, traded or retired. (And George Bush thought he had problems!)

This week we would like your opinion on a somewhat debatable issue.
In light of all the recent season-ending, pre-season game injuries around the league…
How long should our first string players play in the last two pre-season games?
1. One Quarter
2. The First Half
3. Three Quarters
4. The Entire Game
Let us know what you think Cowboys fans. Should we put them in and pull them out early, or should they man up and play the whole game.
You can vote once a day.

Game Recap: Dallas Over Denver 31-20

Cowboys Whip Broncos En Route to 31-20 Victory!

The Dallas Cowboys had plenty of things to be excited about as they cruised in their 31-20 crushing of the Denver Broncos.  The Cowboys improved to 2-0 on the pre-season while the Denver Broncos dropped to 1-1.  It really wasn’t even that close though.  As expected, most of the starters for both teams went for the entire 1st half. 

It all started early for the Dallas Cowboys.  Although the opening drive started slowly,  Tony Romo converted a 3 & 10 and navigated the ‘Boys down the field all the way from his own 20 to the Denver 33 yard line without a hitch.  Martin Gramatica missed a 51 yard field goal that sailed just wide of the right upright.  This drive didn’t get to the Cowboys though, as they scored on every possession that followed in the 1st half.

After the Cowboys defense forced a 3 and out and Denver punter Todd Sauerbrun shanked a 15 yard punt to the Dallas 40, Tony Romo worked his magic.  He marched the Cowboys down the field on a 12 play, 60 yard drive taking 6:08 off the clock that ended in a Marion Barber TD to give the Cowboys a 7-0 lead.

On the 3rd play of Denver’s ensuing possession, Travis Henry fumbled the ball on 2nd & 20.  It was recovered by Marcus Spears at the Denver 7 yard line.  Just two plays later, the Cowboys would capitalize off the mistake as Julius Jones powered his way into the end zone for a touchdown to give the ‘Boys a 14-0 lead. 

After yet another Denver punt, Dallas had the ball again.  However, 4 plays into the Cowboys’ next drive, Romo’s pass intended for Miles Austin would be intercepted by Dre Bly after Austin slipped and couldn’t get back to the ball in time.  Bly returned it to the Dallas 37.  The Cowboys defense stiffened up once again, and held Denver to only 3 points, cutting the Dallas lead to 14-3. 

The Cowboys answered immediately, as Romo wasn’t phased by the pick.  He orchestrated a brilliant 6 play 69 yard drive that chewed up only 2:22 off the clock.  The drive ended with a 5 yard TD plunge by Marion Barber, his 2nd of the game and pre-season that gave the Cowboys a 21-3 lead.. 

The Cowboys got the ball back again, just hanging on to a punt that was muffed by Patrick Crayton.  On the next play though, Sam Hurd fumbled a completed pass by Tony Romo that was recovered by Nick Ferguson at the Dallas 28.  The ‘Boys 1st team defense once again toughened up and held Denver to only a field goal to cut the lead to 21-6.

Dallas kicker Nick Folk was able to nail a 52 yard field goal with just 25 seconds left in the 1st half to give the Cowboys a 24-6 lead heading into halftime after Tony Romo executed a nice 30 yard two minute drill.

Tony Romo wasn’t nearly as accurate against the Broncos as he was against the Colts, but still had a solid performance.  He completed 11 of 18 passes for 122 yards with one INT.

"I thought it was good tonight," Romo said. "We moved the ball pretty good. I thought we put a lot of points on the board in the first half and that was good to see. You have to give Denver credit, too. They have a really good secondary. They’re going to be a good team this year. You can see that."   

Marion Barber had 11 carries for 57 yards to go with 2 TD’s while Julius Jones carried the ball 9 times for 31 yards with a TD.  Overall, the Cowboys had a great night running the ball, accumulating 190 yards.  The Broncos only rushed for 35 for the whole game.  The Cowboys had 368 total yards in offense compared to the Broncos 269 yards.

"I think we gave another good effort," Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips said in his post-game press conference. "In the first half, I thought our offensive line and defensive line, at key times, made some good plays. They asserted themselves a little bit. We held a really good running team (to) not much rushing yards. I was a little worried about that."

Although the Cowboys 1st team receivers didn’t score a touchdown, they still made their presence felt.  Patrick Crayton had 3 receptions for 61 yards while Sam Hurd had 3 receptions for 36 yards.  Terrell Owens had 1 reception for 12 yards and even had a rush for 9 yards on a reverse play.

The ‘Boys converted 6 of 7 3rd downs in the first half and were 10 or 16 converting 3rd downs for the game.  The Cowboys 1st team didn’t commit any penalties in the 1st half, but the 2nd and 3rd teams committed 6 for 71 yards.

Jay Culter didn’t have a very good night, completing only 7 of 13 passes for 58 yards.  Patrick Ramsey did a much better job leading the Denver offense in the 2nd half, completing 11 of 21 passes for 178 yards with 2 TD’s and 1 INT.  

Ramsey threw a 90 yard strike to Brian Clark to make it 24-13 and a 15 yard pass to former Cowboy Quincy Morgan to make it 31-20, but it wasn’t enough.

Rookie WR Isaiah Stanback caught his 1st touchdown at the NFL level when Brad Johnson made a great thread the needle pass to him towards the corner of the end zone.  That made it 31-13 Cowboys at the time.  The final score was 31-20 Dallas.

"Overall, I look at the things we did well tonight," Phillips said. "I’m looking at the individuals and how they played. But as a team, it’s early in preseason. But as a team, we played well overall."

Brad Johnson completed 6 of 9 passes for 56 yards and 1 TD.

Cowboys CB Terence Newman didn’t play tonight due to a bruised right heel. Dallas also lost TE Anthony Fasano due to a sprained right shoulder.

After the Cowboys 31-20 win over the Broncos, they head down to Reliant Stadium next Saturday to take on the Houston Texans (1-1).  The Denver Broncos return home to Invesco Field to battle the Cleveland Browns (1-1) the same day.

I hope everyone enjoyed the game.  The defense was stellar and the offense was able to march down the field once again.  Bobby Carpenter picked one off too. I’m liking the way that things are going.  Go Cowboys!!!