Let the Trash Talk Begin!

Hey Cowboy Fans!

How do you feel after Sunday’s game? Pretty darn good, huh? I love it when I get to see the Eagles get plucked, don’t you?

Now, on to the good stuff….

The Giants look at this weekends game as an opportunity to become the leaders in the division. The Cowboys aren’t going to make that an easy task. The G-men have not had a worthy opponent during their last six wins. Those six teams have a combined record of 13-36. 

The first two Giants game left them at 0-2 while giving up 80 points! The Cowboys racked up 45 points against the Giants during the season opener at Texas Stadium. Now, it is our turn to travel to their house. Both teams know they have to bring their A-game. The Giants have improved but is it enough to beat our Cowboys?

I don’t think so!

The Giants are out to prove something to the League. "We all know that we had a good run of six games, but this is the real test for us against one of the best teams in the division, in the league," veteran receiver Amani Toomer said Monday after the Giants returned from their bye week. "If we want to be considered in that upper echelon in the league, this is a team we are going to have to beat to show that." The Cowboys have nothing to prove and everything to gain! The League needs to realize that this is the year of the Cowboy. All others just need to stand back, watch and learn!

I’m surprised we haven’t heard a peep from Shockey yet. Do you think he learned to not talk smack about the Cowboys? I doubt it. I’m waiting for it and I’m ready to POUNCE! You know he can’t go into this game without having SOMETHING to say. Maybe he likes the taste of crow? Does he take it fried, baked or in a pie? Inquiring minds like mine want to know!!

What’s really funny is: I talk as much trash about Shockey as he talks about everyone else. Here’s the kicker: he’s part of my family tree… not that I usually admit that! Shhhh… don’t tell anyone! Since Owens joined the Cowboys, Shockey has become the one player I love to watch get smacked around! I don’t wish serious injury on him but nothing pleases me more on game day than to see his bell get rung!

And while we are on the topic of Owens, I would like to follow up on a recent post I did here. If you follow my posts, you know I haven’t been a fan of T.O. When I blogged about the subject, I was very open and honest about how I felt about him becoming a Cowboy, how I have struggled with my least favorite player wearing my most favorite uniform and how I was beggining to warm up to him. Remember that? Well, slowly but surely, T.O. is making his way into my heart and I’m so glad to finally be coming to terms with that! It is certainly a big weight off my Cowboy lovin’ heart!

Owens, if you’re reading this… which, I’m sure you don’t but just in case… Way to go, mayun! I’m proud to have you on the team. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Have fun and enjoy yourself. This is the T.O. I have been waiting and wanting to see. 

Next week, I will talk about something I heard commentators discussing during last weekends games. It was interesting to hear them discuss the fans in the stands through-out the game. I was going to blog about it this week but it is best that I wait. We have to wait yet another week before our favorite team plays at home again. I don’t want to get you THAT excited just yet. Save your energy for Nov. 18th when the RedSkins come to Dallas!

Be sure to stay tuned, okay?

Ya’ll have a good one and most importantly…



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4 replies
  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    First of all let me just say that your blog posts are so fresh that I actually look forward to every Wednesday to see what’s going to come out of your mind!
    I am glad to see that you along with many other fans and sports writers are seeing TO’s efforts to be a Cowboy. He had much to prove and I think he’s worked hard on it, with a few hiccups along the way.
    The Cowboys have some hard work ahead of them and they aren’t getting much credit for what the HAVE accomplished, not nationally anyway. I hope they take nothing for granted while in the middle of Division play. The Giants and the Skins will be bringing their best games and when Philly comes to Dallas it will be ugly.
    KUDOS to you Shelby! Nice work.

  2. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    I love your post! It is so well written. With regard to Shockey being tight-lipped…
    He does a lot less talking now that Jason Witten is the best tight end in the NFC!!!

  3. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Great blog Shelby!!!
    Yes, this isn’t going to be an easy game but I think we can handle them if we come ready to fight to stay in 1st. There is alot of trash talking around the country this week. I don’t how these commentators and sports talk hosts are saying the Giants are the best team in the division? What? Obviously they dont check the facts! Romo’s stats kill Eli’s everytime and Witten has recently proved hes the toughest tight end in the NFC. I could go on but you get my point!
    Lets go Cowboys beat them Giants!

  4. shelby
    shelby says:

    I’m starting to think many of those commentators have something against the Cowboys. If you noticed, when the Cowboys had that unbeaten record, no one mentioned them with the others. It was like they didn’t exist. I am so tired of hearing about NE that I could just barf! By the way, did ya’ll hear about what someone from Miami said about if NE goes undefeated there should be an * to follow the record?
    Of course, I’m a Cowboy Fan and I may be a little biased but the Cowboys are the best in all the land! Ya know, scratch that biased thing! THEY ARE THE BEST! I would LOVE to see those hater-commentators be FORCED to talk about the Cowboys in a positive way!
    Thanks you guys! I’m glad you enjoy my posts! I promise to keep them coming as long as you like… maybe a little longer than that HEHE!!
    Have a good one! I’ll check in later tonight!

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