On the Road Again…

Hey Cowboy Fans!

We survived the Bye and now we watch our favorite team from afar for two weeks. The next three weeks are division games. This could get interesting. If you have seen our schedule, you know that we have some good games coming! I imagine you are as optimistic about the remaining games as I am.

Of course, I am still trying to stay with the team: One Game At A Time! This weekend, we meet up with Philly. While it will be a good game, I know the Cowboys will be victorious! HURRAY!! Pluck the Eagles, Cowboys, then do it again in December at home! Watch out for flying feathers!

Like most Cowboy fans, the Eagles are among my least favorite teams. Nothing pleases me more than seeing one of my least favorite teams getting beat but for some twisted reason, I enjoy seeing the Eagles get plucked more than ANYTHING!! The only thing that makes it better to be me when the Eagles get plucked is when the Cowboys do the pluckin’!

Philly has had every opportunity to have a better record than 3-4. They just aren’t the team they used to be. We can’t dismiss the rivalry though! Philly has always been out to beat the Cowboys – even if they can’t beat anyone else! Not this time, Eagles! They will have to produce FAR better numbers in order to accomplish that goal this year and they just don’t have it in ’em!

I’m very excited for Romo and his new contract! I was telling my husband if we didn’t get news about a contract during the Bye, we would have to wait for the season to come to an end. Aren’t you glad we didn’t have to wait?? I believe Romo is our future leader. I love who he is as an individual and what he brings to the team. The Cowboys were looking for a star… someone to fill the very big shoes of Aikman. They found that in Romo and I couldn’t be more happy about that! WAY TO GO, ROMO!!

On a personal note, I would like to send out a big WAY TO GO to my husband. We predict the games every season for fun and bragging rights. He’s whooping me this season. He had a perfect week going until the Monday Night Game ended in over-time. He now has 80 wins this season. He’s ahead of the Pro’s on INFL and he is on pace to shatter his best record ever!

Between you and me, I like that he still hasn’t had a perfect week predicting the games. That’s the only football related glory I have over him! I went 14-0 in 2005 and you can bet I don’t let him forget it!! hehe!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Breaking News: Tony Romo Signs A 6-Year $67.5 Million Dollar Deal

Great news Cowboys fans!

ESPN has just reported that Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo will now be wearing the silver and blue until the year 2014, after a signing a huge landmark deal that will put him among the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL.

ESPN also says that the deal is expected to be announced at an 11 a.m. ET press conference on Tuesday and was primarily negotiated on Romo’s behalf by agents Ken Kremer and Tom Condon.

We have been clamoring for Jerry Jones to get a deal done since the preseason here at StarStruck, and now we just couldn’t be happier.

With Tony Romo signed, sealed, and delivered, the Cowboys have now put the future of the franchise in the hands of one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. Romo has proven that he is resilient and that he can learn and continue to grow into a dominant signal caller.

Tony Romo was in the final year of his contract and would have become a free agent at the end of the season. Instead he will now focus on leading the Cowboys to another coveted Super Bowl trophy in 2008 and beyond.

This is a great day to be Cowboys fan!

ESPN and FOX Should Give The Cowboys Their Props

I am growing sick and tired of the lack of respect that is being shown to the Dallas Cowboys during some popular pregame shows like NFL Today, FOX NFL Sunday, ESPN NFL Blitz, etc.

You would think that a team like the Cowboys who lead their division with a 6-1 record would get some recognition for their achievement. Instead, they are constantly the butt end of a joke and constantly subjected to many underhanded and uncalled for remarks suggesting that the Cowboys are not as good as their record would dictate.

Each of those shows actually feature many former Dallas Cowboys players or head coaches including Jimmie Johnson, Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Troy Aikman, just to name a few. In many instances I have seen them defend the team or the player, most notably Tony Romo, whenever something is said that is really out of line. Most of the time it’s just laughed off like it’s a big joke, although believe me, I’m certainly not laughing.

This past Sunday I actually reached a boiling point after the Giants beat the Dolphins for their sixth straight win.  During the post game show, one of the announcers made an off the cuff remark about the cream finally rising to the top in the NFC East.


The Giants beat the damn 0-8 Miami Dolphins, not the 8-0 New England Patriots! Before that they played beat the 2-6 San Francisco 49ers, the 1-6 Atlanta Falcons, and the 1-7 New York Jets. We’re supposed to be afraid of the Giants just because they won six straight games against teams with a combined record of 11-34? Gimme a freaking break!

I just can’t wait until week 10 when we storm into Giants Stadium and show them and each of the NFL sports networks, who the real class of the division is.

I hope that ESPN and Fox will have the guts to say they were wrong about the Cowboys and finally give Tony Romo and company, the respect and recognition they deserve.

Timing Is Everything This Season

One of the many reasons I know that this is the Dallas Cowboys’ year is that unlike last season, many things have been going the Cowboy’s way so far this season.

Take this weekend for example, you couldn’t have picked a better time for the Cowboys to have their bye week!

With Tony Romo nursing a sore hamstring and Terrell Owens trying to recover from a gimpy ankle, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to rest our teams two biggest stars.

Even Anthony Henry, who has been sorely missed would not have been able to play this weekend if there had been a game, but is expected to be fully recovered by week nine, just in time to play the Eagles.

The entire team will also benefit from the mental break of the first half of the season, and have some time to contemplate their successful first half, and what they need to do to finish out the season with a big bang!

Things seem to be quiet and peaceful in Irving, Texas these days, and you know what???

It feels good!!! It’s nice to know that there is no inner turmoil or player controversies as we get ready for the second half.

If anyone had any doubts about Wade Phillips and the rest of the coaching staff, you can all put your minds at ease. Phillips and company have done a remarkable job of transitioning the team into a winning mindset after the disappointment of last season. They have done a wonderful job of making Terrell Owens feel like an insider and for the first time since he became a Cowboy, he has taken a large leadership role on this team. You can also credit Jason Garrett for helping Tony Romo take the next big step in developing into one of the leagues top quarterbacks.

Like I said, things are really going good for the Cowboys this year. Sometimes, it’s the little things you notice that can have a major impact on the team.


Woohoo Cowboys!

Sunday’s game was FANtastic! We had so much fun! I took almost 300 pictures at the game. You can see the best shots by clicking here! My sis-n-law attended her first Cowboy’s game Sunday. That made the day even more special and made me think of my first time!

I’ve been hooked ever since!!

 I’m not looking forward to this weekend. No Cowboys game! Oh well, after our Bye, things get real interesting. Don’t you agree? Maybe the team will get some of what us fans need… A LITTLE REST! We’ve enjoyed a super charged start to the season. I’m looking forward to an even MORE excitement after the Bye! Our favorite team is well on their way and I believe they are ready for the tough schedule we have ahead of us.

I would like the team to know that fans like me are with them all the way! We know they are champions and we’re excited about the season so far! I hope one of them reads this and does me a huge favor since I can’t do it myself. Pluck the Eagles in week 9 then pop Shockey upside his melon head in week 10! I know he’ll start talking smack in the near future and nothing pleases me more than to see him eat Crow…. or leftover Eagle from the week before! hehe!

Okay, Cowboy fans! If you’re as excited about the Cowboy’s future as I am, click comment and give us a WoooHoooo Cowboys!!

Enjoy the Bye!


You Are What Your Record Says You Are

It’s so hard to believe that we are already almost at the halfway point in the season already…
Here we are going into our bye week with a nearly perfect 6-1 record and sitting all alone at the top of the NFC East division.
One can argue that the last three games were not exactly vintage Cowboys football, but sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. And, we did win two of those three games…
Somehow though, this season tends to remind me of the great run we had last season after Tony Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe. We looked so strong and played so well and then all of a sudden we ran into a brickwall and practically limped into that game in Seattle. You all know how that ended up…
What worries me is not so much that we lost to the Patriots, heck who hasn’t lost to them…
I’m more concerned at how difficult it was to get the wins over bad teams like the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings. We should have really blown those teams away and we didn’t. We barely came out of Buffalo with that exciting win, and Sunday’s game had me completely dumbfounded. The final score of 24-14 over the Vikings does not even tell the complete story of what happened. When you look at the Cowboys total yardage of 381 yards compared to the Vikings 196, and when you see that we completed 31 passes compared to only 6 completions for the Vikings, you can’t help but wonder why the score was not more like 38-14. In fact, if you take away that defensive touchdown by Pat Watkins, it begs the question, "How in the world did we have all that offense and yet only score 17 points?"
Anyhow, my concern is the schedule we have to deal with after we return from our bye. We must go to Philadelphia to face the Eagles, and then to New York to face a very hot Giants team. I’m not as worried about the Eagles as I am about the Giants who are only one game behind us.
We need to play some very crisp football from here on out. We can’t bank on getting lucky again. I am very impressed with both the defense and offense so far this season. I am equally impressed with our Special Teams play as well. The Dallas Cowboys do not suffer from any serious flaws in their game. However, they do have many instances during a game where they seem to lose some focus and make some bad decisions.
While we may have been able to overcome some of that malaise in the first half of the season, I’m not so sure we will be as lucky in the second half. That’s why I implore Wade Phillips and the rest of the coaching staff to iron out these minor flaws now and roll into Philadelphia with a killer instinct. I believe the Cowboys are the best team in the division, but we need to make sure that the players believe that as well, and most importantly play with the swagger and confidence of a championship team.
A win is a win is a win. We are 6-1 and like Bill Parcells always used to say, "You are what your record says you are." The Cowboys are on the verge of a magical season. They have to kick it up a notch and start believing in themselves. If they can do that, you can tell the rest of the NFC East, "turn out the light’s, the party’s over." Here’s to a great second half…
A Side Note – Can we all agree that our tight end Jason Witten has been the overwhelming MVP of the team so far this season? What an amazing first half by Witten who leads all recievers in receptions, total yardage, and is tied for the lead in touchdowns with 4. He is currently the top ranked tight end in the NFC, and leads the league in total yardage, yards per catch, yards per game, receptions, and touchdowns. At only 25 years old, Witten is now coming into his own, and before all is said and done, he may just well be the best tight end in the history of the franchise.


Blocked FG Return for TD Sparks Cowboys to 24-14 Win

The Cowboys bounced back from their first loss of the year to beat the Vikings 24-14 at Texas Stadium to improve to 6-1 headed into their bye week.  It was a fast start to the game but proved to be a battle all the way to the 4th quarter. 

"If there’s any kind of doubt about what kind of heart or character they have, we saw it again," Dallas coach Wade Phillips said. "For some reason, we’ve been behind every game. We seem to keep our poise."

Dallas got on the board early.  After receiving the ball to begin the game, Tony Romo marched the Cowboys right down the field, completeing 9/10 passes on the 14-play drive, ending with a 5-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens for a 7-0 Cowboys lead.

If would be short-lived though.  On Minnesota’s first drive, Adrian Peterson, the hometown kid from Palestine, Texas, sliced right through the Dallas defense for a 20-yars TD to tie the game at 7 all.

With 5:30 left in the 2nd quarter, and the Cowboys threatening to score again, Tony Romo was sacked at the Vikings 17 and fumbled the ball.  Kevin Williams picked it up and returned to the end zone for a touchdown, but a holding penalty brought it back and Minnesota didn’t score on the drive.

They would make up for it though.  After Tony Romo completed a short pass to Patrick Crayton, Crayton fumbled the ball and Ben Leber picked it up and took it to midfield.  Just as he was being tackled, he flipped a lateral to Cedric Griffin, who returned the rest of the way for the touchdown, even after fumbling at the Dallas 27 to give the Vikings a 14-7 lead at halftime.  Nick Folk missed a 50-yard field goal at the end of the half that would’ve cut the lead to 14-10.

Tony Romo was 28/32 for 231 yards at halftime.  He injured his hamstring on a play trying to stop the Vikings from returning the Patrick Crayton fumble for the TD, but stayed in for the rest of the game, so that’s a relief.

Marion Barber III would tie the game at 14 halfway through the 3rd quarter when he punched in a 1-yard run just across the goal line.  The Vikings challenged, but it was upheld.

Things would then really begin to favor the Cowboys after some bad breaks in the 1st half.  With Brian Longwell attempting a 48-yard FG that would’ve given the Vikings a 17-14 lead, Chris Canty dove in and blocked the kick.  The ball popped high into the air, and Patrick Watkins returned the ball 62 yards for a touchdown that gave Dallas a 21-14 lead that they would not relinquish.  It was the Cowboys 1st blocked FG returned for a TD since the 1983 season.  That is unbelievable.

The Cowboys would then force an Adrian Peterson fumble and convert it into a field goal to make the final score 24-14 Cowboys.

Tony Romo completed 31/39 passes for 277 yards and a TD.  Only 3 of those completions came in the 2nd half.  He still looks very good and I don’t think that it will be too much longer before a deal gets done, but we’ll see.

Marion Barber III carried the ball 19 times for 96 yards and a touchdown while Julius Jones rushed for 28 yards on 9 attempts.

Terrell Owens caught 7 passes for 103 yards and a TD and Jason Witten grabbed 10 balls for 86 yards.  Julius Jones had 4 receptions for 30 yards and Patrick Crayton had 2 catches for 19 yards.

The defense looked stellar yet again this week, only giving up a touchdown on Minnesota’s opening drive of the game.  Greg Ellis had 2 sacks while Bradie James contributed had one.  Jason hatcher forced a fumble from Peterson that allowed the Cowboys to gain a 2 possession lead too.  The special teams also came up big with Chris Canty’s amazing block on the field goal attempt and Patrick Watkins return for the touchdown.

Nick Folk made 1/2 field goals today, connecting from 45 yards out but missing on a 50-yard attempt at the end of the half.  He has still made 13/15 FG’s on the season.

This was a great way to head into the bye week.  Maybe not the prettiest win, but we’ll take it.

"The bottom line is we executed," Romo said.

The next 3 games will be critical, as they could decide who will win the NFC East.  Our next game isn’t until Sunday night, so hopefully this will give the players that need the rest a chance to get their feet back under them. 




Vikings (2-3) vs. Cowboys (5-1), Sunday, October 21, 3:15 PM CT on FOX

Week 7 Preview:

The Dallas Cowboys look to bounce bounce from their first defeat of the season and head into their bye week 6-1 as they take on the Minnesota Vikings at Texas Stadium on Sunday. 

As strange as this sounds, a loss Sunday against the Vikings could mean that we share the lead in the NFC East.  The Giants are sitting at 4-2 with a 4-game win streak while the Redskins are in at 3-2. 

Adrian Peterson will be the main focus of the Cowboys defense.  He ran all over Chicago for 224 yards last week at Chicago, and is the ignition to the offense.  Minnesota has the 28th ranked pass offense in the NFL, so stopping Peterson will go a long way to a Dallas victory Sunday.  The Cowboys have not allowed a 100-yard rusher all season long, so something will have to give. 

The Dallas offense should have a field day passing the ball, as the Vikings have the worst overall pass defense in the NFL .  However, Minnesota also has the most takeaways, with 14.  Rushing the ball could prove to be a huge challenge though, as the Vikings have the 2nd best rush defense in the NFL.

It is possiblew that Greg Ellis could takeover the starting position as linebacker for the first time this season.  Wade Phillips says that it is up in the air as to whether that will happen or if Anthony Spencer will start in his place again.

Starting wide receiver Terry Glenn (knee), and starting cornerback Anythony Henry (knee), are out with their respective injuries.  It is likely that Henry will be back after the bye week though, so that is good news.  Fullback Oliver Hoyte (neck) is doubtful, safety Courtney Brown (biceps), is questionable, and safety Keith Davis is probable.


Injury Report: Week 7

Game Status:

WR Terry Glenn (Knee)
CB Anthony Henry (Ankle)

FB Oliver Hoyte (Neck)

S Courtney Brown (Biceps)

S Keith Davis (Shoulder)

Anthony Henry is still out with that high ankle sprain. This will be his third week out, hopefully after the bye week coming up he can return in the following game against Philly. 

Keith Davis returned last week and made it through the game with some soreness. He should be active and ready to go on Sunday. 

Rookie safety Courtney Brown hasn’t played in a game yet, but we may get to see him in action this week.

There were worries about Tony Romo after hearing that he had a shoulder strain this past week. It was his non-throwing arm, no concern there and he was not on the injury report.


A Tank Will Soon Join The Big Guns in Dallas

Recently signed Terry "Tank" Johnson has been given permission to practice with the Cowboys and will join the team for Game 10 against the New York Giants. Tank was given an 8 game suspension by the NFL following some off-the-field legal issues.

The Cowboys signed the defensive tackle to a 2-year deal back in September after the loss of Jason Ferguson due to injury. Tank should fit in nice at the nose tackle position despite never playing in a 3-4 scheme. Tank has been practicing on his own in Valley Ranch and attending required counseling.

Tank Johnson was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2004. In his three years with the Bears, Johnson had 63 tackles and nine sacks. He was part of a great defensive which included Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and Nathan Vasher. During Super Bowl XLI, Tank recorded 4 tackles, 1 assist and half a sack.

Johnson has had more than his share of legal problems. He was arrested for concealed possession of a handgun in November of 2005. He pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge and received 18 months probation. Three months following this incident he was arrested again and charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest, but those charges were later dropped.

In December of 2006, he was arrested once again for gun charges and violation of probation. Police found six unlicensed weapons in his home, including two assault rifles. The judge sentenced Tank to home confinement, but he was given permission to attend the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears. After the Super Bowl Johnson pled guilty to the violation of probation charge and served 120 days in jail. He was released May 13, 2007.

The following month Tank was pulled over for speeding and driving under the influence. However, he was released and the charges were dropped. The blood test conducted at the time of the arrest later confirmed his blood alcohol content was under the legal limit. The Chicago Bears seen this as the last straw and released him on June 25, 2007.

It seems that Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are looking to give Tank Johnson a second chance.

"Real gregarious kind of guy," said Coach Wade Phillips. "He’s ready to play, wants to play, seems excited about it. And he’s a pretty personable guy. All positives as far as I’m concerned, and he’s working hard. He listens."

Hopefully Tank will take this opportunity that he has been given by the Dallas Cowboys and turn his life around. Everyone may deserve a second chance, but ask anyone, Jerry Jones won’t give you a third chance.




I am currently commuting back and forth between Abilene and Dallas. Typically I’m only in Dallas on the weekends to spend time with my son. He’s 15 and a real rock star on his baseball team. Yet he’s more of a football fan. I really enjoy watching football with him. He’s of course a Cowboys fan. He’s also a really hard core Longhorns fan. He is so emotional about his teams that sometimes it’s frustrating for me. It’s really interesting to watch the transitions a teenager goes through. Just when you think you have them figured out, they change on you.

Last season, near the end, when The Cowboys had a big loss, he took down his Cowboys myspace layout and put up an LT layout. Kelly will remember this. I was pissed! I told him that he’s being fairweathered. We had a very heated discussion about this. I really didn’t think I got through to him. Then the draft came and he had a nervous breakdown over Brady Quinn being passed over by The Cowboys. I explained that it was the right thing to do in backing up Romo, on Jerry and Stephen Jones’ part. Again, I just got that look that teenagers give and figured I had gotten nowhere.

This season, I saw that I had possibly gotten through but maybe a little too much. One good thing is that LT is still on his myspace but he’s just a hero. JD makes it clear he’s a Cowboys fan. Here are some things that he is now getting angry with me about and questioning my loyalty!

I pointed out to him the difference between Marion Barber and Julius Jones and called Julius "glass legs". To him this means I hate Julius.

The Texas OU game was coming up and I told him to prepare himself for our guys to get stomped. He was livid with me because I was not being a true fan in his opinion.

I was such a nervous wreck before the Cowboys and Patriots game, saying we’re not ready. We can’t beat them yet, but still hoping for a miracle. Well that pissed him off too.

I’m calling this a 190 degree turn. We went a little too far! But I think he’s headed in the right direction. I don’t hate Julius Jones. I don’t even want him fired or traded. I’m greedy and want to keep JJ and MB. I want The Longhorns to beat the Sooners every year in the Red River Shoot Out. I wanted The Cowboys to beat The Patriots more than I have wanted anything in a long time. I am not ever what I consider to be critical. I just see the difference between a good player and a great player. I see the difference between a really good football team and a near perfect football team. Still I am so glad I am not hearing my child say "we suck" or having knee jerk reactions like changing his flag or his colors just because of one or two bad games.

Now back to Abilene. If you know me, you know I am Dallas city urban girl. Born and raised in the heart of Big D. I love my home and I don’t love small towns, suburbia, remote places of any kind. They’re great for a weekend, but that is it for me. I hate being in Abilene but I love the time I am spending with my father here. I don’t go out much without my Dad in Abilene because I stick out like a sore thumb in this God forsaken place, wherever I go. Well, I made an exception and it was a mistake. Monday night, I had watched all my primetime shows and my Dad was away in South Texas. I was at a fairly decent drive up motel here in Abilene and my much younger brother had mentioned that the bar there was ok. I was in the mood for an Amaretto or two and I figured Monday Night football was on at the bar so I thought "what the heck". I walked in and noticed every head turn to see who was coming in the door. I went on to the bar and sat down facing the big screen with the game on. I asked the bartendress for an Amaretto and then it began. She asks me "You want the real kind? Cuz we ain’t got that here." Then she walks over and grabs the "fake kind" and shows it to me. I told her that would be fine. Then she proceeds to pour it over ice and I stopped her. I asked her to please give it to me straight up. She slaps a shot glass down in front of me and fills it up. I grinned and decided it was no big deal; especially after she said "that’s a buck-fifty". So I drank Amaretto out of a shot glass for the first time ever. 

I just kept staring at the big screen and trying to ignore the stares coming at me "the blonde stranger" in the half redneck/half college student flooded motel bar on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Abilene, TX (if you don’t get the humor in that then you haven’t been to Abilene). I engaged in lite football conversation with some traveling married guy looking to cheat on his wife. It was of course a conversation about football. Once I responded that I was a die-hard Cowboy fan, I blew my chances of having any fun in this bar. ‘Married guy’ had just bought me another shot of Amaretto and the bar maid says "T.O. sucks, I hate that ‘n’-word". Then some dude who appeared to come out of the wall, says "What the ‘F’ happened to The Cowboys Sunday, they need to go back to training camp". And the idiot fest was on. I heard more crap in 2 minutes from more drunk idiots calling themselves Cowboys fans in a bar adorned with Cowboys posters and neons, then you can imagine. I chugged my Amaretto, which is really gross, you don’t do that with Amaretto! And I said outloud "Well that’s my cue, if I stay one more minute, I will have to give lessons on being a REAL COWBOYS FAN and I am not interested in spending the night in jail". I had really good timing too because as the door closed behind me I heard the words "Romo" and "Homo" and I knew I would have been in trouble had I not left just when I did.

This kind of fanship is infuriating to me. One loss against the greatest team in the league and that kind of talk? PUHLEEZ! Well at least I got my kid straightened out, although he’ll never give me credit for it. Then again, he’s really smart. I didn’t meet any smart people in that bar.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!


Disappointing Loss?


A disappointing loss is a loss against a team we should have won hands down… The kind of team that makes you wonder if they would even bother showing up. Sunday’s loss against New England was anything but disappointing. In fact, it was everything I hoped it would be! Exciting, entertaining, moving and encouraging are words I would use to describe this game… not disappointing!

We arrived almost three hours before the game. The parking lot was already packed with tailgate parties and enthusiastic game goers. As a fan in the stands, I found myself surrounded by fellow Cowboy Fans and friendly Patriot fans. Deep in my Cowboy Lovin’ heart, I knew this game would be a battle and the odds of the Cowboys winning was not 100%.

But, fans showed up by the dozens to support their team: win, lose or tie! Not only am I proud of the Cowboys for hangin’ in and hangin’ on with a team like New England but I’m especially proud of my fellow fans! Cowboy fans showed how true winners celebrate facing a loss. I did not see disappointment in their eyes as I walked back to my car… I saw HOPE and EXCITEMENT for the future!

"Confidence is not rattled or shaken at all," Spears said. "There are a lot of teams that were wishing they were 5-1 right now. We lost a football game. It’s not the end of the world."

Spears is right, ya know? It’s not the end of the world! And we have every reason to be excited! It is still very early in the season and our favorite team is looking good! The noise and energy us fans produced Sunday needs to return this Sunday! I asked you guys to make so much noise that my ears would ring for days, right? Well, the humming stopped late last night! That’s how you know the fans were LOUD AND PROUD, right!?

THANK YOU, COWBOY FANS!!! I enjoyed every hum-filled moment!

I would also like to comment on the fan signs at the game! Some were FAN-tastic! I think I spent as much time reading them as I did screaming, "Go Cowboys!" Everyone got very creative and I LOVED IT! One, in particular, stands out in my mind. Probably because as soon as I saw it, I thought of this website and all of you! It said Star Struck and had a Cowboy Star piercing a Patriot in the head. It was very cool! If that was yours, you sat a few rows in front of me! I totally tried to get a chance to say hello but my timing was way off!


I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday! Cowboys play the Vikings and there is no other place I would rather be than at the stadium with people like those of you I met last Sunday!

STAY LOUD & PROUD, Cowboy Fans! You play a big role in home games and we need to go into our BYE week 6-1! That would be FAN-tastic!!



PS.- If you are interested in seeing my photos from the game, you can find them by clicking here! If you do check them out, please come back to this page and comment! I would love to know what you think and what you would like to see from the next game!