1. Oh Raina, what a fitting story for this season. A season of Christmas and Cowboys going to post season! I really loved this and I completely relate to how you felt.

  2. Kay

    Hmmmmmmm – I wonder if I could get that truck up here in Kansas!

  3. Mandi

    Hey mom I really like the story I remember that and your face really did look like a kid in a candy store that truck was awesome to bad I already spent all my money I would have had that TO jersey !!

  4. Kelly

    Nice post Raina!
    I am the same way. I love anything Cowboys. In fact we have a Dallas Cowboys Christmas tree :)
    Blue and Silver! GO COWBOYS!!!

  5. Charles C aka CHUCK

    Very Nice Post Raina! Very HeartFelt! Makes me wanna go spend Money! lol :)
    Mea Lika meh sum Cowboys Candy!! Speaking of Cowboys stuff,.about 6 yrs ago I saw these cowboys bar stools that were like directors chairs, had the Star on the backwith Cowboys written on the top. I have been looking everywhere for them! e-bay all the DC pro shops and I can’t find them anywhere. If anyone has any idea of where i can find them let me know plz!

  6. You are an excellent writer! I enjoyed it very much!

  7. TD

    MMMMM Candy.
    Yes, don’t forget the little things, they add up to big things.
    Cowboys for life.
    Merry XMAS = TD

  8. kevin davis

    well said.. people do need to start living with a sense of still being young.. and what better way then to think of their childhood heros! now our kids have heros!!!

  9. Tonya Talley

    I surf the internet everyday looking at all of the things that I could hae to represent my team like I would love too. I can’t afford them right now but when I am able to purchase them my home will be the true Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. COWBOYS FAN 4 LIFE!!!