Injury Report: Week 11

WR Terry Glenn (knee)

G Leonard Davis (ankle)

CB Anthony Henry (ankle)
WR Isaiah Stanback (shoulder)

Despite rumors of sightings of Terry Glenn in the Cowboys locker room, Terry Glenn is still OUT! And don’t expect to see him next week either. IF he comes back at all this season, it may not be until the playoffs.

Guard Leonard Davis sprained his ankle in practice on Wednesday. The good news is that he walked off the field on his own following the injury, the bad news is if he can’t play Cory Procter will take his place. Procter has never played a game at guard. Davis is a huge reason, Romo is having such a fantastic year.

Anthony Henry is slowly coming back from his ankle injury in late September. He has played in the last two weeks but has yet to start a game since the injury.

Rookie Isaiah Stanback is listed as probable after injurying his shoulder two weeks ago during his NFL debut. If they are not sure he can handle returns, then he will probably be inactive Sunday. Stanback took over Tyson Thompson’s job on special teams two weeks ago. Last week Austin Miles and Nathan Jones shared returns.

Just to clarify Tyson Thompson is not hurt. He has been demoted due to lack of production on special teams. In 2007, Thompson averages just 23.6 yards on kickoff returns, which isn’t bad but isn’t great either.


Remembering Crazy Ray This Weekend

Ever since I could ever remember, Wilford Jones also known as "Crazy Ray", had graced the stands at the Cowboys games. The first time I remember seeing him, was the first time I ever saw the Cowboys and the Redskins playing each other at the Cotton Bowl (for those of you not old enough to remember or know, where the Cowboys first played).

Through the years I became accustomed to seeing him at just about every game, but sadly enough, Crazy Ray past away this year. I think that it would only be fitting that a moment of silence be held in Ray’s memory before the start of the game and that the game be played in his honor.  I will be making the same suggestion to folk on To me, it is something so minimal, to someone that made the game so memorable to me and so many others.

God Bless Crazy Ray.

Article contributed by Carl Davis aka Mr Cowboy74


Keeping American Football in America

Baseball has referred to as "America’s Pastime", football in the like has been referred to as "America’s Passion". No argument here, baseball has left a bitter taste in my mouth ever since the strike that took place just before the World Series in the early ’90’s. You can have baseball. Basketball is OK, but I don’t wait for the season to start like a small child waiting for Santa Claus. Don’t even mention soccer, hate it more than Major League Baseball. You can have tennis and Nascar too, but for the love of God, not football.

Recently there has been much talk about having every team in the NFL playing at least 2 games in Europe. Wait the hell up now!!!! Remember the NFLE? The league played its final season this last summer. Europe had football. They even had their own league. So why then, please someone tell me why would Roger Goodell and some of the team owners want to play regular season games overseas? OK, I might be able to see maybe one game in the entire season as a promotional type deal, but when each team must play 2 games a year, forget it.

Jerry Jones has already publicly spoke out against it. Why wouldn’t he? He’s in the process of building a $1 billion, with a "B", state of the art stadium for our beloved Cowboys to roam in. Someone tell me the name of the idiot that came up with this dumb idea. Not only that, but there has been talk of maybe even the Super Bowl being played outside the US.

I am urging everyone to write the league office in protest, Cowboy fan or not. They will be taking the "American" out of "American Football" and jobs away from the American people. Not the players, but the people who rely on 8 games worth of parking, snack stands, and security. Tell me who is going to pay for those lost wages, the American people. Why, so someone who lives in England can say ‘Jolly good Footballing there. What’s that chap’s name? Romo you say. He seems to enjoy his sporting event." Forget it, this game is American Football, point blank and we as fans, as consumers, as Americans, need to say, "Enough is Enough, leave our sport alone."

Flood your favorite teams office with letters of disapproval or send it straight to Roger Goodells office in New York. If enough of us voice our thoughts, tell them we as loyal supporters will not bless this action and will boycott the NFL if they dare try to take away our sport. Maybe they will get the message when no one show up for a home game. You can always get it on a radio or get the score the day after. Let Goodell and the rest of his followers know, WE WILL NOT TAKE THIS!!!!!

So again, I urge you to write to your favorite teams office and to the league. Here are the addresses to the league office and to the Cowboys office. The more people they hear from, the less likely it will happen and tell a friend or anyone else you know that is a football fan to write and express their opinions too. For the League office, go to , on the bottom of the page you will find "NFL Corporate" and click on the link that says "contact us".

If we all pull together, we can and will make a difference. Let your voice be heard. Here is the direct link,

or better write to:
NFL League Office
Attention: Roger Goodell
280 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10017

Article contributed by Carl Davis aka Mr Cowboy74

Here We Goooo!

Are you ready for a good time??

Whether you are ready or not, IT’S COMING!

We have three home games ahead of us and I’m so excited! As hard as it was for me to stay with the team, one game at a time, I’m finding it even harder to do so now! I don’t know how the team does it!

This weekend, we meet up with Washington in our house. That rivalry is still very much alive. And, if I were going to be COMPLETELY honest…


I don’t use that word, hate, often but it certainly applies here! Even when predicting the games, I can’t force myself to pick Washington to win. I don’t care who they play. I would rather take the loss than pick them. I’m terrible, huh?

This Sunday, I will make sure their O has the hardest time getting a snap off. They better hope they don’t make it to my end of the field! For those of you in Section 1… rest your voices and be ready to GET UP and GET LOUD when our Defense is on the field. Don’t make me want to yell at YOU, too!! hehe!!

I’m excited about this game for another reason, too. As if the rivalry isn’t enough to get ANY Cowboy fan excited, I have yet another reason to look forward to it. In August, I was selected as one of six First Place Winners in Dr. Pepper’s Ultimate Fan Contest. I won a prize package filled with some REALLY great stuff!! By the way, big congrats to the Grand Prize winner! I’m so jealous! They get to go to the Draft Party in ’08! Ya know, I’m free to go if you want! hehee! Anyway, one of the items that was in the First Prize package was Busnell Instant Replay Binoculars! Can you imagine the pictures I will get with those things!! Yeah Baby!! I will be sure to put a slideshow together to share with all of you here at LoneStarStruck! Stay tuned, okay?

Ok, back to the game. Phillips is keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Like the rest of us, he knows that any given Sunday anything can happen. I know the Cowboys will win this one. It will be a GREAT game, no doubt, but a win just the same. Our favorite team is focused and they want IT as bad as we want it for them!

Fans in the stands can help them! Our part is to support the team WITH NOISE when our DEFENSE is on the field. When we have the ball, I want to hear Romo and nothing else… well, maybe a pin drop! YA KNOW!! The weekend before last, the commentators were talking about the home fans and the advantage the fans can give their team. The thing that blew me away was how they felt the fans started off strong but became ‘tired’ as the game went on. We can’t tire out, Cowboy Fans! The key is to use our energy at THE RIGHT TIME! The right time is not ALL THE TIME. It’s when the Cowboy’s Defense is on the field.

Now, I’m a fan. I didn’t pay for my seat to use it! The ONLY time I use it is when the Cowboy’s Offense is preparing for the snap and I stay there until I see the ball mid-air. I can’t help myself. When I hold my breath, it’s an automatic reaction to stand up!! As soon as that ball is CAUGHT, I let the breath out with a big HOLLER!! And boy does it feel GOOD!!

So, what do you say, Cowboy Fans! Cowboys win this one by 21 at home and the Fans play a big role in that happening, right??

Do we need to practice? Maybe run some fan drills of our own?? hehehe!!

If you’re planning on attending this game… LOOK FOR ME!! I hang out near Section 1 and you can’t miss me. I wear a BIG blue star on my head! Seriously!! It’s SO COOL!! You could be in the next slideshow on showing your Cowboy Pride!! Stop me and mention this website, okay? I am always on the look out for Fantastic Fans! It would just make my day to meet some of you!

See you at the game, Cowboy Fans!



Cowboys Stomp Giants 31-20;  Take 3 Game Lead in NFC East

The Dallas Cowboys toppled the New York Giants 31-20 on Sunday at the Meadowlands to improve to 8-1 on the season.  The win meant much more than that though, as the Cowboys now have a 3-game lead in the NFc East with 7 games left to play and have put a stranglehold on the division.  This game was exactly what most expected, a back-and-forth affair that stayed competitive right to the end, and this game definitely lived up to it’s hype.

"It’s another step along the journey that we’re trying to go through to get where we want to go," said Romo.  "A win like tonight just adds to your confidence. When you do something like this, you have a chance to do something special."

The Cowboys drew first blood early, scoring on their opening drive for the 3rd straight game, as Tony Romo led a 7 play drive for 65 yards that ended in a 15-yard pass to tight end Tony Curtis to give Dallas an early 7-0 lead. 

It was very short-lived though, as Eli Manning fought back, finding Jeremy Shockey in the end zone from 8 yards out to square the game at 7.  It was an 8-play 67-yard drive.

After Nick Folk drilled a 44-yard FG to give the Cowboys a 10-7 lead in the beginning of the 2nd quarter, the Cowboys got the stop that they were looking for.  However, deep in his own territory, Romo threw an interception to Gebril Wilson, and Ruben Droughns capitalized, scoring on a 1-yard TD run to cap off an 11-play 60-yard drive to give New York a 14-10 lead. 

Late in the 1st half, Tony Romo mastered the two-minute drill, leading the Cowboys down the field in 7 plays for 68 yards, that ended with a 20-yard pass to Patrick Crayton to give the Cowboys a 17-14 lead.  It looked like it would go into halftime that way, as the Giants were content with heading to the locker room, but linebacker Kevin Burnett committed a bad taunting penalty that gave the Giants life, and Justin Tynes kicked a 40 yard FG to tie the game at 17 with :01 left in the 1st half. 

After stopping the Giants on their 1st possession of the 3rd quarter, the Tony Romo to Terrell Owens connection hooked up again, striking on a 25 yard pass play to give Dallasa 24-17 lead, ending a long 12-play 86-yard drive.

Penalties would then begin to kill the Giants.  They had an 83-yard kickoff return called back because of a hold, three separate delay of game penalties on offense, and a touchdown called back because of a hold.  New York would settle for a FG to cut the Cowboys’ lead to 24-20. 

The Cowboys added another TD, again it was Terrell Owens, this time catching a 50-yard bomb to make it 31-20, which would prove to be the final nail in the coffin, as Dallas cruised from there.

"If he gets moving, he’s tough to catch up to," Romo said. "I just tried to give him some air and let him go get it."

Tony Romo shined once again, showing that he is worth every penny of his new contract.  He completed 20/28 passes for 247 yards with 4 TD’s and an INT.

Julius Jones carried the ball 11 times for 48 yards while Marion Barber III rushed 12 times for 34 yards.  It was a relatively quiet day for the Dallas running game. 

Terrell Owens once again came up big in a giant game, catching 6 passes for 125 yards with 2 TD’s.  Patrick Crayton had 5 receptions for 66 yards and also caught a touchdown pass.  Sam Hurd hauled in 2 balls for 21 yards while Tony Curtis’ only catch of the game was a 15-yard TD.  Jason Witten was held in check and only grabbed 2 balls for 12 yards.  It didn’t seem to matter though, as Terrell Owens and Patrick Crayton helped enormously to pick up the slack.

Nick Folk made his only FG attempt, nailing a 44 yarder right down the pipe.

The Cowboys’ defense came up with 5 sacks on the day, with DeMarcus Ware, Chris Canty, Tank Johnson, Greg Ellis, and Anthony Spencer getting 1 sack each.  Tank Johnson looked very impressive in his first game as a Dallas Cowboy.  Look to see good things from him for the rest of the season.

The Cowboys did commit 10 penalties for 84 yards, and that is something that will need to be limited in future games.

"Obviously today, we had more penalties than we would like and we have to eliminate those," T.O. added. "That was everybody’s emotions running high. There was a little trash-talking by them. We came here. The game was played and I feel like we made a statement."

Overall it was a great effort and we got done what we needed to accomplish.  The Dallas Cowboys finally return home to Texas Stadium next Sunday to conclude their stretch of three straight divisional games against the Washington Redskins.  It will be Dallas’ first home game in almost a month since they played the Vikings in Week 7.  Now lets finish this stretch strong, so that we go into Thanksgiving on a really high note. 



Cowboys (7-1) vs. Giants (6-2) Sunday, November 11, 3:15 PM CT on FOX

Week 10 Preview:

The Dallas Cowboys look to take a commanding 3-game lead in the NFC East on Sunday when they invade the Meadowlands to take on the Giants.  If the Cowboys win and the Redskins lose to the Eagles, this will become a reality.  A Dallas loss would mean that both teams would be tied for 1st in the NFC East.

This will not be easy though, as the Giants have improved greatly since their last meeting in Week 1.  The Giants’ defense has accumulated 30 sacks, the most in the NFL.  It will be critical for the Cowboys offensive line to protect Tony Romo, as they have all season, from the likes of Strahan, Kiwanuka, Tuck, and Umenyiora.  The Giants defense may be good, but Dallas’ offense has been slicing through opposing defenses all season.  There is no reason to think that it won’t be any different this time around either.

The Cowboys have also been improving, especially on defense.  That will only get stronger with Tank Johnson coming back for this game fresh off of his 8-game suspension.  He will be replacing Jay Ratliff at nose tackle.  If the Cowboys can stop the the running game of Brandon Jacobs and force the Giants into 3rd and long situations, it will go a long way to stopping the Giants passing game.

Wide receiver Terry Glenn (knee) is still out.  Wide Receiver Isaiah Stanback (shoulder), who returned kickoffs last week and was limited in practice on Friday, is questionable.  Tyson Thompson could resume his kick returning duties against the Giants.  Cornerback Anthony Henry (ankle), and nickel safety Pat Watkins (ankle) went through a full practice on Friday and are listed as probable.

Jason Witten And Leonard Davis Named To Sporting News All Pro Team

Congratulations to both TE Jason Witten and G Leonard Davis for being named to this years mid-season All Pro Team by the Sporting News.

Davis has proven to be every bit as good as advertised after joining the Cowboys this off season. His presence on the offensive line is one of the reasons Tony Romo is having such a fine second season.

Jason Witten has been nothing short of spectacular, and even though I’ve been saying it since the pre-season, I am glad that he is now recognized by everyone as the best tight-end in the game right now.

I was a little disappointed that Brett Favre edged out Tony Romo at quarterback, and I think it was more of a sentimental vote than anything else. Romo leads Favre in QB Rating and TD’s thrown. As far as I’m concerned, Tony Romo IS the best QB in the NFC!

Terrell Owens was also slighted as he was beaten out by Plaxico Burress and Steve Smith at the Wide Receiver positions. Owens has as many touchdowns as Plaxico, and he has more yards 730 to 529, and catches 44 to 40. He was totally hosed.

On defense, you could make a strong argument that De Marcus Ware was shafted by TSN. Ware is having a huge season and already has 7 sacks at the halfway point of the season and leads the league. He is the most feared linebacker in the NFC and is frequently keyed in on by opposing guards and tight-ends. I have no doubt, that he will be the unanimous choice for All Pro and Pro Bowl honors at the end of the season.

Get your popcorn ready for Sunday’s game!

Injury Report: Week 10

Game Status:

WR Terry Glenn (Knee) 


WR Isaiah Stanback (Shoulder)

FB Oliver Hoyte (Neck)
CB Anthony Henry (Ankle)
S Pat Watkins (Ankle)

Rookie wide receiver Isaiah Stanback had his first start in the NFL last week and ended up suffering a shoulder injury that will likely leave him out for this game. It has not been announced if Tyson Thompson will get his kick return job back or if Miles Austin will get his shot.

Rookie fullback Deon Anderson was placed on thje Injured Reserve on Monday after a season ending rotator cuff injury incurred last Sunday. FB Oliver Hoyte is expected to play after missing the last six game with a neck injury.

Safety Pat Watkins sprained his ankle last week in the fourth quarter against the Eagles and has had limited practice this week.


If You Think Our Offense Is Huge Now, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

The Cowboys keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny these days. As they roll into the Meadowlands for their big confrontation with the New York Giants on Sunday, they can be proud of the fact that they have the number one ranked offense in the NFC.

One of the main reasons the offense is doing so well is because of the leagues best tight end, Jason Witten. When Terry Glenn went down with an injury, many wondered how big of a negative impact it would have on the receiving corps. When Patrick Crayton was named as the number two starter, we all wondered if he would be up for the challenge. Last season, Terry Glenn had 70 receptions for over 1,000 yards with six touchdowns. So far based on current trends, Crayton is on pace for 52 catches and 800 yards. Not bad, but certainly not great either.

Witten, on the other hand has put up numbers worthy of a second receiver and is on pace for 90 receptions for 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns. Because of the Glenn injury, we discovered a superior offensive weapon in Jason Witten. Sure, he was always regarded as fine tightend, but his previous career high was only 757 yards on 66 catches. It wasn’t until this season that he became a critical part of the passing game.

Within the next 1-2 weeks, Terry Glenn is expected to begin practicing again, and getting himself into game day condition. The way I see it, I expect Terry Glenn to start on Thursday, November 29th, against the Green Bay Packers. With both teams currently sporting identical records of 7-1, it will be billed as "The Clash of the Titans."

It will be the perfect time to inject some fresh legs and some new life into our powerhouse offense. The NFC won’t know what hit them.

Once Glenn returns to the fold, our offense will be unparalleled in the NFC and on the same level and maybe even superior to the Patriots and Colts.

Tony Romo will now have not two reliable targets to throw his bombs to, but THREE Pro Bowl receivers in Terrell Owens, Jason Witten and Terry Glenn.

I am excited about seeing all three of them playing together once again, as we march all the way to the post season and beyond.

Let the Trash Talk Begin!

Hey Cowboy Fans!

How do you feel after Sunday’s game? Pretty darn good, huh? I love it when I get to see the Eagles get plucked, don’t you?

Now, on to the good stuff….

The Giants look at this weekends game as an opportunity to become the leaders in the division. The Cowboys aren’t going to make that an easy task. The G-men have not had a worthy opponent during their last six wins. Those six teams have a combined record of 13-36. 

The first two Giants game left them at 0-2 while giving up 80 points! The Cowboys racked up 45 points against the Giants during the season opener at Texas Stadium. Now, it is our turn to travel to their house. Both teams know they have to bring their A-game. The Giants have improved but is it enough to beat our Cowboys?

I don’t think so!

The Giants are out to prove something to the League. "We all know that we had a good run of six games, but this is the real test for us against one of the best teams in the division, in the league," veteran receiver Amani Toomer said Monday after the Giants returned from their bye week. "If we want to be considered in that upper echelon in the league, this is a team we are going to have to beat to show that." The Cowboys have nothing to prove and everything to gain! The League needs to realize that this is the year of the Cowboy. All others just need to stand back, watch and learn!

I’m surprised we haven’t heard a peep from Shockey yet. Do you think he learned to not talk smack about the Cowboys? I doubt it. I’m waiting for it and I’m ready to POUNCE! You know he can’t go into this game without having SOMETHING to say. Maybe he likes the taste of crow? Does he take it fried, baked or in a pie? Inquiring minds like mine want to know!!

What’s really funny is: I talk as much trash about Shockey as he talks about everyone else. Here’s the kicker: he’s part of my family tree… not that I usually admit that! Shhhh… don’t tell anyone! Since Owens joined the Cowboys, Shockey has become the one player I love to watch get smacked around! I don’t wish serious injury on him but nothing pleases me more on game day than to see his bell get rung!

And while we are on the topic of Owens, I would like to follow up on a recent post I did here. If you follow my posts, you know I haven’t been a fan of T.O. When I blogged about the subject, I was very open and honest about how I felt about him becoming a Cowboy, how I have struggled with my least favorite player wearing my most favorite uniform and how I was beggining to warm up to him. Remember that? Well, slowly but surely, T.O. is making his way into my heart and I’m so glad to finally be coming to terms with that! It is certainly a big weight off my Cowboy lovin’ heart!

Owens, if you’re reading this… which, I’m sure you don’t but just in case… Way to go, mayun! I’m proud to have you on the team. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Have fun and enjoy yourself. This is the T.O. I have been waiting and wanting to see. 

Next week, I will talk about something I heard commentators discussing during last weekends games. It was interesting to hear them discuss the fans in the stands through-out the game. I was going to blog about it this week but it is best that I wait. We have to wait yet another week before our favorite team plays at home again. I don’t want to get you THAT excited just yet. Save your energy for Nov. 18th when the RedSkins come to Dallas!

Be sure to stay tuned, okay?

Ya’ll have a good one and most importantly…



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Boys Look Sharp After One Week Hiatus

The first play of the game was a good summary for the night the Dallas Cowboys had at Lincoln Financial Field.  Marcus Spears put a lick on Donovan McNabb, causing him to fumble, which was recovered by Bradie James.  Julius Jones strolled into the endzone but a few plays later, setting the tone for the night. 

The storyline of the night though, quite certainly could have been Mr. Terrell Owens.  The boo-birds were out early at the Linc, most being antagonized by TO’s torching of the Eagles defense.  TO had a productive night back at the place he once called home, hauling in 10 passes for 179 yards and a score. 

The Cowboys looked sharp in all aspects of the game for that matter, moving up and down the field on Philly’s defense, and shutting down their lackluster offense for most of the evening.  In what was supposed to be a statement game for the Eagles only turned out to be an all-out whipping on their own field. 

The Boys are getting back to full health, and just in time for an NFC East showdown next week in East Rutherford against the New York Giants. 


* The play of the night had to be Jason Witten’s helmetless catch and run in the fourth quarter.  Witten got clobbered by an Eagles defender immediately after making the catch, then had his helmet yanked off by another, and still kept his footing and rumbled down the sidelines with no hat on.  What was equally as enjoyable was hearing John Madden’s reaction to the catch for the next 15 minutes.