Roy Williams Loses His Appeal And T.O. Had Plenty To Say About It

Roy Williams is getting a lot of ink these days, but most of it is not due in great part to his performance. In fact, quite the contrary.

Where do I begin… well as most of you know by now Roy Williams had been suspended one game and fined for his horse collar tackle on Donovan McNabb last Sunday in the loss against the Eagles. Williams immediately appealed the decision and today the NFL released this statement while denying his appeal…

"Commissioner (Roger) Goodell has denied the appeal of the one-game suspension of Roy Williams," the NFL said in a statement. "The horse-collar tackling technique is prohibited because the Competition Committee and the clubs have determined that it presents an unacceptable risk to player safety. Rules that protect and advance player safety must be enforced in a way that will deter violations and prevent injuries from occurring."

In an article by Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News, he wrote…
How bad has this week been for No. 31? On Sunday, he’s flagged for his collar of Donovan McNabb. Monday, he’s fined $35,000 and benched. And Tuesday, he learns that 11 Cowboys have been selected as Pro Bowl starters or reserves, and he’s not one of them. The omission lends some credibility to his reputation as a safety that can’t cover anymore, and now the NFL isn’t so crazy about the way he tackles, either.

His coaches and teammates ought to be fed up, too. The NFL fined him twice this season and warned him in writing after the last one, and still he acted recklessly.

Today, Terrell Owens had a press conference and spent a great deal of it being very critical not only of the particular play, but also of his teammate Roy Williams.

"Roy Williams is a quality player, but he has to understand that he is not helping his team with those types of penalties. He has to start playing by the rules. Our team is heading into the playoffs and we need Roy to get it together."

You can listen to the complete press conference here.

Donovan McNabb had this to say on the illegal tackle by Roy Williams…

"It is dangerous and I’ve kind of seen it first hand happen to (Terrell Owens)," McNabb said. "I remember when it happened and I actually thought it was worse than what it was — a broken ankle. It’s a play where you’re kind of defenseless because you think you’ve passed a guy and then all of a sudden he kind of yanks you back. Your feet are up under you. You get bent back in an awkward position. Anything can break. In that situation, you just kind of watch the film and feel truly blessed that he didn’t grab my ankle. With him pulling me back and grabbing my ankle, you never know what could have happened. I was able to get my feet from up under me and put myself in a position where I could fall safely."

Like T.O. said, it’s time for everyone on the team to focus 24/7. We already had a heartbreaking end to a season last year, we dont need another. He said everyone needs to set their sites on Arizona. (That’s where the Super Bowl is this season)

Williams leads the team with 65 solo tackles and is second in total tackles with 83, so his absence will be a stiff blow to the Cowboys, especially because of the timing.

  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Great blog Joe, thanks for the info and quotes. I hope Roy learns his lesson this week. He must understand that he cannot put people’s life on the line. He needs to learn a new technique.
    I really want him to succeed and continue to be the champion we all know he can be.
    Keep your chin up ROY! We love ya man!

  2. *Romo2Owens*
    *Romo2Owens* says:

    That blog made my heart beat faster.
    EsPn will probably dedicate an entire hour just on Terrell’s comments alone. *sigh*
    The horse-collar tackling technique is prohibited and no one knows that more than Roy Williams.
    He needs to remember that he’s a ‘professional’ football player and abide by the rules.
    *The Boys* ‘believe’ and Arizona is their destination.
    If he causes the team more penalties and does it again, I hope they eject him from the game.
    Thanks for letting me vent..LOL

  3. Raina
    Raina says:

    I am sure Roy feels just as bad about it as we do. You could tell after the play that he was mad at him self. I know one thing for sure our secondary is going to miss him!