Calling all Cowboy Fans!

‘We just didn’t play well.’
I know there is an in-state rivalry between the two teams. It’s still ‘only’ pre-season. As far as I’m concerned, it’s important for the team to get these on the road learning experiences out of the way before the season starts. We’ve seen what they can do at home! Of course, I’m disappointed that we didn’t beat Houston. Phillips also said in reference to the offense and defense, ‘We just didn’t play well.’ Not to say this like it’s a bad thing but: IT’S HOUSTON!
Oops! I said it like it was a bad thing.
Phillips said he was worried about how the Cowboys would react in front of the crowd in Houston. It’s no big secret that the home team has a definite advantage. This will prepare The Boys for their tricky schedule on the road. Our schedule has us visiting stadiums where the fans show no mercy and their favorite team can be just as ruthless! Sure, it was loud in Houston but we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Compared to many fan-filled stadiums, Houston doesn’t know fan intimidation! Personally, I would like to see Cowboy Fans get a little better at it! I’m a fan: Loud & Proud! I start my pre-game ritual knowing in my heart that I will be celebrating a win in the coming hours. Does that always happen? Of course not! Is that part of what makes it so much fun for fans? YES, IT IS! It’s the rollercoaster ride that thrills us.
It’s the rich history of our favorite team and the competitive spirit in all of us that brings people from all over the world together. The action and drama both on and off the field that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Whether you love, hate or love to hate them, you know one thing for sure: The Dallas Cowboys have always been and will always be America’s Team. No pre-season loss to the Texans can change that and it shouldn’t change the recent positive headlines. We have waited, for what seems like a long time, to get a play-off quality team. We can still say SUPER BOWL and COWBOYS in the same sentence without fear of sounding overly optimistic. Or, in my case, finding yourself on the receiving end of the look that says, ‘That’s cute. She likes football and The Cowboys.’
I’m calling all Cowboy Fans! Whether you watch from stadium seating, at your favorite sports bar, with family and friends or at home practicing your arm-chair QB techniques; BE LOUD – BE PROUD! When our opponent has the ball, every Cowboy Fan should be so loud that the parking lot vibrates! IT’S TIME!! Time to rally around our team! Why wait for things to start looking good mid-season? Why wait for that big win or big play? The time is NOW. There are people that get paid to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. As a fan, it’s my job to be supportive and positive. Not because I get paid to do so but because I LOVE THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!
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    CARLOS says:

    Well i would like to say hell yea a true cowboy fan should be leaving the stadium horsed and not being able to speak for days and if it’s a rivalry game then a whole week.but even when i’m not at a game i still shout with my family and freinds at the t.v.and spill my beer and chips but i love my cowboys till the day i die. I rep my colors every game day and i always switch up my jerseys to see witch ones giving me good luck this last game it was my woodson jersey so know i haveto wear a nother one thursday lol thanks for trying to get everybody motivated and support your team GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!

  2. Jimmy Hall
    Jimmy Hall says:

    Oh, you are SO right! A preseason game is important. No doubt about that, and yes, it showed some areas that need work, but a preseason loss to any team does not spell out defeat. Our season is still looking good. Th WORLD CHAMPION Dallas Cowboys are Superbowl bound!

  3. ERIC. B
    ERIC. B says:

    you took the words right out of my mouth. where i am from we are true blue die hard cowboys 4 life fans and we let it show. we need all the cowboy nation to do the same. we do not need to be crazy and stupid like EAGLE fans but show some life and love for the boys. let everyone and their momma know you are cowboy fan till you die.
    COWBOYS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!

  4. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Great blog Shelby!
    I was watching ESPN Mike and Mike in the morning and they were talking aout the Cowboys. Got me excited about the season, they had great things to say about us. They were really excited about our defense, especially Ware.
    We have alot of things to be excited for! How bout them Cowboys!!!

  5. Shelby
    Shelby says:

    Hey! I am stoked about the season! Let’s spread the word! LOUD & PROUD! 🙂
    Thanks for making my 1st day great! Go Cowboys!!
    By the way, did you see what was cookin’ in the Kowboys Kitchen? YUM!

  6. Shelby
    Shelby says:

    LOL Bette! I get that often and I secretly like it! It usually turns into a debate that leads to a friendly wager. Long story short: I have a nice photo collection of men wearing clothes they wouldn’t normally wear OR OWN! *giggle*

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