Jason Garrett Will Remain in Dallas

ESPN is reporting that Offensive Coordinator and former Dallas Cowboys player Jason Garrett will be staying in Dallas. He has turned down the Atlanta and Baltimore head coaching jobs.

Owner Jerry Jones met with Garrett last night and it is believed that Jason Garrett will receive a substantial raise along with the promise that he will supercede Wade Phillips as head coach in the next couple of years.

This is great news for the Dallas Cowboys and fans alike. Garrett, once Troy Aikman’s backup QB, led the offense to a record-breaking season.

Despite the rumors, I never thought Garrett would leave. He was hired before head coach was filled last offseason, and it was pretty apparent that he would eventually take over the team. His loyalty to the team and Jerry Jones has basically insured this now.

  1. raina

    Yea! I am so glad I think he works great with Romo and the offense! And he is Loyal. Jerry Jones is making some great decisions.

  2. This is the best news of the day, the week, the month.
    In the words of Shelby “I’m smurfing all over the room”

  3. Angel

    This is great news!! I was hoping he would stay. Very wise decision by Mr. Jones. Our future is looking brighter and brighter.

  4. GregnCali

    Good news to hear to start off my day. Now hopefully he can do some homework and come up with some plays to be a potent offense like the pats. We have the weapons. Jerry don’t wait to long, sign Barber before its to late!

  5. Brian

    This is awesome.. We all should have know something was up when he didn’t commit right away to the Ravens job and needed time to think about it…

  6. brady

    Never had a doubt in my mind he was leaving. He loves the dfw area. Jason Garrett + Romo = SUPERBOWL!
    Good job Mr. Jones.

  7. ronnie

    I am so happy to hear he is staying with us !!!!!!!
    100% true blue

  8. irvin

    if you ask me jerry need to get the offensive line with more protection for romo and second wide reciever to take the pressure of t.o. and a cover corner who can singlely shut a go to guy down let juilious jones go and make marion the starter get another end to help ware maybe a new specail teams star would jump start the boys they dont have that bill bates no more

  9. Kevin Davis

    after the loss, id have to say he was the one coach i didn’t want to get away.. now lets sign MB3

  10. ~lin

    PRAISE JESUS! Thanks Jerry for making a wise choice, and “thanks” Jason for being loyal to the team! ~lin

  11. Jon

    BIG!!! I am soooo f’n excited about him wanting to stay and thank you very much Mr. Jones…Just be patient people, all the pieces are still in place and we WILL be in the big game soon! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!!