Cowboys (6-1) vs. Eagles (3-4) Sunday November 4, 7:15 PM on NBC

Week 9 Preview:

The Dallas Cowboys are coming fresh off of their bye week and begin a stretch of three straight division games.  First up, the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  This game could mean whether or not the Eagles still have a shot at the NFC East, as a loss will put them four games behind the Cowboys in the NFC East.  Dallas will want to do everything possible to put the Eagles away now.

With only a 1/2 game lead in the division, despite being 6-1, the Cowboys look to grab a 1 game lead headed into the showdown with the Giants next week, but Dallas can’t afford to look ahead to that game. 

Anthony Henry may be coming back for this game, which will be a huge boost for the Cowboys’ secondary.  This should help the pass coverage and help hold down the Eagles receivers.  Henry had 4 interceptions before his ankle injury.

The offensive line has been great for the Cowboys this year.  Jim Johnson likes to bring a lot of blitzes as you well know, and this will be a good test for the O-Line.  Hopefully Romo will be able to scamper away from the pressure and deliver when it comes.

As always the return of Terrell Owens to Philadelphia is a big deal.  Hopefully this time he can turn it into a success and come away with a touchdown or two, and the win.  This won’t be easy though, as the Eagles boast one of the best defenses in the league, but Dallas does have the 2nd ranked offense.

Wide receiver Terry Glenn (knee) is still out.  Cornerback Anthony Henry (ankle) is questionable, and expected to be used in certain situations on the field.  Fullback Oliver Hoyte (neck) and backup linebacker Justin Rogers (calf) are probable.

It’s about time the Cowboys had a game again.  The 2nd half of the season is here and it’s time to show everyone that we’re the kings of the NFC.  It all starts tonight with a beatdown of the Eagles.  Oh and T.O. said to get your popcorn ready!  Don’t forget to turn your clocks back too!


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  1. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    Now we will get to see how the Cowboys come back from the break! This game will be a solid test for us. This bye week was as long as hell… I cant wait for tonights game to start already!

  2. Tom R.
    Tom R. says:

    The 3 games prior to the bye week were rough on us, hopefully the break was a restful one on the boys. got some tough games ahead starting with 3 divisional games, but even after that it is still going to be a rough road ahead with playing the pack and the lions who are both playing exceptionally well more so the lions. Dont want to look ahead too far but next week at giants is a very important game for us to take charge of the divsion and we will be done with the giants until next yr or even the playoffs this later this season. Just keep it loud cowboy fans, cuz the season is far from over. Go cowboys.

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