A Game As Big As Texas!

I am so excited to be blogging with you all today! Honestly, I don’t know where to begin! The game tomorrow night is as big as Texas!  The winner of the game gets the inside track to homefield advantage in the NFC playoffs. This is the first time since 1990 that two 10-1 teams have met. Jerry Jones calls it the biggest game at Texas Stadium since the two teams met in the 1996 NFC Championship Game.

Rightfully so, Jerry! On top of that, I think the Cowboys are ready to send the Packers packin’!

As a fan, I am beside myself about the Cowboys this year. Like most TRUE FANS, I rode through the storm with my team. I felt their defeat and cheered even when the loss was clear. I cried and celebrated with them… and now, THIS SEASON, we are looking at WINNERS! This is a Super Bowl worthy team.

This is the game we have been waiting to see. This is THE BIG ONE and I’m so glad it’s at OUR HOUSE! The Cowboys have to go into this focused and in control. Fans need to help! Here’s our game plan. Got your pen handy? You might want to take notes! *wink*

First of all, any time Green Bay has the ball YOU MUST BE ON YOUR FEET MAKING MAJOR NOISE!! If it’s 4th down or they are in the red, STAND TALLER AND BE LOUDER!! Our goal is to make them get penalities for delay of game every time they go to snap! If they can’t hear Favre, they can’t play!


Any time the Cowboys have the ball, have a seat, get some rest, enjoy the game! When Romo has the ball, be vewy vewy quiet… Like we’re huntin’ wabbits! Now, I know you get excited when Romo takes the field and I just LOVE it when you all chant for one player or another but you have to remember how distracting that can be for the players. Especially the offense. We really need them to be able to FEEL the play… not the crowd noise. That is reserved to help draw a penalty on the Packers!!

Fans play a HUGE role during big games like this one. We have to stick to the plan, fans! There is a time for everything fans do during the game. Save it for the right time.

Ok fans! Any questions about our game plan? What noise makers, signs & crazy outfits are you taking/wearing to the game? Where is the coolest tailgate party going to be? I will be there Thursday night! I’ll try to find you! If I don’t find you, look for me near Section 1! I will have on my Star Hat. Trust me…. YOU CAN’T MISS IT! hehe!

See you at the game!! GO COWBOYS!!!


 some info from FoxSports.com

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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    Shelby, you’re such a doll!
    Your blogs are so much fun and I sooo love your passion for the game.
    I can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to be in Dallas watching a game with you.
    Thank you for all your awesome blogs.
    You’re the bomb baby…..
    *How ’bout them Cowboys*

  2. mike a
    mike a says:

    great stuff, since moving to California, I miss going to the games…about this game, keep in mind Bret Favre has never won at Texas Stadium…he is 0-8 in his great career at “Our House” !!!

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