Rex Vs. Romo? You Make The Call!

Hello my name is David. But you can call me Rubini. Yes, I’m the new kid in town.

I would like to officially welcome you to the first installment of my thoughts and predictions on your favorite team.. rather "our" favorite team – "America’s Team", the beloved Dallas Cowboys. Please keep in mind that we all thrive off commentary. I enjoy, welcome and encourage passionate feedback. Positive or negative. Go for it! Voice your opinion and let’s have fun this year! Cool? Alright!!

When it comes to this Sundays match-up between the Cowboys and Bears, there are many uncanny similarities and many major differences between the two quarterbacks. We all must thank heaven and thank our lucky blue and silver stars concerning the latter!

Both QB’s are in their 5th season. Both play in the NFC Conference, and both are the captains driving the ship of a well oiled playoff team with realistic goals to win a Super Bowl this year after a disappointing and anticlimactic 2006-2007 season.

And that’s where the coincidences and similarities sharply appear to die.

Romo is simply a superior quarterback. From what we have seen thus far, Tony seems to have truly "learned" a bit  from last years remarkable (yet heartbreaking) rags to riches to rags melodrama. This year, Romo seems much more poised and in control as he isn’t forcing anything when the offensive line crumbles or when coverage is too tight. He may take a sack, or he may even run and scramble for a gain? But Romo isn’t throwing silly interceptions like his Chicago rival Rex or like Tony himself did towards the end of last season. 

I like the fact too that "Baby Bum" (term of endearment) and Garrett are willing to let Romo "loose" to improvise. Unfortunately, Big Bill last year was the one who felt it absolutely necessary to negate Tony the freedom to run and create. He was putting away the anointing oil when perhaps he should have put in an order for  some more? 

Romo’s a gifted scrambler ala the original Cowboys "Dodger" Roger Staubach. Romo doesn’t ever need to be caged up again as that would only kill his spirit and eventually his effectiveness. Wade and Garrett get Romo. They understand Romo better than I ever could have imagined! Along with Garrett’s new, fresh approach to handling Romo the new poised, "controlled" gunslinger, we should see plenty of all the cool, electrifying, fun stuff that comes so naturally to Tony.

And unlike Rex in either 06′ or now in 07′, Romo again has the command and the respect of his teammates. That’s huge! And once again, Romo has recaptured the rest of the NFL’s respect at large. Rex may have led his Chicago Bears team to the big enchilada last year, but this year there are even more questions than there are answers when it comes to Grossman. The stats speak for themselves.

In Dallas’ last two victories, Romo threw for 531 yds, with 6 TD’s and just one pick and a passing rating ranked 2nd in the league. Grossman on the other hand, has just barely over 300 yds with 3 picks, one lousy touchdown pass, and is sitting on a rating that ranks at nearly the very bottom of all QB’s both in the NFC and the AFC.

Romo should positively give last years NFC champs a major headache up in the Windy City at Soldier Field. 

With a big win against the Bears this Sunday, expect the Romomania bandwagon to get extremely crowded once again. I’ll save you a spot next to the window.
What’s your opinion? Does Rex have a 300 yard game in him to beat The Boys on his home turf? Will Romo shine once again on primetime television and live up to all the growing hype? Let us know your thoughts!

My Prediction:   Cowboys 31    Bears 24

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  1. Shelby K
    Shelby K says:

    Hey Rubini! What a fantastic way to get started! I look forward to seeing more from you!

  2. mike
    mike says:

    great comments…i just don’t see the game even that close…maybe more like 45 to 21…it being really over by half…the only team right now that can compete with our boys is new england…and we’ll see about that come oct 14 th…

  3. Chuck Carter
    Chuck Carter says:

    I think its going to be a big day for Romo come sunday! the key factors for them to win the game is to limit Sacks, and the most part turnovers! The bears defence may stop the run, or should i say at least slow it down. So thats gonna put alot onto Romo’s shoulders! If Newman plays I see him and Henry getting a few picks off GROSSman! maybe Even Roy too if he can get his head outta his butt and start hitting like we seen before!! Everyone have Fun Sunday night!! GO COWBOYS!!!!! Cowboys 35 bears 14

  4. Mike in OH
    Mike in OH says:

    As an expatriate Cowboys fan, it is terrific to see such great commentary. Grossman is not in the same league as Romo. Cowboys win running away.

  5. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Great insights, Rubini!
    I agree with you that Romo is a gifted scrambler.
    Looking forward to more of your posts.
    Go Romo, Cowboys & America’s Team!

  6. Reily P.
    Reily P. says:

    excellent info! i was watching the game, i recalled this blog. wow.. have to say.. you called it! great work. i’ll be back!

  7. abby
    abby says:

    major headache? hee hee
    maybe a permanent one!
    poor rex is now history cuz of your tony romo.
    Bring on brady!
    Go Cows

  8. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    Yeah man, rubini rawks! This is pulitzer prize material! I can’t believe how blessed we all are to have such a talented blogger on this site. I am starting a new religion the church of rubini! Last night I had a dream that rubini parted the Red Sea! We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!

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