Its All About The W’s

More W’s Then Just The One For Win!

How about the one for WOW!

With Sunday’s heart stopping victory, The Cowboys brought home the NFC East Title for the first time since 1998. It most definitely wasn’t a pretty win and there may have been a little help from Lady Luck, But A Win is a Win. I’ll take it anyway they can get it.

Then theres the one for WADE!

Head Coach Wade Phillips has taken full blame for the flat performance that was shown by the Cowboys Defense. He claims he didn’t  fully prepare them for the run and had to try and readjust the defense to what the Lions were giving them. He also stated that Cowboys corner-backs Terrence Newman and Anthony Henry may have been rusty from the switch back to thier original positions in the back Field. With what he is saying only leads me to the next W.


There where a number of plays that lead me to believe that the Dallas defense was shell shocked by the way the Lions offense came out swinging. The defense has to be ready for anything any offense brings them. The backfield defense cannot be sitting back waiting on the receivers to catch the ball and come to them. They have to attack the ball.  One thing that stood out to me on the defense that made all the hype of Kitna’s comments from last year worth it was my next W


With 3:22 left in the first quarter, Ware was penalized with a personal foul for ruffing the passer. It hurt the defensive stand but it was well worth it to see Ware slam Kitna on his butt after the film flam Kitna was saying last year of the defense. I thought for sure that would get the Dallas defense the spark it needed. I think it only lit a fire underneath Kitna. Thats the way it goes sometimes in the NFL. 

Last but certainly not least WITTEN

Despite a fourth-quarter fumble at the Lions’ one yard line on a drive that would have given Dallas the lead, Witten set a franchise record with 15 receptions and a career high 138 yards receiving. Only adding to his glory of the day Witten hauls in 4 of the last ten plays on there 83-yard game winning drive, the last of the four for the game sealing touchdown score! Truly the Best Tight-End in the NFL. He keeps playing like he is and that may turn into all of NFL History!

How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!!!!!




  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I really liked this blog and I hope you continue to contribute regularly at
    I have really run out of comments for this game but I can say that Jason Witten is leaving me breathless!
    Really new and fresh blog writing. I thoroughly enjoyed it Charles!

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I want to add some W’s
    Just kidding on that last one… or am I? haha
    But seriously, great blog! HoW bout them CoWboys!!!!

  3. Tru gemini
    Tru gemini says:

    Congrats to Marion Barber on his 3 touchdowns.I think you play with so much heart and you deliver everytime.Plus you are so,so fine and handsome.

  4. Tony
    Tony says:

    I agree totally about the defense, and specifically about the secondary. I haven’t like the way the second has been playing all season. I have no reason to think that Dallas won’t get to the Superbowl this season, however, if they want to survive the playoffs, the defensive secondary CANNOT afford to play opposing receivers as loosely as they have. I’m a firm believer that safeties and corners should meet the ball at the receiver, with the intent of separating the ball from the reciever. Letting Quarterbacks like Tom Brady complete passes at will, will see you sitting at home on Superbowl Sunday.

  5. Charles C aka CHUCK
    Charles C aka CHUCK says:

    Don’t get me wrong..Im loving the W for Win! don’t care how they get it as long as they get it, but my whole thought was on the defense. They scared the heck outta me. Maybe I’m looking a bit to far ahead to the playoffs. I’m just really concerned about having another upset as last year. and the present shows the City of Dallas has been in a Playoff funk with all sporting teams these past few years! My intentions are to Rally this team to Break this first round playoff slide that has been plaguing Dallas for a few years now. And it Starts with the Defense. as cliché as it may sound, but Defense wins Championships. And if Super Bowl thoughts come true more than likely we will be up against Manning or Brady. The only two QB’s in the way of Romo’s Greatness! The Defense is the only ones to be able to shut those two down. We gotta Bring the Fire on defense