Merry Christmas Starstruck

Hello Cowboys fans and Lonestarstruck lovers!

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish a very Merry Christmas to Kelly and her family. Kelly (Starstruck) is an amazing lady with talent like I’ve never seen. Her passion for The Dallas Cowboys shows in every thing she creates. She does so much for Cowboys fans and puts so many hours of work into this blog site and the graphics she creates. I am constantly in awe of Kelly.

We’ve been so fortunate lately to begin to really acquire some good writing on here. It’s a terrific group of people. I am so pleased for Kelly’s sake that this site is becoming so successful and attracting such awesome people. It’s Kelly’s standard of excellence that has set the bar and is bringing these great people her way.

I met Kelly on myspace just a little less than 2 years ago and I have grown to know her and love her as a very very close friend. I can’t express my affection for her in words. We have a deep love for our boys (we each have an only child) and we have a ridiculous love for The Dallas Cowboys. In having that in common, we had a foundation to build a beautiful friendship and mutual respect for each other. I feel incredibly blessed to be closing out 2007 with Kelly as a daily part of my life.

I know you all appreciate her as much as I do so if you would just shout out in the comments here and let her know, it will mean the world to her.


I can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with next. It just keeps getting better all the time. 


  1. John Beggs
    John Beggs says:

    Merry Christmas Kelly. Thanks for being my mom’s good friend. She talks about you all the time.
    Oh by the way – my mom is TrixieLovesTheBoys

  2. Barb aka Romo2Owens =)
    Barb aka Romo2Owens =) says:

    I cannot even find the words to tell you what your friendship and your beautiful, beautiful site mean to me.
    I honestly don’t think that I would have lasted long on MySpace had I not found Star*Struck and became Star*Struck(wink*)
    You have taught me so much more than you’ll ever know.
    I appreciate everything you do for all the Fans and I feel like a very lucky girl.
    Thank you!!!
    I hope your Christmas is as beautiful as you are!!

  3. Shelby K
    Shelby K says:

    Hey!! What they said! That’s good stuff.
    I just LOVE this site and I tell all my Cowboy lovin’ friends to visit, too!
    THANKS, KELLY, for giving passionate fans a place in the cyber world and for all the time, love & energy you put into LoneStarStruck! This place ROCKS and so do you!
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Karen
    Karen says:

    Thank you Kelly for starting this site and allowing me to become a part of it. I have really enjoyed sharing my love for the Cowboys with everyone.
    Have a great day and enjoy your holidays.

  5. Charles C aka CHUCK
    Charles C aka CHUCK says:

    Gotta Send ya some Love Kelly!! I know this was my day to write but, My Grandmother made me just a few to many Jack and Egg Nog’s Today! and I’m not complaining a bit!! 80 years old and still can hang with the best of us!! THATS HOW WE ROLL!! lol! love ya G-Maw!! Dang lil off subject. lol.
    Kelly You have done a fabulous job on your Myspace page and on this Terrific web site! You have created a wonderful place for us Cowboys fans to come and express or Joys and our Heartaches. Its a Blessing to know that when the days said and done theres always a place we can go and discuss the one thing we all know and LOVE! THE DALLAS COWBOYS!! Just know that We all appreciate everything you have done and whats to become! Your hard work shows and will come back to you ten fold!! Merry Christmas to you Kelly!! And Merry Christmas to All the Die Hard LoneStarStruckers!! Much love to You all!!

  6. Byron
    Byron says:

    Thank You for keeping us die hard fans informed on everything Cowboys and a thank You very much for the time and work You put in on all Your awesome Graphics You provide Your site is one of the best on the internet !
    Hope You have A a Wonderful New Year!

  7. patrick d
    patrick d says:

    Thanks Kelly!! Thanks for all you do! Providing a great site for all cowboy fans can come together and enjoy. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a great new year. patrick

  8. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Sweet Kelly…you have been such an important and lovely part of everyone’s lives on this site and off. May your new year be blessed with happiness and comfort that you are so worthy of. Thank you for sharing your talent and love.
    Happy New Year Sweetie!

  9. Raina
    Raina says:

    Kelly just wanted to thank you for letting me be apart of of Lonestar! It is the best Cowboy site. All your hard work is appreciated so much by all of us Cowboy Fans! Can’t wait to see what 2008 holds. Thank you again for sharing your talents with all of us!

  10. dee
    dee says:

    Congrats to the cowboys for winning on sat.i especially like to say congrats to marion barber iii because he is my favorite cowboy.

  11. Cat aka get T.O. the damn ball
    Cat aka get T.O. the damn ball says:

    Kelly I love your site, you’ve brought so many people together, given me the opportunity to meet so many cool new people. For that I thank you my friend, you are truly awesome, your graphics are the best of the best. Wishing you and all our friends a very happy new year!
    With love and blessings,

  12. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice words! I’m speechless. But I will say, like I’ve always said, I have been inspired by the greatest team on Earth. So God Bless the Dallas Cowboys! Win, lose or tie… you know the rest 🙂

  13. Txjane
    Txjane says:

    Hello Kelly,,,I wanted to join everyone here on wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday season.Thanks for this awesome site and I have to admit that you as a woman impress me with this devotion and knowledge that you have for the Boys.I always come here for my Cowboy news.I like you hope to see our Boys go all the way.God Bless and keep bringing us all the cowboy headlines.

  14. Shelley
    Shelley says:

    Thank you, Kelly, for not only creating an awesome Cowboys site, but for allowing me to write for it, as well. I have truly enjoyed getting to (cyberly) know you and the rest of the LoneStarStruck gang. Happy, happy holidays to you and yours…and many more great Cowboy seasons to come!!!

  15. David Rubini
    David Rubini says:

    Tiffany, I couldn’t agree more. As a former staff writer for StarStruck, and as a major Starstruck fan and supporter, I am simply blown away by the amazing talent and true Cowboys passion of Kelly, Joe, you, Shelby K, and the whole StarStruck family!
    I cherish our kindred spirit of Cowboys appreciation and am honored to be involved w/ such great fans and people!!
    Go StarStruck!!!
    Go Dallas Cowboys!!!!