Even Troy Agrees That Romo Is Among The Elite

The Cowboys will be in D-Town to face the Lions on their home turf, Ford Field. Last year the Cowboys almost beat the Lions on December 31, 2006, but the Lions won 39-31 at Texas Stadium. This was the last game of the season, and after once being 8-4 and riding a four-game winning streak, the Cowboys limped to the regular-season finish line, winning one of the last four games and finishing with a 9-7 record for the second straight year. But unlike last season, at least the Cowboys aren’t completely finished….

They’ve had an awesome season thus far with the help of Wade Phillips. The chemistry has been phenomenal and just like last year the Cowboys are heading into the playoffs once again. Only this time they have finally gained the respect they deserve. They’ve proven to everyone that they are and will always be America’s team!

With an incredible record of 11-1 this season, and the only loss they had was to the spy cheating Patriots. Nothing would satisfy me more than watching my Boys take on the Patriots one more time for a head to head match up. Oh, wouldn’t that be sweet!

Have you heard what Troy Aikman recently said about Tony Romo?

When it comes to analyzing great quarterbacks, there aren’t many who do it better than Troy Aikman. After all, he was one for more than a decade. So when Aikman is ready to put another quarterback into the category of "great," it carries more weight than the average guy. And on the subject of Tony Romo, Aikman has simply seen enough.

The Cowboys Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor legend was at Valley Ranch on Thursday and will call Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Lions (noon, CST) for Fox. Aikman spoke on several NFL topics, but the conversation kept going back to Romo.

Not only is Aikman ready to place the greatness tag on Romo, but he doesn’t understand why Romo’s name isn’t mentioned more with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Here is what he said…

"Over the last several weeks, there’s always the debate – who do you take, Brady or Manning?" Aikman said. "Somewhere in there is Tony Romo… why is anyone reluctant to put Romo up there with those guys?"

"He’s playing at as good a level as anyone in the league. Granted, you have to do it over a period of time. I get that part. But he’s a terrific player."

Romo is having an even better season. In fact, he’s on pace to have the best season in Cowboys history, as far as statistics. One might argue that a season should only be judged on the outcome at the end, but even Aikman said it’s hard to argue with what Romo is doing this season. He has already shattered Danny White’s single-season touchdown record of 29, by piling up 33 touchdowns with four games still left to play.

Most important, Aikman said he doesn’t expect the Cowboys to lose another game in the regular season, which would give them an unprecedented 15-1 record. The Cowboys have never finished better than their 13-3 record in 1992, Aikman’s first of three Super Bowl seasons in a four-year span.

All the signs point to Tony Romo having the best season of any Cowboys quarterback, and Troy Aikman certainly agrees.

I will be at the game on Sunday and I am counting on all of you my friends to cheer our Cowboys on and make some noise…and ya better get ya popcorn ready!!

Go Cowboys!!!

Submitted by Mayra Amaro


Getting Credit, Where Credit Is Due

Cowboys’ Phillips voted Motorola NFL Coach of the Week

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips has been selected the Motorola NFL Coach of the Week for Week 13. Phillips led the Cowboys to a 37-27 win over the Packers, as Dallas improved to 11-1. Phillips was selected as Motorola NFL Coach of the Week from among three finalist by voters on NFL.com. The other finalists were Panthers coach John Fox and Chargers coach Norv Turner.

In January, voting will be held on NFL.com to determine the Motorola NFL Coach of the Year. I’m sure Phillips will be on there as well, so everyone get ready to vote and get him in there.

The Cowboys have been dominating the league in awards this week.

T.O. got NFC offensive player of the Month, Romo with two awards, one for NFC offensive player of the week, and second came from Fed Exs air award winner for week 13.

Now Wade’s getting in on the action! Congrats to him!  He has most certainly earned it!

Four games left in the season and now the Cowboys are starting to get the respect they fully deserve!  The league is finally Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due!  It is most definitely Christmas Season! Which one of you fanatics out there asked for that one this Christmas?  (Chuck raises hand)!

Have a Great Weekend everyone! I want to be able to hear you guys on Sunday!  loud And Proud!  Let the Whole World hear us!!  Go Cowboys!!

Terrell Owens Captures Monthly Honor, And Has MVP Written All Over Him

Terrell Owens is making headlines once again this season, although this time he is doing it with his MVP caliber level of play. The Cowboy’s prolific wide receiver, is being honored by the NFL as the NFC Offensive Player of the Month.

Owens had an impressive November that saw him reel in 39 catches for 693 yards, and a whopping nine touchdowns. T.O. is one of the most dominating receivers in the game and leads the NFL with 1,250 yards and 17.2 yards per catch. Last month he tied Bob Hayes for the franchise record of most touchdowns in a game with four. He is also on the verge of shattering the Cowboys single season touchdown record. He is currently tied with Frank Clarke who held the record with 14 TD’s.

Terrell Owens is clearly having one of the best season’s of his career and with four games left to play, he is only 353 yards from eclipsing Michael Irvin’s single season record of 1,603 yards in 1995. T.O.’s personal career high in yardage came in 2000 when he led the league with 1,451 yards receiving. In 2001 he set his career high in touchdowns with 16.

While Tom Brady, Tony Romo and Adrian Peterson get most of the raves when it comes to choosing an Offensive MVP, don’t count out my sleeper pick, Terrell Owens. T.O. is a force to be reckoned with this season.

Man It Feels Good To Be A Cowboys Fan

Whats up StarStruckers. I want to take a few seconds and introduce myself. I’m Chuck, Die Hard Cowboys fan and the newest addition to the LoneStarStruck team.  I’m honored to be associated with all you fantastic Cowboys fans out there and I’m eagerly excited to meet each and everyone of you. I hope you guys enjoy my posts and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this outstanding season.

Can you believe this 2007 NFL Season that we’re having? I’m in total awe with each team in the league thus far. Even the poor Dolphins that hadn’t won a game yet.  There’s been so many things going on in the league this year its leading me to believe that this has been one of the greatest seasons I have seen.  All time NFL records getting broken left and right, teams changing QB’s like they change socks, fines for celebrating in the end zone after touchdowns (that has only made them better), and need I mention all the franchise records the Cowboys are shattering? Just really hate that with all the good things going on this year we have had to lose a few great players to unnecessary crimes. It puts a damper on the great things happening. But on the upside it has brought even the worst of rivals to come together. That shows enormous class!

Lets get geared up for Sunday shall we?

If going into Sunday’s game being on the verge of clinching the NFC East division title for the first time since 1998 wasn’t enough motivation for a win, Bradie James and Terence Newman have some other motivation for this win.  John Kitna ran his mouth last year after the Lions beat the Cowboys in a meaningless last game of the season. Kitna called James out saying he looked like he didn’t know where he was at during the game! My money goes toward James letting Kitna know exactly where he’s going to be at! Kitna also called out T-New saying he’s no Trufont! I also bet Kitna won’t be throwing Newman’s way!

With some help from some other teams losing Sunday we are also on the verge of obtaining a first round bye in the playoffs as well.  Can You Feel it Fans?  Cowboys are smoking hott, and they’re looking better every week!  I just can’t wait till Terry Glenn comes back! There will be no stopping us!

Man It Feels Good To Be A Cowboys Fan!!

QUICK HIT-   Tony Romo was named NFC offensive player of the Week!

The Cowboys have now claimed a weekly award five times this season, the most since 1993 (seven).  Romo has a chance to break Roger Staubach’s 36-year-old club record for highest quarterback rating in team history of 104.8 in 1971, a Super Bowl season for the Cowboys.

Other team records Romo can achieve this season include most completions in a season. With 252, Romo needs 83 in the last four games to break Danny White’s record of 334 in 1983. Romo (3,352) is also just 629 yards from breaking White’s single-season record of 3,980 passing yards, also set in 1983.

How Bout Them Cowboys!!!

Romo Named NFC Player of the Week

That’s right people, if you haven’t already heard the buzz Tony Romo has been named NFC Player of the Week. What an honor, it’s his second time to get the award this year and his fourth time in his short tenure as a starter.

In my opinion, no one is more deserving. Romo is breaking records all over the place and proving to everyone that he is one of the elite QBs in the league. Last week’s game had been talked about for months. But with Brett Favre leaving with a couple of interceptions and an injury, and Romo leaving with 19-of-30 completions, 309 yards and 4 touchdowns, no one could have predicted that outcome.

This has been a magical year and it starts with the brightest star in Dallas, Mr. Tony Romo. Anyone who ever questioned his abilites surely won’t do so now. He has proven himself time after time, and as long as he keeps playing with all of his heart, you can rest assured it will lead to nothing but victories. Just sit back and enjoy the show Cowboys fans!

By the way, Rom has also been nominated for the FedEx Air & Ground Offensive Player of the Week at nfl.com. You can vote for him here.

Adding Fuel To The Fire

As with any group of people or team, you mess with one, you have messed with them all. The Cowboys are no different and they are not a team you want to add fuel to their fire! I mean, they are ON FIRE already! Kitna needs to know one thing, "This is not last years team!" They have had time to get comfortable with one another and they ARE a powerful force. NO DOUBT!

Now, I like Kitna. As a matter of fact, he was my fantasy QB pick second only to my ultimate favorite, Romo. Kitna should be concerned about his own team, personal stats and the upcoming game against the Big Bad Cowboys! Kitna has let me down as a fantasy football player. While he is throwing at a rate that puts him in the 10th spot in the league, his team needs help with the run. The Kittens won’t be able to run on the Cowboys and I don’t recommend that they try many of the passes in their current game plan. The Cowboys WILL snatch those right out of the sky!

As a fantasy player, I find myself scrambling for a decent QB to get me through this week. I can’t afford a loss right now and the Cowboys will stop the kitty-cats! Kitna’s fantasy points have been low but against the Cowboys, he doesn’t stand a fantasy chance! While the stats between these two teams do not sound promising, us Cowboy Fans know one thing FOR SURE: this is not the same Cowboy team as last season and ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!

The Cowboys are 11-10 all-time against Detroit, though the Lions have won nine of the past 14 . . .  Since 2001 Detroit has blocked 20 kicks, including 14 field goals, most in the league. Rogers is responsible for 11 of those blocks . . . The Cowboys own just a 4-8 record playing at Detroit . . . While the Cowboys come into the game with the eighth-ranked rushing offense, averaging 121.4 yards a game, the Lions enter dead last with their 77.2 average.

I don’t know how many times I can say this in one blog but I will say it again….


This is clearly a team of winners! This is a team of players that eat, drink, sleep and play the game. A team, that, on their days off, they WANT to be at work! Now, who wants to WORK on their day off? Give me a day off and see how quick I can disappear off the planet!! HA! YA know!?

Cowboys win this road game 31-20.  GO COWBOYS!!

On a side note, I would like to send a shout out to the Steelers!! Go Steelers! Beat New England!! My husband disagrees with me on this one. He wants New England to be undefeated when we meet them again later this year. Not me! I want to see the Steelers go buck wild on them! I don’t believe the Jets, Miami or the Giants can beat New England but I think the Steelers can AND WILL make that happen! I will be watching and cheering them on! I wanted the Ravens to do it and they were SOOO CLOSE! That was a great game from start to finish! To be honest, I don’t like the Steelers but my dislike for New England is greater. Nothing would please me more than to see the Steelers spank the Patriots!

Also, in case you missed it, you can see my slideshow from the GB @ Dallas game by clicking here! I had a BLAST at that game and I can hardly wait for the final season home game against Philly! I don’t believe that will be the last time I get to share pictures from the game with you. I must have been a good girl this year because Santa gave me my Christmas gift early: TICKETS TO THE PLAY-OFFS AT TEXAS STADIUM!! Yeah, baby!! Take me to the Play-Offs, Cowboys!! You were the only thing on my Christmas wish-list!

1.) No Coal 2.) Tickets to the Play-offs 3.) Cowboys help me be able to use those tickets 4.) Cowboys are NFC Champs 5.) Cowboys win the Super Bowl!!

That isn’t asking for much! hehehe!!

I hope you enjoy the slideshow! Remember comments are always welcome! Don’t forget to make your predictions and set your fantasy teams early! There is a game on Thursday! Good luck to you all and…


some info from DallasCowboys.com News

Ellis Quietly Having Monstrous Year

If anyone would have told me that Greg Ellis, entering week 14, would be leading the team with 10.5 sacks, ahead of sack master Demarcus Ware, I would have looked at you like you shot my mother.

The Greg Ellis that suffered a season-ending ruptured Achilles the year before?  The Greg Ellis that stirred up trouble about his contract?  The Greg Ellis that was absent the first three weeks of the season, still rehabbing his injury?  Get outta town.

When he showed up to camp all bent out of shape about his contract, we rolled our eyes.  There goes grumpy old Greg again.  And when he sat out of training camp, still rehabbing his injury, we shook our heads.  Greg’s too old, time to trade him.  But Greg Ellis certainly got the last laugh by quietly having the best season of his NFL career.

At age 32, Ellis is showing no signs of letting up, or of the season-ending injury that hampered him until his return to the field in week 4. 

Not enough can be said about the importance of Greg Ellis to the Cowboys defense.  In 12 games, the Cowboys have racked up 33 sacks, one shy of their season total last year.  Ellis has eliminated opposing teams’ focuses on Demarcus Ware, and has helped free them both up in the backfield for a combined 20.5 sacks.  Ellis is also a major contributor to Dallas’ run-stuffing defense, which is ranked 4th in the league in yards allowed on the ground with 85.6 allowed per game.

Shame on the naysayers, including myself, for thinking that Greg Ellis was at the end of his decorated career with the Cowboys.  We have been stifled by the outstanding play of #98, the unsung hero of our defense. 


Tis The Season to Be Jolly

I just wanted to share a few of my “Jolly” thoughts with all of you that are Starstruck like me. I am in the brightest of spirits and this I hope will give you reason to be as well.

I love Christmas, but who doesn’t?

If you don’t love Christmas then see a doctor immediately, because there is something wrong with you. Christmastime is a season, a month long feeling of happiness, family gatherings, food and friends and LOTS OF FOOTBALL!!  How can any red-blooded American not love this time of year?

I am personally jolly because my days in Abilene are coming to a close and I will soon be back home permanently with my son. Even though I am so happy to be going home, I wouldn’t trade this last 6 months in Abilene for anything because I have become closer to my father than I have ever been in my 40 years. I thank God I came out here and got close to him again two months before my mom died. Although my parents spent my entire life hating each other, my Dad was really supportive during the loss of my mother, just as he was 7 years ago when I had to put her in a lock down alzheimer’s unit.

Another thing my Dad and I have enjoyed together is FOOTBALL. I seriously doubt either one of us, with our troubled history, ever expected to bond over FOOTBALL. When I was little and my dad was a very young father, he was a mad man on football watching day. I dared not speak or ask questions or get between him and the television. Now all these years later, we’re having a blast watching football and he’s teaching me so much more about the game. Yes, now that he’s a mellowed Grandpa (We call him “Papa”, not Grandpa), he’s really enjoying sharing his love for the game.

My dad is one like many dads. He played college ball briefly and suffered a career ending knee injury that altered the course of his entire life. A really intelligent young man who was never buried in books and still made near perfect grades. He had so many opportunities and chose football over everything. He’s 68 years old and still misses playing the game and it still pains him to think of “what if I hadn’t hurt my knee”. He loves the game more than anything, come to think of it, football and basketball are really two of the few things he’s passionate about. So we have bonded as I have grown into a more knowledgeable fan this year. I am deeply happy and jolly over my rekindling my relationship with my dad. And I am thrilled to know more intricacies of the game!

I am more than jolly over the rebirth of The Dallas Cowboys’ greatness. As a fan, I am in for several years of happiness and several consecutive Decembers of joy in a row. I remember those years in the 1990’s and I smile the moment I think of them. I can’t express how much I will look forward to the Christmas season even more because MY COWBOYS ARE ON TOP AGAIN!

I don’t have to explain this to you if you’re a Cowboys fan unless you’re a new Cowboys fan. You know exactly what it feels like. The spirit of The Dallas Cowboys is so similar to the spirit of Christmas. It’s almost inexplicable. You’re overcome with happiness, you get butterflies, you can’t stop smiling. IT’S SIMPLY MAGICAL.

This team truly is magical. This organization itself is so magical and has such an impact on players when they arrive, it’s amazing to watch. Look at all the bad boys we turn around! You can’t be around the Dallas Cowboys organization and not catch the fever. Everyone plays better here.

There is one thing that separates The Dallas Cowboys from teams like The Patriots. They keep you on your toes, they make you chew your fingernails, they make mistakes and then come back and blow your doors off making up for that mistake in double with magical plays and bold moves. No boring games here in Dallas!  

It began with a gun-slinging quarterback that stepped onto the field and took over and made a mid-season turn around. He sparked the flame that started the magic back just a mere 13 months ago. A talented team with magic just waiting to be sparked, followed that leader and began bringing an entire City and The Dallas Cowboys Nation back to days of hope and joy. Add to the mix, a new “Players Coach” in Wade Phillips and the awesome Jason Garrett, and the glory days have returned. We are now looking at a team with numbers and stats better than we had in the 90’s. That is nothing short of a miracle because I never ever thought it was possible.

We have amazing, I mean amazing talent out there. The names are too long to list. There is not a starter on this Dallas Cowboys team that doesn’t bring something extra special on the field with them to every game.

I can’t think of a reason not to be Jolly and hopeful and filled with pure joy than I am right now. Christmastime is a wonderful season and The Dallas Cowboys are certain in the post-season, with a real chance at a Super Bowl appearance. You just can’t get me in a bad mood. If this doesn’t find you in a JOLLY mood, then I just don’t know what to do with you!

The Dallas Cowboys are 11-1 for the first time in history and it’s only just begun!




Would You Like Some Popcorn With That Touchdown!

Yeah, he will probably get fined… no, he will definitely get fined.
Who cares, I’m sure he doesn’t!


Favre Remains Winless in Dallas as the Cowboys Lead the NFC and Clinch a Playoff Spot 

After months of speculation, the Dallas Cowboys came out with a win and the NFC lead in last night’s showdown over the Green Bay Packers. The final score of 37-27 doesn’t begin to tell the story of the rollercoaster ride both teams experienced.

It was a record breaking night for the Cowboys as they are now 11-1 with 4 games left to play in the season. Tony Romo continued to break franchise records left and right and ended the night going 19-of-30 for 309 yards with 4 touchdowns.

Romo now stands at 33 touchdown passes for the season, surpassing Danny White’s record of 29 and tying Troy Aikman’s record of consecutive games with a touchdown pass, 16. Romo also passes Don Meredith with most games with 4 or more touchdowns.

Terrell Owens had a record-breaking night as well with his 14th touchdown catch of the season, tying Frank Clarke’s high set in 1962. Owens finished the night with seven catches for 156 yards and one touchdown tying another mark with a TD catch in seven straight games.

Patrick Crayton contributed with two touchdowns and tight end Anthony Fasano caught his first career touchdown.

The defense certainly kept the Packers in check, recording three sacks and nine quarterback pressures against Favre and Rodgers. Favre was held to 5 of 14 passes for 56 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions.

But the biggest story last night was probably when Brett Favre was taken out of the game in the second quarter. He took a hit by cornerback Nathan Jones which left Favre holding his right arm and his fingers numb. It was later reported that he had separated his shoulder. Favre holds the record of consecutive starts by an NFL quarterback with 249.

With Favre sidelined, out comes the backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was 18-of-25 for 201 yards and a touchdown. Not bad for a backup, but clearly not enough to catch the Cowboys. At one point in the Packers came within a field goal, but soon after Romo tacked on another touchdown and Nick Folk completed his third field goal.

The Dallas Cowboys now stand alone in first in the NFC at 11-1. They also clinched a playoff spot after the win. If the Giants lose against Chicago this weekend it would mean the Cowboys clinch the NFC East division.




Way to go, Cowboy Fans!

You guys were LOUD AND PROUD!! My ears are STILL ringing & my voice… GONE! I had trouble keeping up with all of you! WooooWeee!! What a game & what an atmosphere!

Ya’ll have a great day!



Packers (10-1) vs. Cowboys (10-1) Thursday, November 29, 7:15 PM CT on NFL Network or on My 27 Locally in the Dallas Area

Week 13 Preview:

The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers will clash heads at Texas Stadium in a game that will likely determine home-field advantage throughout the playoffs in the NFC this year.  With a win, the Cowboys will clinch a playoff berth for the 2nd straight season, and with a New York Giants loss this week, would clinch the NFC East .  The Cowboys can also clinch a playoff berth with a New Orleans and Arizona loss.

Tony Romo has been compared to Brett Favre a lot this season.  They are the same in a lot of ways after all.  They both sling the ball around, sometimes a bit carelessly, they both have great pocket presence to escape the rush, and they both have a heap of fun with what they do.  They also have some similar stats.  Favre has 3,356 yards to Romo’s 3,043, but Romo has thrown 29 touchdown passes to Favre’s 22.  This is sure to be a great matchup.

How successful the Cowboys are in this game may depend on whether or not Cowboys left tackle Marc Colombo can stop Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman.  Stopping Kampman, who currently leads the league in sacks with 11, will give Romo the time he needs to spot his open receivers and keep Brett Favre off the field. 

Also helping to keep Favre off of the field will be the Dallas running game.  The two-heded monster of Julius Jones and Marion Barber III could prove to be big and very underestimated in a game that will most likely be a shootout.  Ryan Grant has helped Green Bay find a running game recently, but Dallas hasn’t allowed a 100-yard rusher all season long, and you wonder how fresh he will be in the 4th quarter.

Brett Favre will be sure to attack the Dallas secondary.  They have been questionable at times this season defending the pass, so we may see Favre throw well down the field a lot.  The Cowboys secondary will have to be on their toes at all times and be ready for anything that the Packers and Favre throw their way, especially watching the 5 wide receiver sets.

For the most part, with the exception of Terry Glenn, who is still rehabbing his knee, the Cowboys are at full strength.  Patrick Crayton and Anthony Henry, both with ankle injuries, participated in practice all week and should be ready to go.

What a game this promises to be!  GO COWBOYS!!!