We Could See a Little of Everyone in the Season Finale

The Cowboys season finale will take place this Sunday at 3:15 p.m. central time, in Washington. Yes, the time has been changed, hopefully that will allow more regions to tune in to the final game of what has been an exciting record-breaking year for the Dallas Cowboys.

A lot of people believe the Cowboys can take it easy for this game, and some want the Cowboys to go full force. Personally, I’d rest the starters. Especially with the injuries we’ve encountered in the last two games, it’s just not worth the risk. I think Wade and Jerry agree with that theory.

Rumors are that Romo will take limited snaps and is expected to hand the ball over to Brad Johnson early in the game. Terrell Owens is of course out for this game, Sam Hurd will start in his place. The biggest news of the week though – Terry Glenn’s return! Glenn practiced with full pads today. He may come out a little rusty, but to know he is eligible to play makes me feel a little better about Terrell Owens absence this week.

Others are speculating Marion Barber to sit out for most of the game and let the ‘starter’ Julius Jones play almost a full game. Wade Phillips and crew have used both Jones and Barber all season, but differently than Bill Parcells did last year. They have split drives instead of downs for most games. Its been interesting, but despite Jones’ starting status, Barber has been more of a star. This was proven when Barber was recently awarded his first Pro Bowl nod.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing some of our backups play. It’s good to see what you have and I believe we have excellent depth all around this team. Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are – Home Field Advantage, First-Round Bye, No. 1 Seed in the NFC, etc. – without the starters who have been shining all year long. Take a break guys, we need you to rest up for the playoffs. We believe this is the year, we break that 5-time super bowl champs tie, and go all the way for #6!


  1. Barb - Romo2Owens =)
    Barb - Romo2Owens =) says:

    I am so sad ref. Owens being hurt but I know he’ll be back.
    I couldnt be happier that Terry Glenn is getting back in the game and not having to wait til next season.
    How hard must it have been for him to ‘watch’ this amazing season happen.. when I’m sure he wanted to play every week.
    He’s such an important part of the team I can’t wait (!!) to see him on the field.
    *PlayOffs Baby!!!
    Oooo and Ref. the Marion Barber Pro-Bowl mention… 24 makes me naturally high… and if Parcells gets any funny ideas, I am 3hrs from Miami and I have a huge italian family..LOL
    I laugh now, but if he even tries it, i’ll jack him up!!
    Really Great Blog Kelly.
    I can feel your excitement.
    Can you feel mine… 😉
    *Cowboys 4 Life Baby*

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    I know most fans that come to lonestar hate the Eagles the most in the NFC East. Me too but the Redskins we have to beat because of my cousin! He is a hugh Skin fan and we have to beat them again! I will never hear the end of it if we don’t! haha

  3. mike a
    mike a says:

    I would love to see the Cowboys win this game…but, the last time we were 13-3 and the # 1 seed in the NFC and the Super Bowl was in Phoenix, we won our 5 th…so, I think we have to be competitive to give some back ups some playing time, but we don’t need to win…just let the starters stay a little sharp, since we won’t be playing again till around Jan 10…hopefully, someone told Tony Rome to leave his girlfriends at home !!!!!