From Romo to Owens, We’ve Come A Long Way

What a great feeling it is to be a Cowboys fan! Can you believe we are 9-1! We have many reasons to be happy, and very few to complain about. But I have a huge complaint I want to share with all of you. Where is the love? Where is the respect?

The Dallas Cowboys have won 9 of their last 10 games. They have more than proven what they can do, and done it with class. But everytime you turn on ESPN or check out news around the internet, they are being bashed. Excuses are being thrown out there, when in reality the Cowboys are definitely the team to beat in the NFC.

Tony Romo has been a blessing. He has come in every game and played his heart out. I won’t say he hasn’t made mistakes, but I dare you to try and give me a time when he didn’t get back up and make up for it. He plays with everything he has until the last second of every game. As for certain commentators who say, "Sure, who couldn’t succeed with the weapons he has on the field…". Well, I think we all know thats just not how it works. We had the same receiving corps last year, (pre-Tony Romo) and we did not have the same results. Romo is definitely proving game after game that he is one of the elite quarterbacks in the league today. And Cowboy fans, how exciting is that? It’s only his first year! We have alot to look forward to.

The player who deserves the most respect, is getting the least. Yes, I’m talking about Terrell Owens. In the offseason, I believe Owens promised us 20 touchdowns this season. Well right now he’s up to 12, it’s very possible he could go over 20. He also has 1,028 yards, averaging over 100 yards per game with 6 games left to play. So tell me, where is the love? I understand his past, and his ego and everything that has given him this reputation, but he is doing everything right this time around. He brings a fire to this team, he gets out there and gets his teammates pumped. I know you seen him on the sidelines after his touchdowns, he was fired up! T.O. keep doin’ whatcha doin’, we love ya man!

No matter what this team does, people will either love them or hate them. It’s always been that way, that will never change. My point is all about RESPECT. Keep on hating, it only makes play harder!




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  1. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    This one of the best posts you have ever written! Wow! You have me so pumped up and anyone who dont respect us can kiss my ass! Great job Kelly!

  2. mr cowboy74
    mr cowboy74 says:

    You are so right about this kid. Many people have made a lot of comparisons of Romo in the likes of Roger “the Dodger” Staubach. I tend to agree with a couple of differences. First, I feel Romo has more of a relaxed feeling about being out on the field and it shows in the way the plays. Secondly, Romo seems a bit more athletic in moving around. Of course, he’s a little bit bigger than the wirey Staubach was. Romo is showing why he has came from being an undrafted free-agent, to being one of the most fear QB’s in the game today. Making many heads up plays, literally, as the football bounces off the side of his head into Julius Jones’ arm (great play by JJ too). The one thing I always like about Roger though, was his outlook on opposing teams. I remember in one of his interviews saying, “I don’t want to shake the other teams hands, their the enemy.” Perfect way for a “field general” to think if you ask me. But Romo in my opinion, will certainly be remembered as on of the greats to grace the “star” on his helmet if he stays on the path he started on.

  3. mike a
    mike a says:

    Great post…with Owens, if you remember his acting out was when teams were losing…and you see on ESPN who is better…Moss or Owens…there is no comparison, Owens has never quit on his team like Moss has done several times…As far as Romo goes, his running reminds me of Staubach and his passing like Aikman…he is the team leader and it shows when he steps onto the field…But what stands out to me, is how Romo plays for the love of the game…that is priceless, and such a joy to watch…

  4. Barb aka RoMo2Owens
    Barb aka RoMo2Owens says:

    What a beautiful post Kelly.
    I have a thousand thoughts swirling in my head after reading that.
    For me personally, I’ve not only seen a change in Owens attitude but also a change in the way alot of Cowboy Fans feel about him.
    Maybe not all of them (yet-lol). When it comes to Owens, there will always be
    haters. That is their job, to hate. It’s not something I will ever understand but that’s just me.
    No one, however, can deny his passion for the game. Or his Mad Talent!!
    This is not last years team and there is no-one (in my opinion) who wants to WIN more than Owens.
    I am proud to be one of his biggest fans. If not the biggest.(wink*)
    Let the hater’s hate. We’re still 9-1 baby!
    I can think of a thousand other things to say on this topic but I am ‘working’ (sort-of-lol) but I’ll be back.
    Oooo and as far as Romo goes… I can only think of three words to say about him: ‘Thank you Jesus’
    I have to add that I love Joe’s comment and I am in full agreement with him!!
    Thank you for this blog and everything else you do for us Cowboy Fans.
    You make me Happy!
    Dallas Cowboy Happy!!

  5. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    It’s just the way The Cowboys have always been treated. We didn’t get any love the year we went 13-3 until we went on to win the Superbowl. When the Dallas Cowboys win a season, they don’t do it like everyone else. The 90’s boys were unbelievable and so are these boys playing today. People just can’t get their heads around what goes on in Dallas. When it’s good here, it’s always magical and if you aren’t a fan, you just simply can’t understand it. They’ll be singing a different tune very soon Kelly. Trust me on that one.

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