I am currently commuting back and forth between Abilene and Dallas. Typically I’m only in Dallas on the weekends to spend time with my son. He’s 15 and a real rock star on his baseball team. Yet he’s more of a football fan. I really enjoy watching football with him. He’s of course a Cowboys fan. He’s also a really hard core Longhorns fan. He is so emotional about his teams that sometimes it’s frustrating for me. It’s really interesting to watch the transitions a teenager goes through. Just when you think you have them figured out, they change on you.

Last season, near the end, when The Cowboys had a big loss, he took down his Cowboys myspace layout and put up an LT layout. Kelly will remember this. I was pissed! I told him that he’s being fairweathered. We had a very heated discussion about this. I really didn’t think I got through to him. Then the draft came and he had a nervous breakdown over Brady Quinn being passed over by The Cowboys. I explained that it was the right thing to do in backing up Romo, on Jerry and Stephen Jones’ part. Again, I just got that look that teenagers give and figured I had gotten nowhere.

This season, I saw that I had possibly gotten through but maybe a little too much. One good thing is that LT is still on his myspace but he’s just a hero. JD makes it clear he’s a Cowboys fan. Here are some things that he is now getting angry with me about and questioning my loyalty!

I pointed out to him the difference between Marion Barber and Julius Jones and called Julius "glass legs". To him this means I hate Julius.

The Texas OU game was coming up and I told him to prepare himself for our guys to get stomped. He was livid with me because I was not being a true fan in his opinion.

I was such a nervous wreck before the Cowboys and Patriots game, saying we’re not ready. We can’t beat them yet, but still hoping for a miracle. Well that pissed him off too.

I’m calling this a 190 degree turn. We went a little too far! But I think he’s headed in the right direction. I don’t hate Julius Jones. I don’t even want him fired or traded. I’m greedy and want to keep JJ and MB. I want The Longhorns to beat the Sooners every year in the Red River Shoot Out. I wanted The Cowboys to beat The Patriots more than I have wanted anything in a long time. I am not ever what I consider to be critical. I just see the difference between a good player and a great player. I see the difference between a really good football team and a near perfect football team. Still I am so glad I am not hearing my child say "we suck" or having knee jerk reactions like changing his flag or his colors just because of one or two bad games.

Now back to Abilene. If you know me, you know I am Dallas city urban girl. Born and raised in the heart of Big D. I love my home and I don’t love small towns, suburbia, remote places of any kind. They’re great for a weekend, but that is it for me. I hate being in Abilene but I love the time I am spending with my father here. I don’t go out much without my Dad in Abilene because I stick out like a sore thumb in this God forsaken place, wherever I go. Well, I made an exception and it was a mistake. Monday night, I had watched all my primetime shows and my Dad was away in South Texas. I was at a fairly decent drive up motel here in Abilene and my much younger brother had mentioned that the bar there was ok. I was in the mood for an Amaretto or two and I figured Monday Night football was on at the bar so I thought "what the heck". I walked in and noticed every head turn to see who was coming in the door. I went on to the bar and sat down facing the big screen with the game on. I asked the bartendress for an Amaretto and then it began. She asks me "You want the real kind? Cuz we ain’t got that here." Then she walks over and grabs the "fake kind" and shows it to me. I told her that would be fine. Then she proceeds to pour it over ice and I stopped her. I asked her to please give it to me straight up. She slaps a shot glass down in front of me and fills it up. I grinned and decided it was no big deal; especially after she said "that’s a buck-fifty". So I drank Amaretto out of a shot glass for the first time ever. 

I just kept staring at the big screen and trying to ignore the stares coming at me "the blonde stranger" in the half redneck/half college student flooded motel bar on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Abilene, TX (if you don’t get the humor in that then you haven’t been to Abilene). I engaged in lite football conversation with some traveling married guy looking to cheat on his wife. It was of course a conversation about football. Once I responded that I was a die-hard Cowboy fan, I blew my chances of having any fun in this bar. ‘Married guy’ had just bought me another shot of Amaretto and the bar maid says "T.O. sucks, I hate that ‘n’-word". Then some dude who appeared to come out of the wall, says "What the ‘F’ happened to The Cowboys Sunday, they need to go back to training camp". And the idiot fest was on. I heard more crap in 2 minutes from more drunk idiots calling themselves Cowboys fans in a bar adorned with Cowboys posters and neons, then you can imagine. I chugged my Amaretto, which is really gross, you don’t do that with Amaretto! And I said outloud "Well that’s my cue, if I stay one more minute, I will have to give lessons on being a REAL COWBOYS FAN and I am not interested in spending the night in jail". I had really good timing too because as the door closed behind me I heard the words "Romo" and "Homo" and I knew I would have been in trouble had I not left just when I did.

This kind of fanship is infuriating to me. One loss against the greatest team in the league and that kind of talk? PUHLEEZ! Well at least I got my kid straightened out, although he’ll never give me credit for it. Then again, he’s really smart. I didn’t meet any smart people in that bar.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!


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  1. shelby
    shelby says:

    ROFL! Great post!
    I run into fans like that all the time. Of course, they are mostly men and when I start defending my point of view I get the look. You know the one. It says, “Aw. How cute! She likes football.”
    Sometimes I feel like about about to get a pat on the top of my head like I’m a really cute puppy.
    Oh well… In the spirit of things, I am a fan. I will always see the positives in whatever situation my favorite team may find themselves in. While my head may be in the Cowboy clouds, my feet are planted firmly on the ground. I WANT them to win every game but like my granny used to tell me, “Want in one hand – poo in the other, see which one fills up first.”
    As gross as that sounds, she’s right! I can want it for them all I want but that doesn’t mean it will happen every time! That’s why they play the game… you never really know and that’s part of what keeps it exciting!
    It’s just 2 bad some fans poo on the team they claim as theirs with their words and actions.

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Wonderful blog Tiffany!
    Oh my gosh, how can I relate to this story on many many levels. As Cowboys fans we have had our share of ups and downs.
    I live in Oklahoma (though born and raised in the big “D”). And if you’ve ever been to the heartland, you know they are all about one team, and its not a professional one lol.
    There are many Cowboys fans here, but more OU fans I think. Its okay, I listen to their trash talk and then I defend my loyalty and proudly stand by my team. Nothing in the world like being a Dallas fan!
    Go Cowboys!!!

    SHELLEY says:


  4. JC
    JC says:

    Thank you!! Now I don’t feel like the only one in that position. I don’t think the Patriot game was a DISAPPOINTMENT!! I think we did pretty good. People make it sound like it was I don’t know 60 to nothing. You know it does get to me cuz I went to a fair that same day after the game to watch a demolition derby & I saw sooooo many people wearing Cowboy gear, so of course they must be fans, right? So the announcer asked “any Cowboy fans out there?” My 5yr old son & I started screaming I thought we were going to be acompanied by other fans. YEAH RIGHT!!! My son & I were the only ONES!!! Then the announcer says “well if you said yes after todays game my CONDOLENCES!” I was thinking is he serious? I was wondering what about all those people wearing Cowboy shirts, hats etc. I mean if they were that ashamed of their team why go out wearing Cowboys’ stuff. Sorry to go on & on but trust me I know how you feel cuz I went thru that myself. I’M NOT ASHAMED I’M STILL A COWBOY FAN!! I was when they were at their worst & still am now that we’re doing a lot better. The Patriot game was a good game & I know we did our best. GO COWBOYS!!

  5. Tom R.
    Tom R. says:

    I am a long time die hard cowboys fan, i will go through the ups and downs with da boys. It was a damn good game sure it is only 1 lost and still early in the season, sorry but i am upset about how the boys played, sure our Dfence was on the field way to long during the game with the pats and i’m sure they were tired. But i have noticed the whole season that our secondary has been doing a poor job defending getting beat left and right. They are a hell of alot better then how they have been playing. i dont mean to offend anyone but they need to get they heads out they asses. It was the worse showing by the secondary all season. The pats came to play we didnt, the pats are good but not that much better then our boys. Alot of mental mistakes and way too many penalties this season not just in the game with the pats. We had alot of them last yr too but still managed to have somewhat of a good yr. We deserved to lose that game now maybe they will get focused on what is needed to be done if we are going to keep the lead in the division and make it further then last yr. I was born and cowboys fan and will did as one. Again i appoligize to anyone that i had upset with what i said. It is just how i feel, and wanted to make known to my fellow cowboy fans. I have faith we will rise above this lose but remember we are in the toughest division in the nfl and cant play like or we will fall. I love you cowboys lets get it done. GO COWBOYS

  6. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! My husband has been a huge Cowboy fan his entire life so I’ve heard it all. I also want to be greedy and keep Marion Barber III and Julius Jones! However I can’t believe you went to a bar in Abilene by yourself! LOL ~ Well I’m still learning and I thank you for inspiring me to learn more about football. Thanks, Michelle

  7. Romo2Owens
    Romo2Owens says:

    That was one of the best blogs I’ve ever read!
    Sounds like you’ve raised your son really well to me!! =)
    And I’d have to say… there is NO WAY I would have been strong enough to leave that bar.. without getting arrested for aggravated battery!
    It might have been worth it..LOL
    81 million Kudos to YOU!

  8. Sarah Warrington
    Sarah Warrington says:

    Hey I am with the Cowboys do or die!! Love your comments Tiffany wish I had been there with you I think we could have taken them LOL I’m from Delaware so you KNOW the crap I get from the Philly fans around here BUT I love it love it love it!! Talk about bad fans, Eagles fans are the worst in the entire NFL. But my boys are doing good this year and hope they continue, either way “HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS”!!!!

  9. Ronnie
    Ronnie says:

    Great story!
    I can identify with you about your son, I have a daughter the same way, I am teaching her to be a true Cowboy fan no matter what the ending.
    As for the bar incident, I would have done the same thing and left. They are not worth our time.
    You are a true Cowboy Lady fan with Class.

  10. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    Wow Tiffany thats unbelieveable. Im a cowboys fan who lives in New England and I figured I was going to have to endure a wrath of crap from Patriots fans. But I must say the had nothing but respect for the Cowboys, a little ribbing but they all agreed the score didnt tell the tale of the game. The all admitted the Cowboys are a good team. But I cant believe Texas natives bashing them like that. WHO NEEDS FAIR WEATHER FANS. jUST LIKE MOST OF THE FANS IN ATTENDENCE AT THAT GAME.Cowboys start losing and they all start leaving. I hate people like that. Just wanted you to know I would of been there with you kicking some redneck ass. Cowboys 4 ever!

  11. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I think that we are sooooo much more alike now than I thought before.
    I loved your blog here, and I wished that I would have commented earlier…

  12. byron
    byron says:

    sounds like you might have been at Oscar’s bar over by the Whitten INN LOL! I know what Your talking about when it comes to Abilene I was born and raised there UGH! but they are some of the most unfriendly, fair weather,band waggon jumper’s there are! the way I see it you are either with the Boys through thick and thin or you are not with them at all !believe Me when I tell you it is a great feeling having Abilene in the rear view!

  13. Cat
    Cat says:

    I’d like to congratulate you on being such a cool mom, and raising your boy they way you have…
    I attended the Boys/Giants game in NJ Nov. 11th with my 18 yr. old son (I live in NJ)… We put up with all the idiots chanting ‘Romo is a Homo’, ‘T.O. sucks, swallows, and everything else under the sun’, (i was wearing #81)… I kept telling my son to be quiet and ignore the idiots, b/c of course I didn’t want him to get into a fight. Well, by the end of the game, (and throughout) I was standing up screaming ‘How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!’, filled with pride and absolutely fearless, telling the big mouth idiots to ‘Bring It to Momma’…There were fights breaking out in the stands, the spiral, the parking lot, basically everywhere you looked.
    They probably thought I was nuts, but you know what, I am. I’m crazy about my Cowboys, always have been, always will be. Crazy enough to take on Section D of Giants Stadium? Hell yeah…;)

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