The Crowd Was Rowdy

Hey, Cowboy Fans!
How ’bout those Cowboys! The only thing I like more than a Cowboys win is a win we had to earn. With just one game behind us, I understand everyone’s concerns about the Defense. They did allow the Giants more yards than I’m comfortable giving up. I feel real good about the outcome and the games to come. Consider the notes from Stephen Hawkins, AP Sports Writer:
"… Dallas tight end Jason Witten had six catches for 116 yards and a touchdown. … Jacques Reeves, who replaced Newman, had an interception. Jay Ratliff had the only sack after taking over for Ferguson. … Dallas scored its most points in an opener since putting up 49 in 1971 — the year the Cowboys won their first Super Bowl."
With our next two games on the road, I believe Cowboy Fans everywhere should prepare for fun, excitement and VICTORY! Through the first seven games, I’m predicting the Cowboys have a 6-1 record. This weekend, we travel to Miami. While I am not expecting the Cowboys to score 45 points against the Dolphins; we will win! Will this be the 31-13 week I called for last week? Um… yeah! 🙂
The fan experience at the game was awesome. The crowd was Rowdy and tons of fun. If you have plans on attending a game this season, I recommend you arrive early. We got stuck in game day traffic for almost two hours! We left home in, what we thought was, plenty of time. This set the pace for my weekend. In a word: WRONG!
I went 9-7 with my week 1 predictions. That puts me three behind my biggest rival: my husband. He should enjoy that lead while he can! My early picks for week 2 are: Houston, Cinci, Atlanta, GB, Pittsburgh, St.Louis, N.O., Indy, Seattle, Detriot, COWBOYS (of course), Balt, KC, Denver, N.E., Philly. My fantasy teams struggled but I have a better game plan for this week. It’s pretty sad when you have four fantasy teams AND NOT ONE WIN, right? LOL!
Oh well! It happens to the best of us, I suppose. I hope you had a far better week 1!
Any thoughts on the New England Spy claims? Did you hear about the record setting deal for a rookie in Oakland? Wow! That’s a lot of dough! What about the many other things going on around the league? How did your predictions and Fantasy Teams do? Let’s talk about it!

See you next week! GO COWBOYS!!
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  1. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    My fantasy team actually did wonderfully. Not only did I outscore the one I was matched up against, but I scored more points than any other team in my league… so I did great. Sorry to hear that you didn’t. I didn’t put any predictions down for the outcome of the games, I did however win a dollar of a guy at work that is a Giants fan… that was an easy dollar win though.. LOL Good post my friend, good post!

  2. Shelby K
    Shelby K says:

    Hey! Way to go! It sounds like you had a great weekend! I hope your fantasy team continues to do well for you. Week one is always a tough week… you just never know who might have a dynamic day! And that’s what happened to me & my teams… The bench players had a better game than I thought they might. I’ll do better next week. 🙂
    Those one dollar wagers are my favorite. Especially when I can get it because one of our least favorite teams go home without the win. *big grin*
    Thanks, Courtney! See ya next week! 🙂 GO COWBOYS!

  3. Shelby K
    Shelby K says:

    Thanks! I would rather go 9-7 than the other way around! OUCH!
    Still, it’s far from my goal! I need another perfect week! I fight to keep up with my hubby every year, but I have had a perfect week and he never has. Two up on him would be awesome!! *giggle*

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