Cowboys Bulldoze Rams 35-7 to Improve to 4-0

The Dallas Cowboys continued their perfect season today, trouncing the Rams 35-7 at Texas Stadium Sunday, improving to 4-0 on the season for the 1st time since 1995, the year of their last Super Bowl Title.

"Four-and-oh is nice," Phillips said. "It doesn’t put us in the Super Bowl, it doesn’t put us in the playoffs. But it’s good that we’re there." 

The game started off slowly for the Cowboys, as they managed just 3 1st downs in their first 4 possessions, punting all three times.  Things would begin in the 2nd quarter though, as things began to get exciting.  On Dallas’ 1st drive of the 2nd quarter, after throwing his only INT of the game, he led the Cowboys down the field on an 8 play 80-yard drive that ended in a Julius Jones 2-yard TD run to make it 7-0 Cowboys.

After forcing another Rams punt and getting the ball back, the Cowboys promptly went 3 and out.  Matt McBriar Boomed a 56-yard punt down to the St. Louis 15, but Dante Hall returned it all the way to the end zone for an 85-yard punt return for a touchdown to tie the game at 7.  It was the only thing that prevented a Dallas shutout, as that was the Rams’ only score on the afternoon.

With 2:11 left in the 1st half, Tony Romo essentially took over the game himself, on a drive that will certainly be on every sports show and possibly be on the blooper reel.  (Yes, that includes SportsCenter, and yes, I was laughing very hard too)  Facing a 3rd & 3 from midfield, Andre Gurode sailed the snap way over Romo’s head.  After bobbling the ball and dropping it at his own 25, Romo managed to pick it up at his own 17, elude one man at the 30, and run out of bounds at the St. Louis 46 for a Cowboys 1st down.  That could be one for the ages.  Romo then capped off the drive, scrambling up the middle for 15 yards and the touchdown to give the Cowboys a 14-7 heading into the locker room.

"That was a trick play we were working on," coach Wade Phillips said, laughing.

"When I first kicked it, I thought, ‘Uh-oh, maybe I should’ve fallen on it,’" Romo said. "You have a sense that people are around you or you don’t. And no one was around me."

In the 3rd quarter it was 3 drives and 3 TD’s for the Cowboys.  They didn’t take long either, with the longest drive being 5 plays.  Romo threw a 59-yard strike to Patrick Crayton to make it 21-7, slinged a 37-yard pass to Crayton to make it 28-7 Dallas, and found a wide open Jason Witten from 17 yards out to make the final score 35-7 Cowboys.

Tony Romo looked sharp once again, completing 21/33 passes for 339 yards, 3 TD passes, and an INT.  He also rushed for his 2nd touchdown of the season. 

Julius Jones rushed the ball 13 times for 52 yards and a TD, while Marion "The Barbarian" Barber III carried it 8 times for 50 yards.  Tyson Thompson also carried the ball 8 times, gaining 47 yards. 

Patrick Crayton had a career day at wide receiver, catching 7 passes for 184 yards and 2 TD’s.  Jason Witten had 6 receptions for 71 yards and a TD, while Terrell Owens caught 3 balls for 33 yards. 

Nick Folk made all 5 extra points and attempted no field goals.

Ken Hamlin came up with the Cowboys only forced turnover of the game, picking off a weak Marc Bulger pass to the end zone.  The defense held the Rams to a total of 187 yards for the game.

The Cowboys, who are the most penalized team in the NFL, only committed 2 penalties for 10 yards in today’s game, which is a very encouraging sign. 

So much of Issac Bruce’s guaranteed victory.  The Cowboys now travel to Buffalo next Monday Night to take on the 1-3 Bills in Buffalo.



Rams (0-3) @ Cowboys (3-0) Sunday, September 30, Noon on Fox

Week 4 Preview:

The Dallas Cowboys return to the friendly confines of Texas Stadium Sunday to try to improve their perfect record to 4-0 after coming off of what many consider a statement game, beating the Bears 34-10 Sunday night in Chicago. 

This game also has the makings of a potential "trap" game.  While Bill Parcells used props to get the message across, Wade Phillips only used words, and we’ll see Sunday if that has the same effect.  This game was fueled even more, as Issac Bruce guaranteed a Rams win on a St. Louis radio show.  Playing the Rams also means the return of former Cowboy La Roi’ Glover, so it should be interesting

The Rams have a lot of holes on offense that the Cowboys defense should be able to exploit.  It could be a very long day for Rams QB Marc Bulger, who is already playing with 2 broken ribs. Stephen Jackson isn’t playing this week because of his groin.  Brian Leonard will start in his place at running back.

As for the Cowboys offense, Tony Romo looks to stay hot after slicing through the Bears defense in the 2nd half like a hot knife through butter as he leads the most prolific offense in the league down the field.  The Rams do defend the passing game well, but if Marion Barber III and Julius Jones run the ball well, it’ll be a long day for the Rams defense.  Romo should be able to exploit the Rams pass defense as it is anyways. 

The Cowboys had some injury problems this week that will affect mostly special teams.  Starting fullback Oliver Hoyte (neck), backup safety Keith Davis, (shoulder), and third-team rookie safety Courtney Brown (hand), are listed as out.  Terry Glenn (knee) is also out.  Terence Newman (knee and foot), and Greg Ellis (heel) are listed as questionable.  Bobby Carpenter (quadriceps) is probable.


Injury Report: Week 4

Game Status:
LB Greg Ellis (Achilles)
WR Terry Glenn (Knee)
S Keith Davis (Pectorals)
S Courtney Brown (Arm)

CB Terence Newman (Foot)

FB Oliver Hoyte (Neck)
LB Bobby Carpenter (Quadriceps)


Wade Phillips suggests that Greg Ellis is "50/50" this week. He practiced in full team drills on Thursday in the dime package.

Keith Davis has a torn pectorals muscle suffered during the Bears game last Sunday. Also, back-up safety Courtney Brown injured his arm in practice on Wednesday. Brown would have replaced Davis on Sunday, but now the Cowboys will look to Pat Watkins as emergency backup and possible even Nathan Jones if needed.

Terence Newman’s plantar fascia is doing better but he now suffers from knee tendinitis. He will most likely play but not start on Sunday.

Bobby Carpenter has a slightly torn quadriceps muscle that may have occurred during the preseason finale against Minnesota. Carpenter was ordered by doctors 4-6 hours of rest but he wants to deal with the pain and play.  

See you at the game!

I couldn’t possibly be more excited about the Cowboys than I am RIGHT NOW! I am still on Cloud 9 from Sundays game against the Bears. The icing on my birthday cake was reading the following at this morning.

St. Louis (0-3) comes to Texas Stadium on Sunday without running back Steven Jackson, followed by Dallas going to Buffalo to play a Bills club that’s 0-3 and might be without quarterback J.P. Losman.

Should the Cowboys win both, as expected, Romo, Terrell Owens and Marion Barber will be able to say they’ve already done something Troy, Michael and Emmitt never did: win their first five games. The Triplets’ best start was 4-0 in 1995, the season of Dallas’ last Super Bowl title. The Cowboys haven’t been 5-0 since 1983.

With such lowly foes coming up, some are already talking up the sixth game, at home against New England. There’s a good chance both teams will be unbeaten going into that Oct. 14 matchup.

Wouldn’t that be COOL!? To witness our favorite team do something our favorites from the recent past never did…! If that’s not enough to make any Cowboy Fan jump out of their seats, I don’t know what is! I’m sitting here waiting for Sunday with my game gear on, camera and tickets in hand! I have missed watching my Boys in action live and in person. I CAN’T WAIT for Sunday to arrive!

The Cowboys of old would make me worry here. They would win the games fans knew we shouldn’t and arrive at the easy games asleep at the wheel. This season, I don’t have that concern. They want it as much as I want it for them! I do have a confession to make. Brace yourself for this one! I am preparing myself for a 6-1 record through the first 7 games. I’m sure all of you will agree that the one game in question will be exciting. With that game being at home, we will have an advantage if the home crowd will get it together!

Number one rule for fans in the stands: QUIET PLEASE, OFFENSE AT WORK! Watch the jumbo, people! Don’t make this crazy little 5′ nothing, buck and a quarter female run up and down the isles telling you how to help the team win! BECAUSE I WILL IF THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES! I know you get excited. I DO, TOO! You have to know when to use the seat you paid for and when to say, "I didn’t pay for this seat to use it!"

Of course, I’m trying to not get ahead of the schedule… to see the games one week at a time. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. It’s especially hard for fans like you and me, right? We can do this, Cowboy Fans! We have to stay with the team. They are focused on one game at a time and so should we! More important than that, WE CAN HELP THEM WIN the ever important home games!

We can make the league fear Texas Stadium! Everyone has noticed that the Cowboys mean business but they haven’t taken the home crowd seriously yet. Put the two together and you have a force that can’t be beat!

My fantasy teams did much better this week. I won a game I thought was a sure loss. We battled to the end. I don’t care to admit how bad I did predicting the games last week. Uugh! I have some catching up to do. Here are my early predictions for this weekend: Houston, NYJ, Balt, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Green Bay, Carolina, Seattle, Pitt, Indy, K.C., Philly, N.E.

Good luck with your fantasy teams and predictions! I’ll see YOU at the game on Sunday!


Cowboys News: Gramatica Released

The Cowboys released Martin Gramatica today after spending less than a month on the Injured Reserve list. Gramatica injured his hamstring during the third preseason game in Houston and was placed on the IR to open a spot on the 53-man roster.  

Gramatica can sign with another team at this time, but if he does he risks any grievance pay from the Cowboys. He received a $200,000 signing bonus in the offseason.

During Training Camp and Preseason, Gramatica had some competition for starter kicker with rookie Nick Folk. Nick Folk has been amazing in his first 3 starts, completing 6 of 7 field goal attempts (his only missed field goal was blocked).

After the failure of Mike Vanderjagt last year, Gramatica came to be a Cowboy, and with him brought hope. We wish you the best of luck Gramatica and thanks for your hard work!

Whoooopeee!!! Jump On The Romomania Nutty A-Go-Go Bandwagon!!!

Howdy Cowboy Country! Hi Mom!

Okay, my crystal ball and I are going to take a nap soon… But, I would be remiss if I forgot to spread some major Romo Love to all the legions of Romomaniacs flocking to join us here at America’s Team cult-hero headquarters of all things Romomagical.

In case you were still unsure, the answer is yes. Yes, he really really is the new messiah who will be majestically leading us all to the silver gates of the New Jerusalem being built down the road off Tom Landry Highway in good ol’ Arlington. And, if Jerry forks over the cash soon.. we’ll go ahead and order a Papa John’s Pizza, switch back to Ma’ Bell or AT&T, throw back a few ice cold Diet Pepsi’s, AND call Jerry a prophet simply to make him feel real good. I sure hope Jerry chooses to wait until after the Romo Super Bowl Victory Party in a few months to give him that whopping 99 Million dollars a year he’s gonna obviously deserve. Luv ya Jerry!

Anyways, perhaps Big Bill should get all the credit for bein’ the honey and locust eatin’ type wilderness dude for making "the change" against the Giants last year? No way.

Should that be Saint Sean’s moniker? Nah, he’s sort of a Judas-type so we will go-ahead and write him out of the Romo mythology for now. We can always throw him back in there somewhere later on.

Want to know a big secret? The credit for all things Romo is …. shhhhhhhh! Gil Brandt.

All I can say is "alien spacecraft" and "Mexico City". You do the math.

Okay, I’ll tell you more. You see, Gil did all this kinda weird, cool stuff on a government issued MAC pc in October of 1977, then again in February of 1980 with Schramm and Landry attending in the old Valley Ranch "War Room", and then again earlier this year from some remote wireless laptop location outside "The Ranch" in Las Colinas, adjacent to a declassified canal zone "area" somewhere near that funky monorail off 114 between Texas Stadium and DFW Airport. Look, I don’t ask questions okay? I’m just glad he’s alive to see it all come to fruition. Amazing!

Oh well, before the Exodus from Irving to Arlington begins, we do get to see a lot more Romomagic for 2 more seasons at ol’ Texas Stadium. Tony is officially now – a lock for the future.

It is written…


Romo – Superman? Did you catch that? (Madden works at the Daily Planet as a ghostwriter part-time) He KNOWS Superman.

Glad Superman wears #9 and a cool star on his helmet when he’s just goofin’ around with the football.

Hey! Somebody put back up that funny pseudo- " 9 TONY ROMO " Ring Of Honor banner thingy in Texas Stadium!

I’m NOT joking. Whomever that ballsy, creative, luxury box- pimpin’ visionary is … whoever you are, I sincerely request you put it right back up!

Don’t worry cause I talked to Jerry, he’s all cool with it. Hurry.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Owens.
That’s right. Mister.
Way to go T.O. !!!
Hey, fellow DFW media dorks. I’m calling YOU dweebs out.
T.O. is a Cowboy. A productive, exciting Cowboy.

Owens has proven to me he is passionate and sincere about his involvement and role.

He has heart, superstar skill, style and may I dare say class?

Ever heard his interviews? Lately? Has T.O. just been misunderstood all this time?

Or is he happy and wiser? Well, for whatever reason, he has been as controversial as a mute monk

sleeping, while receiving nothing but a very bad rap ever since the moment he got here.

He isn’t going anywhere anymore. Nuff said.

Thanks Jerry for not "listening" to all the local media brainiacs who demanded Owens departure this off season.

I never quite got all that?
Regardless, T.O. is for real okay? Back off. Breathe. Applaud.

Write something positive about the player for a change.

I guess nobody has any choice as the stats are now simply way too revealing for anyone to dare challenge T.O.’s worthiness to wear the star.

(BTW check out T.O.’s "personal" column/blog online at the startle~gram after EVERY game- really good stuff! Trust me.)

And, guess what? The legendary Doomsday Defense is baaack!

Also, Baby Bum and Garrett get the "Game Ball" for superb, gutsy play calling.
Going for it like they did on 4th proves they trust, respect, and now believe in Tony.

Hey Hester. You know um Hes, I know Deion Sanders personally. And um Hester, you’re NO Neon Deion! So Romo’s over-hyped huh? Gee Whiz.

The Boys SHUT him down and hopefully up for at least a little while.

Hey, for a real good quality laugh, (hahahaha!!!) – check this out from my ding-dong Chicago Tribune archrival:,1,448458.story send him a few comments for me PLEASE! Ha! Good Times.

Hey Downey, how about us Cowpokes settle for just being perhaps a lil’ overly content? 🙂

Yeah, it’s still so very early. But, this potentially glorious season promises to be memorable at the very least.

Admit it Downey, joyrides with everyone here on the new and improved- Super Duper Romomania Bandwagon is Cowboy bliss!

Romo! Romo! Romo!

All Aboard !!!!!!!


Cowboys Crush Bears 34-10, Become True Force to be Reckoned With

The Dallas Cowboys became the team to beat in the NFC after the Cowboys annihilated the Bears 34-10 at Soldier Field and improved to 3-0.  The Bears dropped to 1-2.  The offense was doing its usual thing, even against a stout Bears defense, and Anthony Henry even returned one for a TD on defense. 

At the end of the 1st half, it was tied 3-3, but still with plenty of action.  It had a blocked FG, a couple of interceptions, dropped passes, and very questionable officiating.  The 2nd half was a much different story…  for the Cowboys anyways.

After receiving the ball to begin the 3rd quarter, Tony Romo navigated Dallas down the field on a 9-play 89-yard drive that ended in a 3-yard pass to Jason Witten in the back of the end zone for a 10-3 Cowboys lead.  However, on the ensuing Chicago drive Cedric Benson scored from 1 yard out to tie it at 10.  From there on out, it was all Cowboys.

Tony Romo, not phased by the score, but facing a 3rd and 11 from his own 8 yard line, he threw a bullet to Terrell Owens who took it up to the 43 yard line to provide breathing room.  Romo then completed the drive, with a pass in the flat to Marion Barber III who made a powerful run in which he made a couple of would-be Bears’ tacklers miss for a 17-10 Cowboys lead. 

After recovering a fumble on Chicago’s next possession and cashing that into a field goal to make it 20-10, Anthony Henry picked Rex Grossman off again, this time returning it 28 yards for the touchdown to give the Cowboys a 27-10 lead. 

Dallas then finished off the scoring when Marion Barber III recorded his 2nd TD of the night on a 1-yard plunge on 2nd and goal to make the final 34-10 Cowboys.  He previously broke a 54-yard run down to the Chicago 1 to set it up.

Tony Romo had another spectacular night, completing 22/35 passes for 329 yards with 2 TD’s and an INT that really wasn’t his fault.

"I think this journey that we’re going on has been pretty fun, and I think it’s going to be really exciting for the rest of the year," Romo said.

"I think we’re a very explosive offense," Romo said. "The funny thing is last year I think we were a good offense as well, but I was probably more of 67 completion percentage type guy, this year we’re going down the field in chunks. And you’re not going probably going to have as high completion (percentage) but you’re probably going to score more points with the way we’re doing things."

Marion Barber III carried the ball 15 times for 102 yards with a TD while Julius Jones rushed it 7 times for 26 yards. 

T.O. had 8 receptions for 145 yards  while Jason Witten caught 6 passes for 90 yards and a touchdown.  Julius Jones caught 2 passes for 29 yards, while Partick Crayton, despite his broken pinky finger, made 3 catches for 27 yards.  Marion Barber III’s only reception was a 10-yard hard-nosed TD.  He had 2 TD’s on the night.

"I feel like it was mission accomplished coming in here and playing against a great defense," Owens said. "They gave Tony some fits. They bring a heck of pass rush and Tony was able to escape and use his ability to get out of some of those jams and find some open guys down the field."

The defense was once again stellar.  Anthony Henry recorded 2 more INT’s, and even returned 1 for a TD.  Roy Williams also had an interception and also recovered a fumble.  Overall the Dallas defense held Chicago to 239 yards on offense.

Nick Folk was 2/3 on FG’s, having one blocked but connecting on a 44 yarder.

So where’s Tony Romo’s contract extension now?  I think he’s shown more than enough to get signed long-term.  Our defense is only going to keep getting better, and with our explosive offense, we’re going to be a very difficult team to beat.  It was a great effort all around in this blowout win that I hope you guys enjoyed tonight.  It was very exciting.  Now we get to heaad home to the friendly confines of Texas Stadium to face the Rams next Sunday.  Can’t wait.





Cowboys (2-0) vs. Bears (1-1), Sunday September 23, 7:15 PM CT on NBC

Week 3 Preview:

The Dallas Cowboys look to improve to 3-0 when they invade Soldier field in Chicago to play the Chicago Bears. 

The Cowboys’ offense, which has scored a league-best 82 points so far this year, looks to keep that up this week.  It will be a stern test for Romo and the Cowboys though, as Chicago has only allowed 24 points this season.  This will be a great match-up between the Dallas offense and Chicago defense.  Be sure to keep an eye on that.

I wouldn’t really be too worried about the Bears’ offense.  It’s just not very good and really doesn’t have any potential to be.  They should count on the running game against Dallas’ ‘D’ though.  Despite allowing 6 passing TD’s this year, the Cowboys have yet to allow a rushing TD this year.

This could prove to be a huge game in the long run, possibly being the tiebreaker that determines who has home field advantage in the playoffs throughout in the NFC or who gets the 2nd seed and a bye in the 1st round.  I think that many people seem to overlook this because of the Cowboys signing of DT Tank Johnson.

WR Terry Glenn (knee) and LB Greg Ellis (achilles) are still out.  CB Terence Newman (heel) and LB Kevin Burnett (ankle) are probable.

Sorry this is up a little late.  I had a funeral to go to on Saturday.  Time to get your rifles out!  We’re goin bear huntin’! 




Rex Vs. Romo? You Make The Call!

Hello my name is David. But you can call me Rubini. Yes, I’m the new kid in town.

I would like to officially welcome you to the first installment of my thoughts and predictions on your favorite team.. rather "our" favorite team – "America’s Team", the beloved Dallas Cowboys. Please keep in mind that we all thrive off commentary. I enjoy, welcome and encourage passionate feedback. Positive or negative. Go for it! Voice your opinion and let’s have fun this year! Cool? Alright!!

When it comes to this Sundays match-up between the Cowboys and Bears, there are many uncanny similarities and many major differences between the two quarterbacks. We all must thank heaven and thank our lucky blue and silver stars concerning the latter!

Both QB’s are in their 5th season. Both play in the NFC Conference, and both are the captains driving the ship of a well oiled playoff team with realistic goals to win a Super Bowl this year after a disappointing and anticlimactic 2006-2007 season.

And that’s where the coincidences and similarities sharply appear to die.

Romo is simply a superior quarterback. From what we have seen thus far, Tony seems to have truly "learned" a bit  from last years remarkable (yet heartbreaking) rags to riches to rags melodrama. This year, Romo seems much more poised and in control as he isn’t forcing anything when the offensive line crumbles or when coverage is too tight. He may take a sack, or he may even run and scramble for a gain? But Romo isn’t throwing silly interceptions like his Chicago rival Rex or like Tony himself did towards the end of last season. 

I like the fact too that "Baby Bum" (term of endearment) and Garrett are willing to let Romo "loose" to improvise. Unfortunately, Big Bill last year was the one who felt it absolutely necessary to negate Tony the freedom to run and create. He was putting away the anointing oil when perhaps he should have put in an order for  some more? 

Romo’s a gifted scrambler ala the original Cowboys "Dodger" Roger Staubach. Romo doesn’t ever need to be caged up again as that would only kill his spirit and eventually his effectiveness. Wade and Garrett get Romo. They understand Romo better than I ever could have imagined! Along with Garrett’s new, fresh approach to handling Romo the new poised, "controlled" gunslinger, we should see plenty of all the cool, electrifying, fun stuff that comes so naturally to Tony.

And unlike Rex in either 06′ or now in 07′, Romo again has the command and the respect of his teammates. That’s huge! And once again, Romo has recaptured the rest of the NFL’s respect at large. Rex may have led his Chicago Bears team to the big enchilada last year, but this year there are even more questions than there are answers when it comes to Grossman. The stats speak for themselves.

In Dallas’ last two victories, Romo threw for 531 yds, with 6 TD’s and just one pick and a passing rating ranked 2nd in the league. Grossman on the other hand, has just barely over 300 yds with 3 picks, one lousy touchdown pass, and is sitting on a rating that ranks at nearly the very bottom of all QB’s both in the NFC and the AFC.

Romo should positively give last years NFC champs a major headache up in the Windy City at Soldier Field. 

With a big win against the Bears this Sunday, expect the Romomania bandwagon to get extremely crowded once again. I’ll save you a spot next to the window.
What’s your opinion? Does Rex have a 300 yard game in him to beat The Boys on his home turf? Will Romo shine once again on primetime television and live up to all the growing hype? Let us know your thoughts!

My Prediction:   Cowboys 31    Bears 24

Injury Report: Week 3

Game Status:

LB Greg Ellis (Achilles)
WR Terry Glenn (Knee)

CB Terence Newman (Foot)

LB Kevin Burnett (Ankle)


Terry Glenn will continue to be out until closer to midseason, if not longer.

Greg Ellis did not practice on Thursday, and is far from being game ready.

Terence Newman is looking alot better in practice, but still limited. Wade Phillips is saying Newman is a game-time decision. If they decide to activate Newman at gametime, he will play a limited role.

Patrick Crayton dislocated his pinky finger in last week’s game. It has not caused a problem, even though for precautionary reasons he has practiced with tape and a splint. He will start on Sunday.


From Fan to Enthusiast!

Hey Cowboy Fans!

Did you enjoy the game Sunday? I sure did! I wish all our games were at home though. It’s hard for me to watch from my couch. I want to be there to see it happen for myself!

Since Romo took over as QB last season, I’ve been telling everyone, "This team reminds me of the Cowboys I know and love from way back." The Cowboys are having their best start to a season offensivly since 1971. I didn’t know it went THAT far back until I read about it on… I don’t remember ’71 team! I was an itty-bitty thing back then!! But their attitude and confidence has been reminding me of the team I remember falling in love with… The team that made the world, as I know it, love or hate them. With the Cowboys, there is no in between.

With the Cowboys 2-0 for the season, I’m more optimistic than ever… If that is even possible! My faith in them got a big boost last season. The off-season brought yet another boost. Seeing them in action; seeing what I believed could happen actually happen has made this fan an enthusiast!

This weekend, we meet the Bears on their turf. Their Defense isn’t what it once was. They are allowing yardage the Bears of the past wouldn’t have dreamed of giving up. I’m seeing the Boys leaving Chicago with a 3-0 record. Barber should have a great day. I LOVE IT when he gets the ball.

I won’t comment on Tank. I have been anti-Bears since the Super Bowl Shuffle thing.

Oops! Did I just date myself?

My fantasy teams did better this weekend. I walked away winning 2 of the 4 games. I’ll make a trade or two and improve on that. Meanwhile, I went 9-7 for the second week in a row predicting the games. I’m determined to hit another perfect week this season! My early picks for this week are: Ariz., G.B., Indy, Minn, N.E., Miami, Philly, Pitt, St.L., Den., Cleve., Cinci., Car., Wash., Dallas!, Tenn.

Good luck with your predictions and fantasy teams this weekend!


Offense Takes Center Stage in Big D

As we enter week 3 of the 2007-2008 NFL season, one thing has caught the attention of Cowboys fans in the last two weeks.  The Boy’s high powered offense. 

Now everybody knows that Wade Phillips is a defensive genius, but Big Wade has certainly brought a potent offense to Dallas, one they have been lacking since the 90’s.  In the last two weeks, Dallas has scored a league high 82 points.  Tony Romo has thrown for 6 touchdowns, 2nd in the league.  Marion Barber has found the endzone 3 times, that’s tied for first in the league.  Oh, and don’t forget about Terrell Owens, who has quietly scored 3 touchdowns.  That’s good for 3rd in the league. 

The X-factor to this offense though, may be Jason Witten.  Witten shredded the Giants secondary in week 1, and made key catches in week 2.  Give props to offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who is utilizing the many weapons Dallas boasts on offense. 

So, as the season rolls on, look for the Cowboys offense to keep on rolling, and put up great numbers. 



* Special shoutout goes out to ESPN’s Mark Schlareth.  Mark threw Dallas under the bus all off-seaon, and took shots at TO every chance he got.  Now, Mark is jumping on the Dallas bandwagon, praising TO for his circus catches and commending Tony Romo for Pro Bowl calibur play.  I do not welcome any bandwagoners, but Mark Schlareth would be the first person I’d shove off of it. 

* I think I speak for all Cowboys fans when I say, what a wonderful sight it is to see the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants both at 0-2, and in the NFC East basement.

* Demarcus Ware is still without a sack, but look for him to have a good outing against Chicago’s JV offense.

* Tony Romo’s quarterback rating of 119.3 is 2nd in the league, behind one Tom Brady, who has an impressive 134.2 rating. 

*Saw where the Cowboys signed former Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson to play nose guard in the 3-4.  I love this move by Dallas to give this guy a chance.  He and Jay Ratliff should be quite the duo in the middle when Johnson returns.