Cowboys Carve Up The Jets In Thanksgiving Classic! 

I don’t think there was a soul in Dallas who believed the Cowboys would lose to the lowly Jets on Thanksgiving Day at Texas Stadium. They were right. Once the snow flurries started falling, once you smelled the aroma of a great Thanksgiving dinner coming from the kitchen, once you saw the "Silver and Blue" take the field, you knew that destiny was on the side of the Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys absolutely demolished the New York Jets by a lopsided score of 34-3 and set a new franchise record with a 10-1 start to their magical 2007 season. The game was an amazing showcase of the superior talent-laden team led by the NFC’s top quarterback, Tony Romo.

Romo, actually led the Cowboys upfield during their first possession of the game on a quick scoring drive that was completed by a Marion Barber touchdown to put the Boys up 7-0. That was all they needed, but there was even more excitement to come in the next three quarters.

Some of the stars on offense included Jason Witten who caught 4 passes including a 25-yard touchdown strike from Romo. Terrell Owens kept his scoring streak alive with six catches of his own including a 22-yard TD in the fourth quarter of the game. Romo was his spectacular self, completing 21 of 28 passes for 195 yards and two touchdowns. On the ground, Barber and Jones combined for over 165 yards rushing. It was the second time this season that Barber topped the century mark in rushing.

As great as the offense was on this day, it was the defense that was the stars of this show!

What a display of toughness and grit the Cowboys defense served up to the shell-shocked Jets. The defense held them back to the point where they had more punts than third down conversions. OUCH!

Terence Newman sizzled as he picked of Kellen Clemens and took it all the way home for his first ever touchdown on an interception. T-New is back on top of his game!

The line was absolutely devastating against the Jets offensive line. They were led by exceptional efforts from Greg Ellis who had a couple of sacks, and Chris Canty who added another. Pat Watkins was in on five tackles as was De Marcus Ware.

There were so many great efforts in the game, that for the first time in the history of the Galloping Gobbler Award, it was awarded to the following five Cowboys; Tony Romo, Chris Canty, De Marcus Ware, Terence Newman, and Greg Ellis. WOW! 

The next game for the Cowboys, might be the biggest game of the year as they kick-off against a red hot Green Bay Packers team that is also 10-1, and being led by a resurgent Brett Favre. It is going to be a clash of the titans. Unfortunately for so many football lovers out there, the game is only being showcased on the NFL network which means millions of viewers will be blacked out. Shame on the NFL who are going to keep millions of fans from watching what could be the best game of the year in 2007.

The game will haves big ramifications for both teams, because at stake is home-field advantage for the playoffs. Both teams will have plenty of time to rest up for the years biggest showdown!