Opportunity Knocks!

And it knocks for the elite in the league! In Cowboy territory, it’s knocking hard and loud for the team! The Cowboys know that opportunity doesn’t knock for a team every day and I believe they are prepared to answer the door! I’m trying to stay with the team; focused on one game at a time…


Around the league, you can hear the faint knocks for individuals. Give a player an opportunity and you’ll see them do one of two things; blow up or blow out! It sure makes things exciting! Should I cue the dramatic music now?

Since I’m trying to stay focused on one game at a time, let’s just talk about the player stepping up in Buffalo: rookie Trent Edwards.

From FOXSports.com: Like it or not, the Bills might have one (QB controversy) on their hands if rookie Trent Edwards keeps playing the way he did in completing 22 of 28 passes for 234 yards and the winning touchdown against the Jets on a fourth-and-goal play-action pass from the 1-yard-line. …Levy… knows that Jauron will have the dreaded quarterback controversy on his hands if Edwards plays well and/or beats undefeated Dallas on Monday night.

Notice the word "IF"? Let me tell you… IF I know this, you know the Cowboys know. And IF they know, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

The Cowboys meet the Bills in Buffalo on Monday night. This is the Bills first time to host a Monday Night game in more than a dozen years. You know the team and fans will be stoked! I WOULD BE! Monday Night Football is like no other game. Everything about a Monday Night game is different. The only thing I like more than attending MNF is attending a NFC Championship Game! The Monday Night game will be exciting.

It was FANtastic to be at the stadium Sunday afternoon to watch the Cowboys play the Rams. I had a wonderful time and I managed to take some of the coolest pictures! My favorite photo is Romo making a big WHOOPS play into a HURRAY play! I went from "OH NO!" to "WHAT IS HE DOING?" to "RUN FORREST RUN!!" I snapped the picture just as he slipped around the defender.

Do you know how hard it is to hold a camera still while screaming like a mad-man?

I got the biggest kick out of listening to Romo talk about that play after the game. He had everyone rolling around laughing! I LOVED IT! What am I saying, I love everything about Romo! I’ve been a fan for a couple of years and hated watching him sit the bench. I couldn’t be more happy about him leading the team! I love everything about the team this season.

I know I will take some heat for what I’m about to say and that’s okay. I understand but I have to say it: I am even starting to love T.O. That is a biggy for me because I have never liked him. When he was playing for those other teams, I would watch the game just to see him get smacked around. Last season, I had a major problem with him. I struggled between wanting to love every player wearing the Cowboy uniform and disliking one of those players so much for so long.

T.O. has made this fan see him in a different light. I’m still not on the T.O. fan-wagon but I am finding myself warming up to him a great deal.

My predictions last weekend went down hill fast. I have some MAJOR catching up to do now. My fantasy teams did great! FINALLY! I play some big dogs this weekend. Wish me luck!! My early projections show I should be able to hold my own…. we’ll see!! My early predictions for this week are: Houston, KC, NE, Carolina, NYG, Pitt, Ariz, Tenn, Wash, Indy, Den, Balt, GB, DALLAS!

By the way, did anyone notice the error on INFL’s standings page? They have our record right but the streaks says "w3". Every other 4-0 team shows "w4". They need to get it right! We’re the only team they messed up on and that makes this fan want to see the undefeated beat right out of some of these other teams! We’ll get our chance a week from Sunday! More on that next week!

Ya’ll have a good one! Good luck predicting the games and I hope your fantasy teams are fantastic… unless you are head to head with me this weekend! HaHa!


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  1. David Rubini
    David Rubini says:

    I agree Shelby! Like your candid T.O. thoughts.. I think a lot of folks can relate! I expect a big game from T.O. this Sunday.
    Great post!!
    Go Cowboys!!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    Is there any where we can see the pictures you took at the game? I would like to see them. Can I add them to my myspace page? I really like your columns!

  3. ShelbyK
    ShelbyK says:

    I do, too, Rubini! I may catch the convenient flu Monday night! I’m schedule to work… *cough cough*
    If my boss is reading this…
    (or am I? hahaha!)
    Hi Raina! Thank You! 🙂
    I will talk to the LoneStarStruck Staff about that! I’m sure we can come up with something! I’ll keep you posted! 🙂
    WoooHooo Cowboys!!
    (that’s Texan for “Go Cowboys”)

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