ESPN and FOX Should Give The Cowboys Their Props

I am growing sick and tired of the lack of respect that is being shown to the Dallas Cowboys during some popular pregame shows like NFL Today, FOX NFL Sunday, ESPN NFL Blitz, etc.

You would think that a team like the Cowboys who lead their division with a 6-1 record would get some recognition for their achievement. Instead, they are constantly the butt end of a joke and constantly subjected to many underhanded and uncalled for remarks suggesting that the Cowboys are not as good as their record would dictate.

Each of those shows actually feature many former Dallas Cowboys players or head coaches including Jimmie Johnson, Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Troy Aikman, just to name a few. In many instances I have seen them defend the team or the player, most notably Tony Romo, whenever something is said that is really out of line. Most of the time it’s just laughed off like it’s a big joke, although believe me, I’m certainly not laughing.

This past Sunday I actually reached a boiling point after the Giants beat the Dolphins for their sixth straight win.  During the post game show, one of the announcers made an off the cuff remark about the cream finally rising to the top in the NFC East.


The Giants beat the damn 0-8 Miami Dolphins, not the 8-0 New England Patriots! Before that they played beat the 2-6 San Francisco 49ers, the 1-6 Atlanta Falcons, and the 1-7 New York Jets. We’re supposed to be afraid of the Giants just because they won six straight games against teams with a combined record of 11-34? Gimme a freaking break!

I just can’t wait until week 10 when we storm into Giants Stadium and show them and each of the NFL sports networks, who the real class of the division is.

I hope that ESPN and Fox will have the guts to say they were wrong about the Cowboys and finally give Tony Romo and company, the respect and recognition they deserve.

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  1. Lissy Priss
    Lissy Priss says:

    AAAAA-MEN!!!! You’ve read my mind! I can’t believe they diss the Cowboy’s schedule, when the Pattycakes have been playing teams less than equal than the ones the Cowboys have been playing…It’s insane! What do they have to do, play the game blind-folded?? I don’t know why people are so quick to dismiss how the Cowboys have made their return to the lime-light in an incredible way. True, Cowboys have their low-points (slow first-quarter and special teams needs a little kick-start) but to be honest, if you want to watch a great game, you watch the Cowboys!! This team has made a dent in the NFC…if not the entire league, so people( ESPN, FOX..etc) should really take notice. Dynasties fall, and ruins are rebuilt…take heed! 🙂

  2. Cat
    Cat says:

    In due time, those fools who sit behind the big desks are going to have to give our ‘Boys the respect they deserve. I can’t wait. I did hear Steve Young say that Romo is the #3 QB in the league, behind Brady and Manning. So, that’s some type of progress.

  3. lizzyfreek
    lizzyfreek says:

    Also, didn’t the Dallas Football Cowboys also score 45 points on those same Giants and defeat them in Week #1????? Its my guess that the undefeated perfect season Dolphin syndrome of yesteryear has taken the x-Superbowl Cowboys by storm. I think the jealousy fix is in and thats why the X-Factor has taken a negative approach to this years #1 NFC East, #1 NFC, already defeated NYG once, DALLAS COWBOYS!!!! JEALOUSY!!!

  4. Adan J.
    Adan J. says:

    I can relate buddy! But, this has been a problem with the “Haters” for YEARS!!! Yes, the former Cowboys Alumni do give out the recognition when they can, but when the ‘Boys win their SIXTH SUPERBOWL, I still beleive that there will be the wagonload of haters. Take care and yell it out loud and proud: HOW ‘BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!

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