All The Things An NFL Season Brings

I am honored to be sharing my thoughts with you on this Regular Season’s Eve. As a fan, I find myself very busy this time of year. By show of comment, how many of you play Fantasy Football? Do you predict the games? Does this site do that? I’m semi-new here; still learning my way around.
There are a variety of ways to enjoy the season. I predict the games on a few websites to see how I do against "the pro’s". I’ve had one perfect week in all of my season’s predicting. I got caught taking pictures of my monitor. I made the homepage of INFL and I needed evidence that both things had actually happened!
This season brings me two fantasy leagues. It’s my first year to play in a league where we all meet at a central location once a week! In the past, all of my leagues were online. I’m looking forward to beating my husband in the Fantasy Super Bowl. He got the big win over me last year. It’s not happening this year!
Do you hear that, honey? 🙂
The Fans of any sport are almost as important as the team itself. We can create distractions, motivate and encourage. Fans can share their dislike with a "Booo" or "Hiss". A Fan’s emotions run just as deep and real as the players on the field. It’s a Fan’s game; created by passionate Fans for future generations of enthusiastic Fans, COWBOY FANS!
Sunday, the G-Men will put up a good fight. They are no match for a powerful force like the Cowboys! How does 31-13 sound? It sounds good to me! Make all the noise you can where ever you may watch the game! I’ll be in the stands to witness the Cowboys miniaturize the Giants. If you have tickets, let’s see who can make more noise… little ol’ me? Or all of you!
My husband got a good laugh out of my picks for the week. We’re different on 9 picks going into week 1. This could be an interesting season at my house… Aw-READY! Here are my picks for the week: Ind, Buf, Cle, GB, Hou, Tenn, Atl, NE, StL, Mia, Det, Chi, Sea, Dallas, Cin, Ari.

I look forward to hearing from all readers regarding the game, players, fantasy anything, predictions, tailgate & house parties… ALL the things an NFL Season brings!
Good luck to all – no matter how you share in the game!


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  1. Shelby K
    Shelby K says:

    Hi Trixie! I just picked up two more fantasy teams. No matter how you play, there are websites that make it SUPER easy! If I can win the Big Game, you certainly can!!
    If I can help you get more involved with it, let me know! I have a ton of links to great tips for beginners and I can walk you through the rest! Meanwhile, search for: Fantasy Football For Beginners. That’s how I got my start years ago!

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