Here We Goooo!

Are you ready for a good time??

Whether you are ready or not, IT’S COMING!

We have three home games ahead of us and I’m so excited! As hard as it was for me to stay with the team, one game at a time, I’m finding it even harder to do so now! I don’t know how the team does it!

This weekend, we meet up with Washington in our house. That rivalry is still very much alive. And, if I were going to be COMPLETELY honest…


I don’t use that word, hate, often but it certainly applies here! Even when predicting the games, I can’t force myself to pick Washington to win. I don’t care who they play. I would rather take the loss than pick them. I’m terrible, huh?

This Sunday, I will make sure their O has the hardest time getting a snap off. They better hope they don’t make it to my end of the field! For those of you in Section 1… rest your voices and be ready to GET UP and GET LOUD when our Defense is on the field. Don’t make me want to yell at YOU, too!! hehe!!

I’m excited about this game for another reason, too. As if the rivalry isn’t enough to get ANY Cowboy fan excited, I have yet another reason to look forward to it. In August, I was selected as one of six First Place Winners in Dr. Pepper’s Ultimate Fan Contest. I won a prize package filled with some REALLY great stuff!! By the way, big congrats to the Grand Prize winner! I’m so jealous! They get to go to the Draft Party in ’08! Ya know, I’m free to go if you want! hehee! Anyway, one of the items that was in the First Prize package was Busnell Instant Replay Binoculars! Can you imagine the pictures I will get with those things!! Yeah Baby!! I will be sure to put a slideshow together to share with all of you here at LoneStarStruck! Stay tuned, okay?

Ok, back to the game. Phillips is keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Like the rest of us, he knows that any given Sunday anything can happen. I know the Cowboys will win this one. It will be a GREAT game, no doubt, but a win just the same. Our favorite team is focused and they want IT as bad as we want it for them!

Fans in the stands can help them! Our part is to support the team WITH NOISE when our DEFENSE is on the field. When we have the ball, I want to hear Romo and nothing else… well, maybe a pin drop! YA KNOW!! The weekend before last, the commentators were talking about the home fans and the advantage the fans can give their team. The thing that blew me away was how they felt the fans started off strong but became ‘tired’ as the game went on. We can’t tire out, Cowboy Fans! The key is to use our energy at THE RIGHT TIME! The right time is not ALL THE TIME. It’s when the Cowboy’s Defense is on the field.

Now, I’m a fan. I didn’t pay for my seat to use it! The ONLY time I use it is when the Cowboy’s Offense is preparing for the snap and I stay there until I see the ball mid-air. I can’t help myself. When I hold my breath, it’s an automatic reaction to stand up!! As soon as that ball is CAUGHT, I let the breath out with a big HOLLER!! And boy does it feel GOOD!!

So, what do you say, Cowboy Fans! Cowboys win this one by 21 at home and the Fans play a big role in that happening, right??

Do we need to practice? Maybe run some fan drills of our own?? hehehe!!

If you’re planning on attending this game… LOOK FOR ME!! I hang out near Section 1 and you can’t miss me. I wear a BIG blue star on my head! Seriously!! It’s SO COOL!! You could be in the next slideshow on showing your Cowboy Pride!! Stop me and mention this website, okay? I am always on the look out for Fantastic Fans! It would just make my day to meet some of you!

See you at the game, Cowboy Fans!


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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Hey game attending fans, I hope you guys are listening to Shelby! There is no reason why the fans shouldn’t get involved! Do everything you can to help the Boys stay on top, you aint at the movies, you’re at a freakin’ Cowboys game! GET ROWDY YALL! LETS GO BOYS!!!

  2. Cat
    Cat says:

    I made lost of noise at the giants/cowboys game sunday nite. Lol, yes, I risked bodily harm from all the giants fans looking for a fight, but, in the end, it was sweet revenge to strut my #81 out of giants stadium…..with a smile and a song…na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!!

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Hey Shelby! Great writing as usual. I just love the anticipation of your post each week.
    I hate the Redskins too. I remember when they were a bigger rival than The Eagles. But all division play is a big damn deal. Well usually it is, but we are so superior to any of them this year! WOOHOO.
    I want to find you Sunday. I will be there.

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