Will The Real Terrell Owens Please Stand Up!

Long before Terrell Owens became a Cowboy, we all heard about his mouth being bigger than his heart, and his penchant for getting into trouble being greater than his talent.

I never really knew anything about Terrell Owens except for what I heard on ESPN and read in Sports Illustrated. It got to the point where I actually hated the guy, and yet I really knew nothing about the man. Shame on me.

I have now observed Terrell Owens first hand for almost two years. He is everything that I hoped he would be, and nothing like the derelict he was portrayed as by the media. For years they have maligned his heart, his desire and his character, and yet I’ve never seen that Terrell Owens.

The Terrell Owens I’ve seen is a natural born leader. In 2006 I saw him go out there and play hurt for almost an entire season. I would see him cringe with pain everytime he caught a rocket from Tony Romo. Yes, he dropped some of those passes, but even still he was among the leaders in receiving with another 1000 yard campaign, 13 touchdowns and 85 receptions. Incredible…

Those numbers don’t even tell the story of how he took a young unproven quarterback who had no NFL experience under his belt, and helped him become the star he is today. It doesn’t tell the story of a man who played hurt everyday and showed his teammates that playing in the NFL is a privilege not a birthright. Terrell Owens found a home in Dallas, and in Owens, Dallas found an inspirational leader.

Now we are only five games away from the end of the regular season. Owens is on the verge of his greatest season ever. He already has 1,100 yards and 13 touchdowns. He is 300 yards, and 3 touchdowns away from his career highs with five games left to play. He has been Romo’s go to guy all season long. He leads the team in TD’s and in fact, he has more touchdowns then the entire receiving corps combined.

Despite all of Owens heroics and his outstanding production, you don’t hear anything about it from the media. Those same sportscasters and sports writers that were so willing to tarnish Terrell Owens even at the beginning of the season, have all suddenly gone quiet. They have nothing else to say. They are all a disgrace to their profession.

When Brett Favre and Jeremy Shockey scream and holler, or curse out their teammates when they do wrong, or celebrate after a game winning score, they are called gutsy and fiery. When Terrell Owens did those same things in his past, he was called a clubhouse cancer, and a showboat, and an arrogant player.

I am so grateful that Terrell Owens chose to play out his career with the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas is where all shining stars belong. I am glad that I got to see the real Terrell Owens have his finest season now in 2007.

Today, I went and purchased a Christmas gift for a little boy and decided on a Dallas Cowboys Jersey. They had every jersey that I could have possibly wanted, but I picked out the one that said "Owens" on the back. It made me feel good inside, and I know it will bring a warm smile to his face on Christmas morning.

I can’t ever take back all the bad things I’ve thought about Terrell Owens before he became a Cowboy. But I can make up for it by making sure I never get swayed by the media again, and by letting people know that if they want to see the real Terrell Owens, they should tune into a Dallas Cowboys football game and watch T.O. do his magic.

  1. romo2owens
    romo2owens says:

    That is the best blog I’ve read all season long.
    Most people don’t know that I’ve been a Terrell Owens Fan longer than I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys Fan.
    You’re describing what I’ve always known to be True.
    I’ve just never heard anyone else, especially the media, say it.
    Thank you for putting your thoughts out there.
    Terrell Owens has a heart of gold and always has.
    He is a bright shiny star and is truly gifted with mad talent.
    No one wants to WIN more than he does.
    He makes me very happy.
    I can’t even wait for the playoffs.
    Thank you Joe.

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Joe this was so well written. It made me cry. But I tend to be very emotional about the Cowboys anyway. These are the words I have not been able to find. I share your sentiment about T.O. 100%. He’s been a real blessing to the team and an inspiration to the players and the fans. I hope every other Dallas fan feels the same way. Bravo for such a great piece. It’s going to be a hard act to follow. Kudos to Joe!

  3. KNH
    KNH says:

    This is award-winning writing. Not only is it a great read but it speaks nothing but the ‘honest to God’ truth. I believe alot of Cowboys fans have accepted T.O. and support him 100% now. Yeah that’s easy to do when we are winning, but I think it goes deeper than that.
    The Stars at Night are BIG and BRIGHT… Deep in the HEART of TEXAS! 🙂
    Thanks Joe, you’re an amazingly talented writer.

  4. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    Thanks to all three of you. You all are such great and passionate Cowboys fans! I appreciate the comments from my peers the most. Thanks again!

  5. Butterfly
    Butterfly says:

    I secretly wanted him to come to Texas. There’s a certain kindness and respect for passion that you can only get in Texas. It seems to have spread to Cowboys fans in other states as well, but it originates in Texas. Your blog took the words right out of my heart!

  6. lizzyfreek
    lizzyfreek says:

    AMEN Joe D. That was a very well put together, and thought out piece of literature. And i agree. Terrel just needed some luv, trust, and appreciation. Thats all any player wants. T.O. just finally found these things in Dallas. And the media don’t like it because they’re feeding frenzy on Terrel Owens has been blocked by his true colors that are finally shining. Shame on them.

  7. Cat
    Cat says:

    omg this actually brought tears to my eyes….the only reason i ever disliked t.o. was when he played against the boys, and always posed a huge threat. (not to mention the dance on the star ;))
    this was very well written, and i’m so proud of t.o. for the way he is leading this team to possibly their best year ever…. go cowboys!!

  8. Bubba411
    Bubba411 says:

    Extremely well written and true. Outstanding read and I’ve turned into a TO Fan. It took 2 years, but I’m glad I came around. What impressed me last year is that he played with a broken hand all year and never used it as an excuse. I’m glad he’s now wearing the Star.