Would You Like Some Popcorn With That Touchdown!

Yeah, he will probably get fined… no, he will definitely get fined.
Who cares, I’m sure he doesn’t!

  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Oh I said it the minute it happened; “That will cost him at least $5000 and will be worth every penny”
    I loved it. That was a fan handing him that popcord and shows how much the fans love him. It was perfect.

  2. Adam K. Buchanan
    Adam K. Buchanan says:

    Hey! What is going on here? T.O. is celebrating a TD. Why should he get fined for that? Where did the Ikky Shuffle go? I think it sucks now that you can’t celebrate without getting penalized or have to pay a freakin’ fine.
    Sorry, but that is how I feel. I beleive it is a right to celebrate without getting fined. Popcorn, cell phone or even a sharpie in the shoe. lol The only celebrating T.O. did that I totally hated wat that time he was on the Whiners and ran to the center of the Cowboys Field onto the star. I have hated him ever since. He is making that a distant memory every time he scores shile on the Dallas Cowboys team. If we win the Super Bowl while he is on our team, then so be it. He made up for that stupid incedent.
    Go Cowboys! Go Romo! Go Owens! Go Barber! Go Everyone!!!

  3. Dee Dee Mc
    Dee Dee Mc says:

    T.O.brings excitement to the team and to the game so he should be able to celebrate without getting fined.Go T.O and keep doing what you do.Peace

  4. irvin
    irvin says:

    man i dont care what t.o. did i think the people who fine people for celebrating should take that bucket up their stuckup butts that whats its about its showtime let t.o. shine cause the stars are bright and big at night deep in the heart of texas yee haw my oil rigs on fire

  5. TxJane
    TxJane says:

    Those penalties are so uncalled for.I understand if they really go overboard,,but that was nothing!! I know T.O. diden’t mind paying that fine.Keep on Shining Cowboys and Irvin ,you cracked me up with your comment,,lol..yeehaww