You Are What Your Record Says You Are

It’s so hard to believe that we are already almost at the halfway point in the season already…
Here we are going into our bye week with a nearly perfect 6-1 record and sitting all alone at the top of the NFC East division.
One can argue that the last three games were not exactly vintage Cowboys football, but sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. And, we did win two of those three games…
Somehow though, this season tends to remind me of the great run we had last season after Tony Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe. We looked so strong and played so well and then all of a sudden we ran into a brickwall and practically limped into that game in Seattle. You all know how that ended up…
What worries me is not so much that we lost to the Patriots, heck who hasn’t lost to them…
I’m more concerned at how difficult it was to get the wins over bad teams like the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings. We should have really blown those teams away and we didn’t. We barely came out of Buffalo with that exciting win, and Sunday’s game had me completely dumbfounded. The final score of 24-14 over the Vikings does not even tell the complete story of what happened. When you look at the Cowboys total yardage of 381 yards compared to the Vikings 196, and when you see that we completed 31 passes compared to only 6 completions for the Vikings, you can’t help but wonder why the score was not more like 38-14. In fact, if you take away that defensive touchdown by Pat Watkins, it begs the question, "How in the world did we have all that offense and yet only score 17 points?"
Anyhow, my concern is the schedule we have to deal with after we return from our bye. We must go to Philadelphia to face the Eagles, and then to New York to face a very hot Giants team. I’m not as worried about the Eagles as I am about the Giants who are only one game behind us.
We need to play some very crisp football from here on out. We can’t bank on getting lucky again. I am very impressed with both the defense and offense so far this season. I am equally impressed with our Special Teams play as well. The Dallas Cowboys do not suffer from any serious flaws in their game. However, they do have many instances during a game where they seem to lose some focus and make some bad decisions.
While we may have been able to overcome some of that malaise in the first half of the season, I’m not so sure we will be as lucky in the second half. That’s why I implore Wade Phillips and the rest of the coaching staff to iron out these minor flaws now and roll into Philadelphia with a killer instinct. I believe the Cowboys are the best team in the division, but we need to make sure that the players believe that as well, and most importantly play with the swagger and confidence of a championship team.
A win is a win is a win. We are 6-1 and like Bill Parcells always used to say, "You are what your record says you are." The Cowboys are on the verge of a magical season. They have to kick it up a notch and start believing in themselves. If they can do that, you can tell the rest of the NFC East, "turn out the light’s, the party’s over." Here’s to a great second half…
A Side Note – Can we all agree that our tight end Jason Witten has been the overwhelming MVP of the team so far this season? What an amazing first half by Witten who leads all recievers in receptions, total yardage, and is tied for the lead in touchdowns with 4. He is currently the top ranked tight end in the NFC, and leads the league in total yardage, yards per catch, yards per game, receptions, and touchdowns. At only 25 years old, Witten is now coming into his own, and before all is said and done, he may just well be the best tight end in the history of the franchise.

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  1. roel
    roel says:

    yea you’re right the wins have not been that good. I posted somthing on the same subject that the next three games will help or break us, the eagles play us tough alwaya and then to travel again to the giants.who are hot and one game back. da boys better be ready. and then come the redskins. wow all in our division with this bye week they better rest and get ready to play hard and try not to get “LUCKY” cuz that just don’t cut it with these teams.
    As for Witten you say “he may just well be the best tight end in the history of the franchise.” I say in the whole NFL

  2. Lissy Priss
    Lissy Priss says:

    I’ve been saying that about Witten for the past two years!!! When you want a reliable receiver, you go for Witten. Romo trusts him, and that’s what makes TWO great players…trust. Witten reads the ball like no one else. GIVE THIS MAN MORE PROPS!!!

  3. Bryan Roberts
    Bryan Roberts says:

    I agree with what you are saying and your concerns, but in my opinion, here’s what makes us different this year: Remember back in the early ’90s when we would always go 12-4 or 13-3? In some of those losses, I would always tell myself that if we just made a few less mistakes, we would have won. We should have been 15-1 every year back then. Some team would always BEAT us or OUTPLAY us each year, and that was fine with me. I always said that they needed a loss right before the playoffs to really piss them off and make them do better in the playoffs. So I can understand that kind of loss, but there were a few that we should have won.
    Now, having just said that, THIS YEAR, even though we didn’t dominate the Bills or the Vikings…we found a way to win.
    Personally, I will take 6-1 over 4-3, a hundred times out of a hundred.



  5. Tom R.
    Tom R. says:

    I agree with you all about witten as well as all the mistakes that da boys are making. All our divion games are tough, to me its the toughest division in the nfl. Last year we got lucky alot of the time, would have way too many penalties but yet still come out with a win. We are still commiting alot of penalties still this year. We have plenty of damn good players, again i am still not happy with our secondary. Newman, williams all of them have been giving the opposing receivers too much room and been getting burnt. The giants played us tough the first meeting but we were a well oiled machine in that game. They have been on a roll playing good football and if we dont get our heads out our asses we will get beat up bad. Its a tough division we are in all the teams in the east will beat up on each other and there is no room for error in any of those games. I have faith that da boys will prevail but there is still alot of season left even tho we about halfway though it. Just keep up the cheers and the faith that our boys will get it straightened out and hopefully there will be a rematch with the pats in the superbowl. We do have some tough teams ahead in the rest of the season, the packers and lions who are both playing fabulous football and of course our own divional games. I was at the game the last time we played the pack and it was ugly. We got our asses handed to us that game but this time we are at home, it takes all of us to win those games in texas stadium. We will always get razed by other team fans, its just they are scared of the boys and know that we are always a tough team and dont give up, and i hope that the fans dont ever give up on our boys. Keep it loud cowboy fans.

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