Meeting Our Heroes

They come  into our lives on a weekly basis. We watch every game, every play, every move they make. We check to see if they are going to be interviewed on any local or national television show. We search the web for articles and new pictures we haven’t seen. They are plastered all over our walls with pictures and posters. We wear T-shirts, caps, jackets any thing we can find that has a star on it and is blue and silver. I even dress my teddy bears in Cowboy clothes. So with the Cowboys being in our lives 24/7 they are a part of our family. They are heroes to us! But how many of us have had the opportunity to meet them in person?
One of the biggest Cowboy fans on myspace, Stargazzing, had the opportunity to meet the great Randy White. She posted pictures and I could feel how nervous she was! So that made me remember the opportunities that I have had in my life to meet my three heroes. Two are Dallas Cowboys and one is just a cowboy!
In the 80’s I had the biggest crush on the Dallas Cowboy Quarterback at the time #11 Danny White. I thought he could walk on water. I never missed a game. I was lucky enough to attend a game in 1983. Which was amazing! But, there was more to come for me during the offseason, I found out that Danny was singing at a big club in Tulsa. I was so excited. I had already bought his album (yes album) and listened to it every day. I lacked two months of being 21, the legal age to be able to enter a night club. But my amazing Dad was friends with the manager of the club and before I knew it I was sitting with my Dad, Mom, and my future husband in the second row of tables in front of the stage. The manager and her husband joined us and we were having a great time. I had my camera in hand ready for the show then  someone grabs my arm and says, "Come with me." I look up and see a security guard. Oh crap! I thought I was busted for not being 21. He leads me to a door, as it opens, who do I see sitting on a couch waiting to take the stage but, Danny! He smiled and said, "Hi, I hear you are a fan." All I could do is shake my head. I couldn’t speak, I started shaking. I had a shirt made that read "I love Danny" on the front. Someone pointed that out to him and he smiled and winked at me. I thought I was going to faint! He signed my shirt and gave me  a big hug and thanked me for the support. When I got back to table everyone was laughing and I still couldn’t speak. All I could think was I didn’t have my camera with me, lol!
My second hero is just a cowboy, Garth Brooks. I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few times. I was a member of his fan club. After concerts we got the opportunity to go backstage and have a meet and greet. Our first one was on his bus. Which was pretty cool. Garth has a way of making every fan feel like a friend. He is a fantastic person and he truly cares about each and every one of us. With him I wasn’t nervous at all because he makes you feel like you are talking to a friend.
I didn’t think I could possibly be able to meet my third hero one of the best fullbacks the NFL has ever had, Moose! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go to Dallas and he doesn’t sing that I know of, so there was no way I was going to meet him. Then one day on the radio I hear that the Cowboys would be playing in a basketball game for charity in Tulsa. Wow that will be fun I thought so I bought tickets not knowing who would be there.  The day of the game it was all over the radio that "Moose" was playing in the game! I couldn’t believe it! I was standing in line before the game to get a autograph and I had to pinch myself. I had cut from the newspaper a picture of his first touchdown so I took it for him to sign, he looked at it and smiled and said he hadn’t seen that picture before. He was really sweet. As the game went on you could see he liked to kid around and had a cute personality.
So I feel like I have been so lucky. I have had three heroes and I was fortunate enough to meet each. Sometimes you hear about fans being let down by stars and athletes. They blow off the fans, are rude and just won’t take the time to interact. I have to say I was worried that I had each of these men up on a pedestal and they might just let me down but, these three men were everything I imagined and more.
After seeing Stargazzing pictures I started wondering who lonestarstruck readers have been able to meet. Were you pleased with the meeting or maybe let down? Let’s hear about your experience with your heroes.

Contributed by Raina Middleton

A Star worthy of THE Star!

Hey! Are you ready for Sunday? It’s the one day out of the year that a commercial during the game won’t send me running from the room! LOL!

There are a ton of rumors floating around. My friends help keep me up to date on the latest developments. (Thanks, you guys!!) Today, I was hit with a ‘forward’ that blew my mind! A petition to keep M. Barber.

Did you just say, "WHAT!?!" I did!!

Barber is a Star and there is only One Star I want to see him wearing!

I can’t seem to find anything about this online any where else. I hope it is someone’s idea of a joke but when it comes to Barber, I’m not willing to take that chance! It was three days ago that we heard ‘5 year contract’ and ‘Barber…’ in the same sentence! I say, let Miami have Carpenter and J.Jones! They are the players Parcells wanted from the start!

Maybe we can get some answers to some of these rumors soon. It’s enough to drive fans like you and me into a frenzy. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford any more blonde hair… HEY, That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!!

I hope you all have fun on Sunday. Our team won’t be there but we now officially hold a NEW record! The team with the most players voted to the Pro Bowl! That’s pretty cool! I am standing by what I said two weeks ago! We have every reason to be proud of our favorite team and optimistic about their future!

Ya’ll have a Super Hump Day!

Barber? Jones? McFadden? Who’s Going? Who’s Staying? Who’s Coming?

Originally, I had planned to write this blog on why I think we should go ahead and trade Julius Jones and keep Marion Barber. I have thought for the most of the season that Barber is the future in the Cowboys backfield. While Jones is a good back and can certainly be the lead man in another offense, I think he has seen the writing on the wall in Dallas, and realizes that he is going to be relegated to a supporting role for Barber. Because of this, I think Jones slacked off this season. When he gets the chance to carry the ball, he spends his time dancing around the backfield, waiting for a hole to open up. Barber, on the other hand, tends to make a hole if one isn’t readily available.

My reasoning here is, that Julius Jones, while a talented and hard worker, has lost heart, due to his realization that Barber is now perceived as the premier back. Julius knows that he can be the top back in many other offensive schemes, just not here with the Cowboys. Therefore, I was going to argue that we should get a contract on Barber and lock him in long term and let Jones go with our best wishes since I don’t think we can keep both.

Then – from stage left, enters Darren McFadden of Arkansas. The rumors are flying that Jerry Jones wants McFadden and wants him badly. Miami, of course, would have the first shot at McFadden (or anyone) due to having the first round draft pick this coming year. As we all know, we have already had a mass exodus of coaches from Dallas to Miami to join the Big Tuna. In thinking about this, it seems that Jerry Jones has been very cooperative in this process, and has allowed these guys to leave without much effort to keep them. In addition, it is also rumored that Miami wants Barber.  Could there be a deal in the works to let assistant coaches go without a whimper, while also tossing Barber into the mix at some point in order for the Cowboys to get their hands on that first round draft pick?

To be honest, I have no idea. All I know are the rumors I hear on the sports shows and the other blogs and fan sites I read. I love Barber and don’t want to see him go. However, I loved Herschel Walker and thought his trade was one of the most stupid things I had ever seen – at the time it happened. Of course, I realized later, that “The Trade” as it would come to be known, was a brilliant coup on the part of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson to lay the foundation for a dynasty, while Minnesota ended up feeling like they had bought a huge “lemon” from the shadiest used car dealer in town. Ultimately, the final results of “The Trade” brought some now familiar names to the Boys – Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Kevin Smith, Darren Woodson, and Clayton Holmes.  For Minnesota, the results brought – relative obscurity.

My thoughts here are this, I know Jerry Jones is a smart business man. He knows how to cut a deal, and has proven that time and again in the past. I admit that I have thought him crazy at times in the past and then later, I was proven wrong when the impact of these deals have been brought to light. Jones obviously has some neurons and synapses firing in his head that don’t work so well in my noggin. But please, let’s not make the mistake Minnesota did – thinking they were one back away from a championship, they sold their soul (and their supporting cast) to get him.

Again, I love Barber and think he may be the toughest back out there. McFadden is, without a doubt, extremely talented, yet unproven in the NFL. Barber has already proven himself with the Cowboys. Aren’t there other possible ways of getting McFadden without giving up Barber? Is all this just unfounded rumor with no basis in reality? Many have said so. They say there’s no way Jones will let Barber go. It’s a given that Jerry Jones will sign him. I thought so too, but why hasn’t he done so yet? What’s the hold up? As a restricted free agent, my understanding is that you simply have to tender him an offer to lock him in, but this, as of yet, hasn’t happened.

For the most part, in this blog, I am just thinking out loud. I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert – just a devoted fan trying to figure out what’s going on. What do you, the readers think? Please feel free to share your thoughts with me. Is all this a possibility? Am I nuts? Hit me back. Let me know what you think.

Contributed by Rich Isaacs 

Lucky Number 13

It was announced today that Greg Ellis will join the dozen other Cowboys in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl next month. Ellis will replace the Bears linebacker Lance Briggs on the roster.

It was thought by many that Greg Ellis was snubbed when he was not selected for the Pro Bowl this year. He had a career year and was also named the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year.

This is Ellis’ first Pro Bowl selection in 10 years. Congrats!

The 13 Pro Bowl Cowboys 

WR Terrell Owens
TE Jason Witten
OT Flozell Adams
G Leonard Davis
C Andre Gurode
OLB DeMarcus Ware
K Nick Folk
*QB Tony Romo
**S Ken Hamlin
OLB Greg Ellis
S Roy Williams
RB Marion Barber
CB Terence Newman
* – Likely starter for Packers QB Brett Favre, who has announced he will not play in the game.
** – Named as a backup safety but will move into starting lineup for late Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

Info from

Campo Most Likely Headed Back to Dallas

As the Super Bowl approaches the rumors are flying around Valley Ranch, but nothing will be announced until after Sunday’s NFL finale. Amongst the trade rumors and draft suggestions, there is really only one rumor that is likely to become reality, the return on Dave Campo.

Former head coach Dave Campo visited Valley Ranch yesterday. He could become the next secondary coach, replacing Todd Bowles who departed for Miami. Campo has been coaching in Jacksonville for the last three years.

To refresh your memories, Dave Campo started out with the Cowboys in 1989 when Jerry Jones took over the team. Campo took on many positions over the years such as defensive assistant, secondary coach and defensive coordinator. As defensive coordinator from 95-99, his defense finished within the top 10 overall in the NFL in four of those five years.

He was promoted head coach after Chan Gailey was fired in 2000. As head coach Campo went 15-33. Yes that’s right, three straight seasons ending at 5-11. Those were tough times for the Cowboys when salary caps and injuries really damaged the team. At the end of 2002 Campo was released and Bill Parcells took over.

Dave Campo is ready to return to Dallas and most likely it’s going to happen. We just have to wait a few more days for the announcement.

**UPDATE** Albert Breer of The Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys have hired Dave Campo to be their new secondary coach.

Is This The End For Superman?

While Jerry Jones is busy trying to fill out his coaching staff for next season and getting ready for the NFL Draft, there is something lurking in the midst. For many years he has been the face of the Dallas Cowboys franchise and hailed as Superman, but even Superman came to an unexpected and tragic end against his comic book foe, Doomsday.

Is our own Superman heading for the same tragic ending as the man of steel?

He who was once so highly favored by Cowboys fans everywhere, has now become the target of the fan’s scorn and criticism. And while I believe much of this is unwarranted and unjustified, the natives are certainly getting restless, whenever the name Roy Williams is uttered.

This past week, much of the discussions on Cowboys blogs everywhere has been centered around the financial burden that Roy Williams’ contract now has on the team.

Roy Williams is scheduled to count $6.667 million against the cap in 2008 and about the same in 2009. Even if they were to cut him (something that has not been ruled out), he would still count for millions against the cap because most of the contract was paid as a signing bonus. Ouch!

Trading him is out of the question, because no team would be willing to take on a contract like that… at least not in this world, but in Metropolis anything is possible.

Despite the realization that Jerry Jones may have stuck the team with a bad contractual obligation, you can’t blame Williams for taking the best deal he could get. Wouldn’t we do the same thing in his place?

The fact of the matter is that Roy Williams is stuck with us, and we are stuck with him. So why not make the best of the situation?

Greg Ellis won this season’s Comeback Player of the Year Award at the ripe old age of 32. Who is to say that the 27-year old Roy Williams can’t do the same thing next season?

Shouldn’t we cut him some slack after all of the years of loyalty, hard work and excitement he has provided to our team?

The city of Metropolis would never turn their back on their Superman. Why can’t the great city of Dallas do the same?

I know it’s easy to love a player when he’s riding high, and sour on him when the going gets tough. What I’m suggesting is that we give Roy Williams the opportunity to fight through this slump with the support of all Cowboys fans.

There is no telling how much we can achieve when we are all united and aspiring for the same goal. Let us not become his kryptonite.

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The Sunday Spot by Fredooch

Hey Cowboy fans, it’s me Fredooch bringing you your update for the week and my personal feelings when it comes to all things Dallas Cowboys. First of all let me say I couldn’t of be prouder to be on this staff than if I were a staff member on We have a great bunch of writers and staffers here and all I can say, and I can’t say it enough, thanks Kelly for making me part of this thing here on Its both and honor and a pleasure.


Ok now onto the Dallas Cowboys Rumor mill:

*Rumors out of Miami and Detroit have all three franchises talking trade come draft day. Rumor out of Miami has it that Bill Parcells still thinks the world of OLB Bobby Carpenter (believe it or not) and that Carpenter will be shipped out to Miami come draft day for a 3rd rounder. Rumor out of Detroit has WR Roy Williams coming to Dallas for DT Marcus Spears and the 28th pick of the NFL Draft.

  • According to sources close to Dallas WR Terry Glenn, he will bypass having microfracture surgery on his injured knee to play one final year in the NFL. He hopes it’s with Dallas. If he is cut or released, he will retire.
  • Julius Jones, according to some sources wants to be a feature back in the NFL and has his eyes on either the Atlanta Falcons or Carolina Panthers.
  • The Dallas Cowboys are actively trying to lock-up RB Marion Barber III and DE Chris Canty to 5 year deals and both will be signed in the next couple of weeks. Expect Canty to sign a deal similar to the one Jay Ratliff signed during the season, maybe a little more expensive.
  • Jerry Jones is still EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED about the loss to New York. Sources say that Jerry Jones wasn’t even able to watch the NFC Championship game this past week. EXPECT Jerry to sign a BIG-TIME free-agent this off-season on the defensive side of the ball. I say it’s going to be CB Marcus Trufant or CB Ashante Samuel. If it happens, remember where you heard it first. Everybody said that the Cowboys would never sign Deion Sanders because he was too expensive. Well guess what? Jerry got creative, which I believe he is the best in the business at, and signed Deion.

Now for my Dallas Cowboys ranting. I was a little disturbed last week by something DT Marcus Spears said after the Cowboys loss to the Giants in the post-game interview. I don’t know if any of you caught that interview but Spears basically said in a nut shell that some players on the Cowboys side didn’t give 100 %, including him, which is why they lost. Now, I know what you’re saying. He was just being hard on himself. NO! When Spears said this, he said it so nonchalantly. Like oh well, we lost, get over it!

The Giants wanted it more than we did. I don’t know if this attitude is the reason the Cowboys are actively “shopping” Spears but considering all things, I do hope we get rid of this guy if this is his way of thinking. It’s easy for me to sit here and criticize a guy but when your making more money than Police Officers and Fire Fighters make in 10 years, you bet your two cents you’re going to get criticized, especially by me.

If God had granted me the athletic ability of a Marcus Spears or a Roy Williams, yes our Roy Williams, and I was making millions of dollars a year to play a child’s game, then I would give everything I had on every play and leave everything on the field. If we lost, then I could go to sleep at night knowing fully well that I left everything on that field that Sunday afternoon. And when I retired, the only thing I would want to be remembered for by my peers is that every time they faced me, they feared me and knew they always got 200% from me.

I remembered I once was watching this NFL films program on Hall Of Fame lineman from either the Steelers or 49ers of the 70’s or 80’s I don’t recall and they asked him who the best player they ever faced across from them was. I remember this guy saying, and don’t quote me word for word here, “Oh man, that’s easy. It’s without a doubt Randy White. That guy was a Beast. He had this clock that would never stop ticking and whenever I faced him I was physically and emotionally drained. You always got 100 % from that guy. They called him the Manster. He literally was half man and half monster.” Of course Randy White was an All-Pro and Hall of Famer and a 1st Round Pick.

My point is that if everyone on this team gave everything they had two weeks ago, we would be talking Cowboys vs. Patriots Superbowl. But it wasn’t meant to be. I am not saying that Marcus Spears is a horrible player but he has not lived up to the billing of being a 1st round draft pick. Bobby Carpenter hasn’t either but at least Spears has been given the opportunity. So I will leave it at that Cowboy fans.  Well that’s all for now kiddies and remember, see you next Sunday. Same Cowboys time! Same Cowboys place! Same Cowboys channel!       

Joe D Interviews Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson

Today I thought I would surprise all of you with a special phone interview I conducted with former Dallas Cowboy, Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson.

Hollywood Henderson was nice enough to grant my request for an interview last week and on Wednesday we were finally able to get together and have a nice chat about a wide variety of topics including; His early years, his service to his community, his work with children, the state of today’s game, and of course the 2007 Cowboys.

Hollywood Henderson is a generous man who has led a remarkable life and it is so interesting to see how this inspiring figure evolves from a troubled young man into a role model for people of all ages. It was a pleasure hearing him tell his uplifting story and I would recommend that each of you by a copy of his newest book entitled, "In Control, The Rebirth of an NFL Legend". The book is available at and is the much anticipated follow-up to his first book "Out of Control: Confessions of an NFL Casualty". An autographed copy is also available here.  

You can also visit Hollywood Henderson at his website and see all the wonderful things he is currently working on.

The interview is about 14 minutes long, and I included a photo collage which I think compliments the audio very well.

This is only the first of a series of interviews I will be conducting with several notable players and coaches as The Cowboys Nation and Lone Star Struck help to make the offseason more enjoyable for Cowboys fans.

A text transcript of the video is in development and as soon as we get it back from production, you can view the full version of it at

Enjoy the interview!

Joe D Interviews Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson

Why I am Rooting for the Giants in Superbowl XLII

Yes, I know this is a Cowboys fan site and yes, I know many of my Cowboy friends could care less about who comes out on top in this year’s Superbowl. However, I have decided to throw my support behind the Giants, and here’s why:

First of all, New England is a great team – I will give them that. Are they the greatest team of all time?  I’m not ready to place that accolade upon their head. They do have the greatest regular season record of all time (Remember the Dolphins season in 1972 was only 14 games long).  Are they invincible? I definitely don’t believe that. I have seen them struggle from time to time this season and I think that even the mighty Patriots have their weaknesses that can be exploited.

My biggest problem with the Patriots, is that while I think they are a great team, I cringe every time I hear an analyst on ESPN or some other sports show, gushing with orgasmic delight when they talk about this team. Yes, they’re good, but c’mon people… Here‘s a towel. Clean yourself off and let‘s try to be objective. They are not a machine and they are not without their faults.

The Giants, on the other hand, are a team many feel don’t deserve to be in the Superbowl. They didn’t play consistently throughout the season and couldn’t even win their division. However, they have done what it takes down the stretch and have put together an impressive record on the road.  Maybe they don’t deserve it, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that they’re still there while the players of 30 other teams are home enjoying chips, dip, and a cold one on the couch.

I have argued for years that the NFC East is consistently the best division in football. I realize that there are years when they don’t produce threatening teams like they have in other years, but on a year in, year out basis, the NFC East usually fields some pretty tough teams. Which means that for the Cowboys to win the East is an impressive achievement in and of itself.

My argument here is, if the Giants win the Superbowl, it buttresses the Cowboy claim to a great season (although I don‘t think we need any other validation). We beat the Giants twice during the regular season, and took the division title. Yes, we lost to the Giants in the post-season when it counted most, but the team to knock us out was one of our own. Three out of four NFC East teams made the playoffs, and I think that’s impressive. For an NFC East team to win the Superbowl, just shows that the young NFC East Champion Cowboys are a team to be reckoned with next year.

I didn’t write this blog to convince you to root for the Giants. I am just trying to explain my reasoning. I really don’t care who you root for in the Superbowl, just as long as you continue to support the Cowboys with your heart and soul.

What I would like to convince you of is this:  Don’t be like the Cowboy-haters out there. You know, those people who can’t bear to give us credit when credit is due. The Cowboys are a polarizing team – it seems you either love them or hate them. There isn’t much ground in between. The haters always want to find fault, downplay our achievements, and come up with reasons as to why we aren’t the team our record shows.  Let us not be that way, Cowboy fans.  We should rise above the pettiness and hate for the accomplishments of other teams. Whichever team wins this Superbowl should be deserving of our congratulatory kudos.  We’re above the bitterness, snide comments, and hate-filled talk.  We’re Cowboys. Our day will come….

Contributed by Rich Isaacs

Super Bowl = Super Commericals!

Cowboy Fans may not be as quick to admit they will watch the upcoming Super Bowl. I, for one, won’t miss it! Not because I want to see either of the teams with the win but because I want to see the COMMERCIALS!!

Over the years, the Super Bowl has brought us some of the most creative and interesting commercials. I make a point to vote for my favorites online and watch the news to see who earned the Number 1 spot as a favorite.

I found a list of the Top 10 Super Bowl commercials ever at MSNBC at MSN. Check it out!

#10 Budweiser 1995 – 3 croaking frogs
#9 Xerox ‘Monks’ 1997
#8 Tabasco ‘Mosquito’ 1998
#7 Electronic Data Systems ‘Herding Cats’ 2000
#6 McDonalds "The Showdown’ 1993
#5 ‘When I Grow Up’ 1999
#4 Reebok ‘Terry Tate, Office Linebacker’ 2003
#3 E*Trade "Monkey’ 2000
#2 Coke ‘Mean Joe Green’
#1 Apple Computers 1984

The interesting thing is, Apple spent a cool $1-million on their add in 1984. It ran one time. If I had to pick one of these as my favorite, it would be #2. I absolutely LOVE that commercial!

Early release discussions about the upcoming commercials indicate that this is the year of commercials for the ULTIMATE FANS!! They plan to keep it light and fun. We have a while to go to find out for ourselves. As Feb. 3rd gets closer, more details will be released along with links where we can vote for our favorites! I will bring you the latest details on this next week! Be sure to stay tuned!!

Cowboy Fans may not be interested in the outcome of this game but we can certainly look forward to being entertained by advertisers everywhere!

I’ll blog at ya next week! ‘Til then – Have a good one!


Boys Have Alot to Hang Their Hats On

As I enjoyed my Monday off thanks to one of the most influential figures in American history, I watched highlights of every game the Cowboys played this year in an attempt to help my still heavy heart.  As it turns out, reflecting on our successful season was just what the doctor ordered.  Here’s a list of players who I thought had surprisingly successful years. 

Greg Ellis

I’ll put up with a little off-season belly-aching from Greg anytime as long as he buckles up and goes to work like he did this year.  Seriously, hats off to this guy for his monstrous play this year.  When the complaining started in the summer, everybody including me thought it was time for Greg to hang up his spurs.  But you kind of got the feeling that Greg had a giant chip on his shoulder after his first game back against the Rams.  You could commonly spot Ellis in the backfield racking up sacks and stripping the quarterback.  He was a great compliment to Demarcus Ware and I see no reason why he should not be back next year flustering quarterbacks with his counterpart. 

Ken Hamlin 

The Cowboys could not have asked for anything more than what they got from Ken Hamlin this year.  They signed the guy to a one-year deal in the off-season, hoping his play would do justice for a bigger contract next year.  It’s safe to say Dallas found a baller in Hamlin.  He constantly made interceptions at key times in games and was the leader in the secondary when it came to getting everyone lined up in the proper formation.  I’d venture to say that Hamlin had a bigger presence in the secondary this year than Roy Williams.  Expect Hamlin to receive a fat pay raise from Mr. Jones and stay in Dallas for awhile.


Patrick Crayton

We all held our breath in the summer and hoped that Terry Glenn would be ready at some point this season.  But when week 1 rolled around, it appeared that Terry Glenn would be resting his moneymakers a little longer than initially expected.  No problem.  Insert Patrick Crayton.  After seeing Crayton perform at a high level the first few weeks of the season, it was obvious that he was no longer a pup from Northwestern Oklahoma State.  The offense ran like a well-oiled machine and never missed a beat with Crayton lined up opposite Terrell Owens.  Now, we can still sit in our favorite Sunday armchair and daydream about what could have been with Owens, Crayton, and Glenn on the field at the same time, but it seems as though Dallas has found a franchise wide receiver in Patrick Crayton.

Trade Rumors Swirling Around Valley Ranch

From Dallas Morning News: 

Rumor has it that the Cowboys are shopping former first-round picks DE Marcus Spears and LB Bobby Carpenter at the Senior Bowl.

Carpenter simply isn’t a fit in a 3-4 defense, which makes Bill Parcells’ decision to pick him pretty puzzling. Carpenter couldn’t get on the field in any of the Cowboys’ defensive packages this season but was a solid special teams player. He wasn’t considered a reach when the Cowboys drafted him 19th overall two years ago, so some 4-3 teams might be interested.

Spears isn’t a bad player, but he hasn’t lived up to his first-round billing. To use a Tuna term, he’s J.A.G. If the Cowboys get rid of Spears, Jay Ratliff could take his job, with Jason Ferguson and Tank Johnson forming a good NT tandem.

Time to give Jerry some advice: What would you want for Spears or Carpenter? I’m not sure the return for either would be more than a second-day pick, so try to be realistic.