Timing Is Everything This Season

One of the many reasons I know that this is the Dallas Cowboys’ year is that unlike last season, many things have been going the Cowboy’s way so far this season.

Take this weekend for example, you couldn’t have picked a better time for the Cowboys to have their bye week!

With Tony Romo nursing a sore hamstring and Terrell Owens trying to recover from a gimpy ankle, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to rest our teams two biggest stars.

Even Anthony Henry, who has been sorely missed would not have been able to play this weekend if there had been a game, but is expected to be fully recovered by week nine, just in time to play the Eagles.

The entire team will also benefit from the mental break of the first half of the season, and have some time to contemplate their successful first half, and what they need to do to finish out the season with a big bang!

Things seem to be quiet and peaceful in Irving, Texas these days, and you know what???

It feels good!!! It’s nice to know that there is no inner turmoil or player controversies as we get ready for the second half.

If anyone had any doubts about Wade Phillips and the rest of the coaching staff, you can all put your minds at ease. Phillips and company have done a remarkable job of transitioning the team into a winning mindset after the disappointment of last season. They have done a wonderful job of making Terrell Owens feel like an insider and for the first time since he became a Cowboy, he has taken a large leadership role on this team. You can also credit Jason Garrett for helping Tony Romo take the next big step in developing into one of the leagues top quarterbacks.

Like I said, things are really going good for the Cowboys this year. Sometimes, it’s the little things you notice that can have a major impact on the team.


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