What’s wrong with Roy “The Hitman” Williams? I know! I know!

I vividly remember the day, Saturday April 20, 2002. The day Roy Williams became a Dallas Cowboy. Now, myself not really being a big college fan at the time, I had heard through NFL Draft Analysts how Dallas was targeting either Roy Williams that day or Ed Reed. Most analysts stated that Roy Williams was the bigger and better suited safety, noting nothing about his coverage skills at that point. I even remember one analyst stating that Roy Williams was a shoe in Hall of Famer whether Dallas got him or not. He has Ronnie Lott’s box presence and ferrosciousness and could cover out of the slot, so said one NFL scout. So then came Dallas pick #6 in which Dallas traded down 2 places with Kansas City and then selected DB Oklahoma Roy Williams with the 8th overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft. I was elated and ecstatic! We already had Woody back there and adding Roy Williams? Damn, I immediately had visions of having the best 2 safety tandem in the NFL by far.

Fast forward to 2005. Roy Williams has been everything I expected. A big stout safety who is considered a spark plug on a good defense. Roy excelled his first 4 years in the league. Even starting for the # 1 defense in the league in 2003 and making his first pro bowl. He had at least one bone crunching hit in every game and led the league in interceptions as a rookie in 2002. You can safely say and argue the fact that from 2002-2005, Roy was the Cowboy’s best and most marketable player. His #31 jersey sold like hotcake’s and could be easily seen in Texas Stadium every Sunday afternoon. I myself was even guilty of this feat. I saved up $300.00 in 2003 to get my authentic Roy Williams throwback from the Cowboys pro-shop. It was my most prized possession for quite awhile.

The decline. I really didn’t want to believe that Roy’s skills were suspect. The big warning came in 2004 when Woody went down a had to retire. Roy was exposed! He couldn’t cover the deep receiver. Although Roy had great 2004 and 2005 campaigns, Roy gave opposing defenses an attack plan. Even though Roy was exposed, he was still that bone crunching hitter. He still instilled fear in opposing wide receivers that came over the middle. That just hasn’t been the case lately.

Fast forward to this season. Up until this year, I had been the biggest Roy Williams supporter. This season he has not only been suspect in coverage but he has suffered when playing in the box against the run. The last two weeks I have seen Roy take two bad angles on huge TD runs by the Packers and Lions. I even remember seeing Roy stiffed arm badly by an opposing RB earlier in the year. I don’t want to think that his skills as a football player are on the decline because he is only 27 years old and at times this season he has looked like he is 37 back there. So what’s wrong with Roy Williams you say? I have the answer or answers………..read on.

Answer # 1. Confidence. Most people who have ever played the game of American football will tell you that confidence in one’s own abilities is a big factor on how the athlete plays. Lately I believe that Roy has began to question his own abilities. His ability to not only cover but to hit as well. I believe he has began to hear and believe all the naysayers and boo-birds in the media and at games and it has begun to cast doubt. Once that doubt sets in, the player becomes vulnerable and susceptible to mistakes and that’s exactly what’s been happening lately to Roy.

Answer # 2. Fame and money. The say that Fame and Money changes a person for the worse. Roy just signed a 4 year extension in 2006 making him the highest paid safety in the league. Players become totally entrenched in things on the outside and forget the things that made them rich and famous in the first  place like playing football. I believe this answer is common for many athletes in the NFL today. I honestly believe that more than half of all NFL players are in it more for the money than for the love of the game. They start to forget how hard and grueling the road to the NFL was. It’s not an easy task people. Roy is a humanitarian. He spends alot of time helping charities and foundations he has set-up. Hey you all have seen those United Way commercials. I believe this answer does not apply to Roy for that fact, but hey I could always be wrong.

Answer # 3. He just doesn’t want to be a Cowboy. I know this is a little far fetched and out there but anything’s possible. The only reason I bring this answer up is because I have tried to keep an eye on Roy this year seeing what he does on every play. There are times in the game when the defense comes up with a big play and Roy has no reaction. Like he doesn’t care. I have seen this reaction a few times. Roy, at least to my knowledge, has always been an emotional player. Every time he made a big hit or big play in the past, he has always shown alot of emotion. Same when someone else on defense had a big play. You would always see Roy be one of the first players to show some congrats. Haven’t seen that lately as well.

So there you have it. Some of you might agree with what I have to say and some of you may not. I honestly believe that if Roy was playing the way we are used to seeing Roy Williams play in previous years, this defense would be special. I have always been a great Roy Williams supporter but lately, like this whole season, its been hard to defend the guy. I would love nothing more than to have Roy turn around and start hitting some people like he used to. During the Green Bay game a few weeks ago I saw a flash of the old Roy when he came up on a running play and decleated Ryan Grant at the line after he was stood up by Canty. That was the old Roy I came to love watch play. The only time this season I saw Roy knock someone silly. Anyone out there know where that Roy is?          

Contributed by Fred the Fredooch


  1. GG
    GG says:

    You are right! Roy is a different player now. He has lost all his confidence and is playing scared out there. He used to be a difference maker on the field. He does not show any emotion or excitement when he is playing. He is short tempered with the media and seems to put blame on everybody else when he gets toasted out there. I hope he can get his confidence and flair back. The defense and more important the team needs him!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    Hi Fred welcome to Starstruck BUT back off Roy! First of all the Cowboys know that Roy doesnt have the speed to cover receivers on the long ball. #2. The NFL took away the horsecollar, the way he tackled his whole career. Think that might just take a little bit of adjusting too. #3 The NFL request him to watch those big hits. Well, hell what is left for him to do? As far as him changing NOWAY! He is still the same down to earth man he has always been. You think he might want to leave the Cowboys give me a break!!! Fred you have my blood pressure up and this is your first blog!!! lol Good luck!

  3. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    I don’t think Roy has changed one bit. When he was drafted he was the perfect player for the system and the rules that were in place at the time. As Raina so plainly laid it out, the rules have changed as has the system. Roy Williams is still leading the voting for the Pro Bowl and that is because even though the NFL has curtailed him from being the great player he once was, he is still considered among the best safeties in the NFL. It is because of his greatness that the NFL had to implement new rules to reel him in and now he is like a caged tiger, limited but still dangerous. Furthermore, I think Williams will be a Cowboy for his entire career. I can’t recall another player who has become so firmly entrenched in his commuinity and fan base as much as Roy in the last decade. He will one day join his mnay fellow Cowboys in the Hall of Fame, and his number will appear in the new Ring of Honor at the new stadium, soon after. It takes at least a year to completely change your entire way of playing and adapt to such drastic changes in the rules. It is even harder to adapt when you were already considered the best in the game and all of a sudden have to stop using the skills that made you great. The fact of the matter is that Roy Williams should be commended because while other safeties refused to adapt and absolutely kill their teams with useless penalties that cost games, Roy Williams has been a good soldier and has the least penalties among all safeties for the tackles that were outlawed. It’s just another reason to appreciate what a great talent we have in our secondary.

  4. Derek S.
    Derek S. says:

    I totally agree with you. I’ve been a huge Roy Williams fan throughout the years. But lately, when you see a long ball thrown on Dallas you can see Roy Williams getting toasted in coverage. My thought is that he’s way to heavy. But as much as I love Roy, he needs to do something or he needs to be gone.

  5. pappoose
    pappoose says:

    yeah why the lost yesterday and please note yeah roy did decline a lil maybe he got something on his mine i would send t.o. over to him and bite him in the ass

  6. Cat
    Cat says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but I want to make this point….
    T.O. is criticized by the media for showing emotions on the sidelines, for being so passionate about his game that he can’t hold it in, nor should he. That’s what we want to see, that’s what makes him such a great player!
    Roy needs a fire lit under his azz…..question is,,,how do we accomplish this? Maybe the suspension was the best thing for him, maybe it will be the spark that gets the old Roy to surface, or, the beginning of his demise. Lets hope it’s the fire.