T.O. Staying Under the Radar in ’07

As we near the end of Training Camp 2007, a new wind has apparently blown in along with new head coach Wade Phillips.  Not a peep out of T.O.  That’s right, Terrell Eldorado Owens, has been virtually unheard from this off-season. 
Whatever is ESPN to do without an over-exaggerated story about T.O. stirring up a Texas tornado down in the Lonestar state?  In fact, I have not seen or heard one thing about Terrell Owens on Sportscenter in the last two weeks, with the exception of their “Who’s Now” segment, which is a bracket competition to determine today’s most successful and marketable athlete on and off the field (T.O. was defeated by Alex Rodriquez in the Muhammad Ali Region). 
But Terrell Owens, “The Coach Killer”, has given the media nothing to jump on this year.  He has said and done all the right things. 
Now, there might have been some controversy regarding his comments about Bill Parcells after Wade Phillips was hired, but T.O. was not the only one guilty of this.  A number of Cowboys veterans expressed their dislike for the way The Tuna ran things. 
This year has been substantially different than last’s.  The media had to have been licking their chops at Terrell Owen’s every move last year.  There was the pulled hamstring.  Then there was the bike/yellow jersey incident.  And who could forget T.O’s alleged suicide attempt last year, as wonderfully reported by ESPN. 
With all of that happening last year, Terrell Owens still gained legions of fans, and this year will be no different.  Expect T.O. to continue to be, and stay, on his best behavior. 
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  1. MIB
    MIB says:

    I think we’re going 2 see a very different T.O. this year. I think the biggest problem with Parcells is that he is too much of an old school coach. I really don’t think the drill sargent type coach works with this generation of coaches, see Tom Coughlin. I love Bill Parcells, but I really think the Cowboys are going 2 be a lot better without the Big Tuna. Let’s not forget though all the talent we have on our team right now has Parcell’s fingerprints all over it. I think Cowboys fans should tip their cap 2 the Tuna for that. GO COWBOYS!!!

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