Woohoo Cowboys!

Sunday’s game was FANtastic! We had so much fun! I took almost 300 pictures at the game. You can see the best shots by clicking here! My sis-n-law attended her first Cowboy’s game Sunday. That made the day even more special and made me think of my first time!

I’ve been hooked ever since!!

 I’m not looking forward to this weekend. No Cowboys game! Oh well, after our Bye, things get real interesting. Don’t you agree? Maybe the team will get some of what us fans need… A LITTLE REST! We’ve enjoyed a super charged start to the season. I’m looking forward to an even MORE excitement after the Bye! Our favorite team is well on their way and I believe they are ready for the tough schedule we have ahead of us.

I would like the team to know that fans like me are with them all the way! We know they are champions and we’re excited about the season so far! I hope one of them reads this and does me a huge favor since I can’t do it myself. Pluck the Eagles in week 9 then pop Shockey upside his melon head in week 10! I know he’ll start talking smack in the near future and nothing pleases me more than to see him eat Crow…. or leftover Eagle from the week before! hehe!

Okay, Cowboy fans! If you’re as excited about the Cowboy’s future as I am, click comment and give us a WoooHoooo Cowboys!!

Enjoy the Bye!


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