Tis The Season to Be Jolly

I just wanted to share a few of my “Jolly” thoughts with all of you that are Starstruck like me. I am in the brightest of spirits and this I hope will give you reason to be as well.

I love Christmas, but who doesn’t?

If you don’t love Christmas then see a doctor immediately, because there is something wrong with you. Christmastime is a season, a month long feeling of happiness, family gatherings, food and friends and LOTS OF FOOTBALL!!  How can any red-blooded American not love this time of year?

I am personally jolly because my days in Abilene are coming to a close and I will soon be back home permanently with my son. Even though I am so happy to be going home, I wouldn’t trade this last 6 months in Abilene for anything because I have become closer to my father than I have ever been in my 40 years. I thank God I came out here and got close to him again two months before my mom died. Although my parents spent my entire life hating each other, my Dad was really supportive during the loss of my mother, just as he was 7 years ago when I had to put her in a lock down alzheimer’s unit.

Another thing my Dad and I have enjoyed together is FOOTBALL. I seriously doubt either one of us, with our troubled history, ever expected to bond over FOOTBALL. When I was little and my dad was a very young father, he was a mad man on football watching day. I dared not speak or ask questions or get between him and the television. Now all these years later, we’re having a blast watching football and he’s teaching me so much more about the game. Yes, now that he’s a mellowed Grandpa (We call him “Papa”, not Grandpa), he’s really enjoying sharing his love for the game.

My dad is one like many dads. He played college ball briefly and suffered a career ending knee injury that altered the course of his entire life. A really intelligent young man who was never buried in books and still made near perfect grades. He had so many opportunities and chose football over everything. He’s 68 years old and still misses playing the game and it still pains him to think of “what if I hadn’t hurt my knee”. He loves the game more than anything, come to think of it, football and basketball are really two of the few things he’s passionate about. So we have bonded as I have grown into a more knowledgeable fan this year. I am deeply happy and jolly over my rekindling my relationship with my dad. And I am thrilled to know more intricacies of the game!

I am more than jolly over the rebirth of The Dallas Cowboys’ greatness. As a fan, I am in for several years of happiness and several consecutive Decembers of joy in a row. I remember those years in the 1990’s and I smile the moment I think of them. I can’t express how much I will look forward to the Christmas season even more because MY COWBOYS ARE ON TOP AGAIN!

I don’t have to explain this to you if you’re a Cowboys fan unless you’re a new Cowboys fan. You know exactly what it feels like. The spirit of The Dallas Cowboys is so similar to the spirit of Christmas. It’s almost inexplicable. You’re overcome with happiness, you get butterflies, you can’t stop smiling. IT’S SIMPLY MAGICAL.

This team truly is magical. This organization itself is so magical and has such an impact on players when they arrive, it’s amazing to watch. Look at all the bad boys we turn around! You can’t be around the Dallas Cowboys organization and not catch the fever. Everyone plays better here.

There is one thing that separates The Dallas Cowboys from teams like The Patriots. They keep you on your toes, they make you chew your fingernails, they make mistakes and then come back and blow your doors off making up for that mistake in double with magical plays and bold moves. No boring games here in Dallas!  

It began with a gun-slinging quarterback that stepped onto the field and took over and made a mid-season turn around. He sparked the flame that started the magic back just a mere 13 months ago. A talented team with magic just waiting to be sparked, followed that leader and began bringing an entire City and The Dallas Cowboys Nation back to days of hope and joy. Add to the mix, a new “Players Coach” in Wade Phillips and the awesome Jason Garrett, and the glory days have returned. We are now looking at a team with numbers and stats better than we had in the 90’s. That is nothing short of a miracle because I never ever thought it was possible.

We have amazing, I mean amazing talent out there. The names are too long to list. There is not a starter on this Dallas Cowboys team that doesn’t bring something extra special on the field with them to every game.

I can’t think of a reason not to be Jolly and hopeful and filled with pure joy than I am right now. Christmastime is a wonderful season and The Dallas Cowboys are certain in the post-season, with a real chance at a Super Bowl appearance. You just can’t get me in a bad mood. If this doesn’t find you in a JOLLY mood, then I just don’t know what to do with you!

The Dallas Cowboys are 11-1 for the first time in history and it’s only just begun!




  1. Rainiedazze
    Rainiedazze says:

    Beautiful blog Tiffany! Thank you for sharing your memories with us.
    It always helps when your team is winning, but the way they are doing it, its just amazing. They are fighting til the end, its not always coming easy but they make it happen. Romo has been a natural born leader, we couldn’t ask for more!
    Go Cowboys! Fight Your Way into February and give me the most special birthday present I ever got! 🙂

  2. melissa
    melissa says:

    Oh God, Tiffany…I am totally in tears…I hate to see you leave us here in Abilene, even though you’re probably glad, it was nice to know a Cowboys fan like me was close by! I would love for you to see my Dallas Cowboy living room, where we watch our Boys when we’re not at the games! And our GIANT Cowboy in the front yard, too! Hope everything works out for your dad! And our Magical Team, indeed, will keep us on our toes! Hope to see you at a Playoff Game! Gooooooo Cowboys! P.S.- My roommate is your favorite vet in Abilene!

  3. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Tiffany, What a cheerful and great blog! I’m happy to hear that you have developed a closer relationship with your Dad. Well it is very exciting to watch the Cowboys this season. They are all truly amazing and talented players. Thank you for sharing your excitement and joy! Christmas is my favorite time of year and the Cowboys add to the excitement! Go Cowboys!!!

  4. Shelby K
    Shelby K says:

    What a great post! 🙂 I wonder how many kin-folk are going to try to give me a hard time this year. hehehe! There is almost always at least one person at the Christmas party that doesn’t like the Cowboys. They usually migrate my way. This migration will be as interesting to watch!

  5. Gail
    Gail says:

    Great blog, Tiff. I MAKE people love Christmas! They have no choice in my house. lol
    And, over the last year, I’ve become a Cowboys Fanatic..I swore I would only be a “fan”. Didn’t work. Thanks for lighting the fire of passion in me for America’s Team!!
    And, Merry Christmas!

  6. Jon Crawley
    Jon Crawley says:

    Nice blog! Im so giddy these days knowing that we have such a talented team this year and HOPEFULLY for many more years.

  7. Cat
    Cat says:

    The beginning of your story brought tears to my eyes….I’m so glad you got to bond with Dad, it sounds like you’ve come to understand him.
    The end of your story made me smile,,,I remember the glory days of the 90’s, and, the sickness I felt in my stomach watching them struggle to get back to ‘those days’…Suffering through the bad times makes these good times that much more enjoyable!!

  8. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR COMMENTS. It all really touched me and inspired me to keep writing. If you like our site here at Lonestarstruck, please always comment to the writers and bloggers. It helps us to keep doing it.

  9. Raina
    Raina says:

    Tiffany I really like your article! I lost my Dad 2 years ago and it reminded me of him. I can’t remember a time that my Dad wasn’t a cowboy fan. He told me he couldn’t believe that I was the kid that loves football because he thought I was his princess, my sister was the tomboy and of course my brother was a boy. He taught me to be loyal. Don’t be one of these people that change teams when times get tough. I think for that reason I have been a Cowboy fan for over 25 years and will be when I die. Thanks for article, it brought back alot of memories!