From Fan to Enthusiast!

Hey Cowboy Fans!

Did you enjoy the game Sunday? I sure did! I wish all our games were at home though. It’s hard for me to watch from my couch. I want to be there to see it happen for myself!

Since Romo took over as QB last season, I’ve been telling everyone, "This team reminds me of the Cowboys I know and love from way back." The Cowboys are having their best start to a season offensivly since 1971. I didn’t know it went THAT far back until I read about it on… I don’t remember ’71 team! I was an itty-bitty thing back then!! But their attitude and confidence has been reminding me of the team I remember falling in love with… The team that made the world, as I know it, love or hate them. With the Cowboys, there is no in between.

With the Cowboys 2-0 for the season, I’m more optimistic than ever… If that is even possible! My faith in them got a big boost last season. The off-season brought yet another boost. Seeing them in action; seeing what I believed could happen actually happen has made this fan an enthusiast!

This weekend, we meet the Bears on their turf. Their Defense isn’t what it once was. They are allowing yardage the Bears of the past wouldn’t have dreamed of giving up. I’m seeing the Boys leaving Chicago with a 3-0 record. Barber should have a great day. I LOVE IT when he gets the ball.

I won’t comment on Tank. I have been anti-Bears since the Super Bowl Shuffle thing.

Oops! Did I just date myself?

My fantasy teams did better this weekend. I walked away winning 2 of the 4 games. I’ll make a trade or two and improve on that. Meanwhile, I went 9-7 for the second week in a row predicting the games. I’m determined to hit another perfect week this season! My early picks for this week are: Ariz., G.B., Indy, Minn, N.E., Miami, Philly, Pitt, St.L., Den., Cleve., Cinci., Car., Wash., Dallas!, Tenn.

Good luck with your predictions and fantasy teams this weekend!


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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    It was a great game. I’ve always been a very PROUD Cowboys fan but it really helps to have the bragging rights!
    Sheriff Romo round up the Boys, we going Bear huntin’!!!

  2. mike
    mike says:

    I see da boys being undefeated until 10/14 when they play new england, that will be our true measure of just how good we really are. when was the last time we had a quarterback with as high as rating as romo ? we have so many offensive weapons it is scary!!!! as far as chicago this weekend…somebody has to be our red headed step child.!!!

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