A Tank Will Soon Join The Big Guns in Dallas

Recently signed Terry "Tank" Johnson has been given permission to practice with the Cowboys and will join the team for Game 10 against the New York Giants. Tank was given an 8 game suspension by the NFL following some off-the-field legal issues.

The Cowboys signed the defensive tackle to a 2-year deal back in September after the loss of Jason Ferguson due to injury. Tank should fit in nice at the nose tackle position despite never playing in a 3-4 scheme. Tank has been practicing on his own in Valley Ranch and attending required counseling.

Tank Johnson was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2004. In his three years with the Bears, Johnson had 63 tackles and nine sacks. He was part of a great defensive which included Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and Nathan Vasher. During Super Bowl XLI, Tank recorded 4 tackles, 1 assist and half a sack.

Johnson has had more than his share of legal problems. He was arrested for concealed possession of a handgun in November of 2005. He pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge and received 18 months probation. Three months following this incident he was arrested again and charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest, but those charges were later dropped.

In December of 2006, he was arrested once again for gun charges and violation of probation. Police found six unlicensed weapons in his home, including two assault rifles. The judge sentenced Tank to home confinement, but he was given permission to attend the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears. After the Super Bowl Johnson pled guilty to the violation of probation charge and served 120 days in jail. He was released May 13, 2007.

The following month Tank was pulled over for speeding and driving under the influence. However, he was released and the charges were dropped. The blood test conducted at the time of the arrest later confirmed his blood alcohol content was under the legal limit. The Chicago Bears seen this as the last straw and released him on June 25, 2007.

It seems that Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are looking to give Tank Johnson a second chance.

"Real gregarious kind of guy," said Coach Wade Phillips. "He’s ready to play, wants to play, seems excited about it. And he’s a pretty personable guy. All positives as far as I’m concerned, and he’s working hard. He listens."

Hopefully Tank will take this opportunity that he has been given by the Dallas Cowboys and turn his life around. Everyone may deserve a second chance, but ask anyone, Jerry Jones won’t give you a third chance.



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  1. Tiffany a/k/a Trixie
    Tiffany a/k/a Trixie says:

    I am terrinly excited about Tank joining the team. His past doesn’t bother me. For one thing, he possibly has gotten it out of his system. Secondly, these guys seem to have more pride when they come to play for Dallas. We have seen more than one get his personal act together once he’s become a Cowboy. Even one who hasn’t been a Cowboy very long, but I won’t mention any names.

  2. mike a
    mike a says:

    I think it was a coup by Jones…when we play New England again, it they make it tho the “show”, it will be an entirely different game with the “Tank” at nose tackle…we lost the game but we showed a lot of weaknesses no other team had done before…it will be a blueprint for other teams that will play New England…I just pity the Vikings, we got to get the bad taste out of our mouthes…it just happens to be them !!!!!!!!!

  3. Tom R.
    Tom R. says:

    The cowboys seem to be a rehabilitation team for alot of guys. Hopefully tank will get his act together with the move to dallas. I have had my fair share of probs myself and have moved from where i was getting into the trouble. Its a fresh start for me and it is for tank as well. But we all know how jones likes contraversy tho. Lets just hope that tank takes this opportunity that has been given to him to move on with his life and career. I am happy that he is taking the steps to turn his life around and to become a big part of the cowboys defense. Altho i am still upset about our secondary they are better then what they have been playing. We have a damn good defense if they start playing the way they know how. Sorry vikings that you had to be the ones to take the wrath this week ur bye week, but i feel even more for the eagles after the bye week. GO COWBOYS. BTW i am happy and proud about being able to read what my fello cowboy fans have to say and to get updates form star struck on my boys. I thank you for being there for the cowboy fans to speak they minds on here. Love you all, keep up the cowboy faith brothers and sisters.

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