Boys Make Statement on Monday Night’s Center Stage

I think I speak for legions of Cowboys fans when I say, what a statement the Boys made in front of a nationally televised audience on Monday Night. 

As my brother and I sat arms-length from the television with our hands firmly folded watching Tony Romo engineer the game-winning field goal drive, there was no doubt in my mind that my Cowboys were going to pull off a miracle. 

The thought of turning off the game after Tony Romo threw his fifth interception briefly crossed my mind.  I then remembered how many crazy games I had seen the Cowboys win on Monday Night. 

There was the New York Giants in 2002, when kicker Billy Cundiff kicked a record-tying 7 field goals in route to an overtime win against the G-Men. 

Then there was the game against Seattle in 2004, when quarterback Vinny Testaverde hit Keyshawn Johnson in the back of the endzone to tie the ballgame up.  After a miraculous onside recovery, Julius Jones rumbled into the endzone but a few plays later, capping the win for the Cowboys. 

The Cowboys definately have some kind of Monday Night Mojo.  To be down 8 points with less than 2 minutes to go and have the odds firmly stacked against them, and still leave Orchard Park with a win speaks volumes about this team.  Whether it was Bill Parcells who bestowed this team’s resiliency on them in his 4 year stay, whether it be Wade Phillips or Jason Garrett, this team showed the kind of play that champions have on Monday Night.  They proved they have the talent, the composure, and the resiliency to end up in Tempe to play for keeps. 

I certainly hope all of Hank’s rowdy friends stayed to watch Dallas’ Monday Night miracle.

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  1. Char
    Char says:

    Even though I didn’t see the Cowboys game on Monday night I am a firm believer just because of your excellent job of describing the game. This is very good journalism!

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    It was a great game! I never thought of turning the tv off, and the Bills loud fans were making me mad! But I knew if we stayed in it to win it, we could do it… and we did!

  3. mike
    mike says:

    The number 1 rule of being a Dallas Cowboys fan is to never give up on the boys. He who goes to bed should be taken out behind the ole wood shed. Too many times Staubach, White, Aikman, and now Thromo, showed everyone to never count them out when there is a second left on the clock with them having possession of the ball.

  4. Tom R
    Tom R says:

    It was an unbelievable game, had my heart racing and just kept getting faster as time rolled off the clock. Time and time the boys have come back towards the end of the game to win. I am sure this isnt the last time either. GO COWBOYS, patriots beware just a taste of what we have.

  5. michelle
    michelle says:

    I too amused the thought of switching channels after consecutive possessions lead to interceptions. But although female, I have been a Cowboy fan as long as I can remember. They did a great job and I am glad I didn’t give up on them. I have no doubt that Tony can physically overcome his picks before Sunday’s game, I only pray that he can overcome emotionally. Regardless, this is the best start they have had in recent times, and I for one, will be glued to see them walk off 6-0.

  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    Another great post by Derek Sanders! I love his analysis and personal thoughts on the Boys. Great job – can’t wait to see your next one after we kick the Pats’ butts!!!

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