Ellis Quietly Having Monstrous Year

If anyone would have told me that Greg Ellis, entering week 14, would be leading the team with 10.5 sacks, ahead of sack master Demarcus Ware, I would have looked at you like you shot my mother.

The Greg Ellis that suffered a season-ending ruptured Achilles the year before?  The Greg Ellis that stirred up trouble about his contract?  The Greg Ellis that was absent the first three weeks of the season, still rehabbing his injury?  Get outta town.

When he showed up to camp all bent out of shape about his contract, we rolled our eyes.  There goes grumpy old Greg again.  And when he sat out of training camp, still rehabbing his injury, we shook our heads.  Greg’s too old, time to trade him.  But Greg Ellis certainly got the last laugh by quietly having the best season of his NFL career.

At age 32, Ellis is showing no signs of letting up, or of the season-ending injury that hampered him until his return to the field in week 4. 

Not enough can be said about the importance of Greg Ellis to the Cowboys defense.  In 12 games, the Cowboys have racked up 33 sacks, one shy of their season total last year.  Ellis has eliminated opposing teams’ focuses on Demarcus Ware, and has helped free them both up in the backfield for a combined 20.5 sacks.  Ellis is also a major contributor to Dallas’ run-stuffing defense, which is ranked 4th in the league in yards allowed on the ground with 85.6 allowed per game.

Shame on the naysayers, including myself, for thinking that Greg Ellis was at the end of his decorated career with the Cowboys.  We have been stifled by the outstanding play of #98, the unsung hero of our defense. 


  1. Rainiedazze
    Rainiedazze says:

    You speak nothing but the truth! lol
    I was so upset with Ellis in the offseason. His moaning and groaning and his demands were really making some fans want him out of town. But now we know why Jerry Jones didn’t send him packing, and aren’t we glad!
    Shame on us. But hey, gotta give the man respect. He plays hard and it shows!
    Keep it up Ellis and Co.! GO COWBOYS!!!

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Same goes for me. It’s all the media’s fault. Let’s blame them instead of ourselves…lol. All we know is what they tell us.
    You do speak the truth. I was angry with him too. I just wanted him to get his ass out there and play.
    Well we owe him thanks now don’t we? He has been a monster. I am so glad he’s out there and so glad you wrote this story Derek.

  3. Raina
    Raina says:

    This article is right on! With all the talent that the Cowboys have some star talent seems to slip thru the cracks and not get the credit they deserve. Great Article!!!!!