Save a Turkey! Stuff A JET!

I am so excited to be able to bring you today’s blog! I find myself squished between an exciting game Sunday and another exciting day tomorrow! How lucky can one gal be? So, first, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know some celebrate this holiday in various ways and on a variety of days. I hope, however you celebrate Thanksgiving, it is a safe and happy time!

Now we can get to the meat and taters! The Cowboys played an OUTSTANDING game on Sunday. How awesome was it to see Romo and T.O. go OFF like they did??


If you play fantasy football and your opponent had those two, you got whipped, huh? Sorry about that. I have talked to A LOT of people who found themselves in that position. I think the common phrase among people in that situtation was, "…they beat me with just those two players!" YIKES and Woohooo!! Yikes because I know how that feels…. WoooHooo cuz DAT’S MY BOYS!!!

For those of you that read my last post, you know that I went head-to-head in a Fantasy Game against my husband. I was calling it the "Fantasy Battle Of The Spouses!" I had all but written that game off as a loss… but I won! Wooohoo!! I promised I wouldn’t strut around but I didn’t promise I wouldn’t brag online! YA KNOW!?

The Cowboys play the Jets at home on Thanksgiving! I just LOVE attending the Thankgiving game! In my opinion, it is the game that gives the fans the FULL fan experience! I will have my camera ready to take pictures of the fans, the game, the action and the fun! If you can’t go, you will feel like you were there once I’m done with my slideshow!

While I’m on the subject of a slideshow… Here’s the slideshow from Sunday’s game. (Click Here) Please keep in mind that I was using a new camera. I keep telling myself that some of the pictures have an artistic value. You be the judge! *smiles*

I will be honest, when I looked at the schedule prior to Pre-Season, I was a little disappointed that our Thanksgiving game was against the Jets. They are just not very good! After watching them grow over the last few weeks, I have convinced myself it will be a decent game… not the yawn-fest my first impression gave me. Maybe Romo, T.O. AND The Barbarian will get to go off this time! I have already chalked this one up as a win… but that’s why they play the game every week, right? ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Yet, I know my favorite team is prepared and I will be there cheering them on!

If you will be there, look for me in or near Section 1! You can’t miss my BIG BLUE Star shaped hat!

Ya’ll have a great day and a wonderful long weekend!


  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Great post Shelby! I will be in Dallas, but I don’t have tickets to the game. But I’ll be watching it on the big screen with my huge Dallas Cowboys family! It will be a blast! Happy Turkey Day!