A Football Player's Nightmare

I know he is not a Cowboy, but I would just like to say our hearts and prayers go out to Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills. Kevin was injured during the football game Sunday and will likely never recover. He suffered a spinal injury that will leave him paralyzed.

I know football is a competitve sport but you never want to hear of anything like this. God Bless the Everett family and I hope that in his lifetime he will witness that miracles can come true and someday he will walk again.


  1. RoMo2Owens

    Sooo sad.
    I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.
    I believe in the Power of Prayer. I hope every Cowboy Fan will keep this guy in their prayers.

  2. Robin

    True he is not 1 of us but he is part of the NFL family, so lets keep him in our prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.