The Future Home of the Dallas Cowboys

While in Dallas for Thanksgiving, I decided to take a short visit over to Arlington to get some photos and a first hand look at the new Cowboys Stadium currently under construction. I was so amazed at this "monster" of a stadium that is taking shape. I have seen the virtual tour online and artist renderings but when you are right there, well I just can’t explain how it feels.

It is still somewhat of a skeleton, but its definitely coming along quite well. After all is said and done the stadium will span 2.3 million square feet, tall enough to house the Statue of Liberty. It will be the largest domed structure in the world, and house 80,000 people with the capability of expanding for 100,000 people. Of course, we’ve all heard these statistics but to see it still blows my mind.

I’m very happy that I took the opportunity to visit the future site of "The House that Romo Built". I plan to visit again as it progresses and compare the photos. This is definitely history in the making. If you live in the Dallas area and have not checked it out, I certainly recommend taking some time to do so.




  1. Romo2Owens
    Romo2Owens says:

    Those pictures gave me
    I think that means I have to have my wedding in there.
    But I would be just as ecstatic to sit in that stadium and watch *the boys* with you Kelly!
    It could happen!!!

  2. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    I just got back too. Saw the Redskin game, stayed in Arlington and took almost the same pics! And YES it looks like a monster. It looks so huge. I can’t wait to see the opening game there!!! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  3. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    It is so amazing how much progree they have made already. Those pictures are so awesome and show so much of the great detail that will make this stadium the best in the country!

  4. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Yep they look very much like the pics I took less than two weeks ago. Isn’t it exciting to just be there and look at it and imagine what it’s going to become?
    It still pisses me off that it’s in Arlington instead of Dallas. But that is the fault of The officials in the City of Dallas.

  5. Cat
    Cat says:

    being a cowboys fan in nj, its difficult for me to get to texas. i have been to the current stadium a few times, and will never forget the great times and games i saw there. we’re making a special trip to see a game in this new monster of a stadium….thanks for the pics!