Always A True Cowboys Fan

I know that today’s loss to the division rivals has everyone completely distraught. Honestly I am speechless, but I know that I should say something and give everyone a place to get things off their chests.

This hurts. After a record-breaking season filled with such promise and hope, the season comes crashing down. Someone had to lose, and you can argue many reasons why we were the ones that had to say goodbye. But I think rather than count the ‘ifs’, maybe we should look back at the season.

What a wonderful year. Its been a blast. Think about it. Look at Jason Witten, what a year he had. Remember the helmetless run! We could learn alot from that warrior. I guarantee he will hold his head high and not look back at the mistakes, but learn from them and move forward.

Terrell Owens had a wonderful year as well. Marion Barber had a hell of a year, and really a wonderful first half in his first game as a starter. We found a kicker we can finally trust. And we learned we have many offense weapons.

Take a look at the young defense we have. DeMarcus Ware, oh what a beast! Then you throw in Chris Canty and Bradie James, the future looks bright. These guys are only going to develop. Greg Ellis, the sack monster, had a shocking year and went home with an award he can be damn proud of. We have great things to look forward to in years to come.

I know that Tony Romo is going to take a lot of criticism. He’s now 0-2 in the postseason and some may question his abilities and his big contract. But I wont give up on him. It was his first year as a starter. He started off with a bang, and continued to break records and collect wins.

But somewhere in the last part of the season it began to dwindle down. I dont know why, I dont know how, but it did.

I truly believe he has a gift. If he can overcome this, he will be even better next year. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

This team has come a long way. Some may even call it a rebuilding year. A new head coach, many new staff members, a new quarterback…. the list goes on. I’m sure we will pick the season apart for weeks to come. But it won’t change the outcome.

The season ended today but our love for the greatest team in the country – America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys – did not end. Hold your head high, wear your colors proudly.


God Bless,


  1. Danny
    Danny says:

    A good year. The defense did excellent all year (only one 100 yrd rusher all season and that was the last regular season game!). The offense needs to get more confident in themselves. Romo was throwing off his back foot too much and needs to step into his throws. Next season should be incredible and I’m looking forward to it

  2. Jaime Martinez
    Jaime Martinez says:

    WHY? That is the question? Why? I don’t see how they beat us…I know as well as every other cowboys fan knows…we are better than them! There were soo many things that went wrong! Very dissapointing game! We always have next year…but this should have been our year…HELLO 13-3 #1 in the NFC! Why are we done this season? They didn’t want it like the fans did…Well, BARBER DID…That is why he is my #1 Cowboy…but seems like no one else wanted it…Especially the Offisive Line….DAMN IT!!!!

  3. J.P.
    J.P. says:

    I’m a cowboy fan and yes we did have a great year 13-3.
    I agree with Danny WHY???
    It was ours for the taking.
    Penaltys killed us. Gurode was terrible, he sure didn’t look like a Probowl center.
    And Crayton, Talked so much smack about the Cowboys going to the Superbowl after the lost to the Pats. What the hell did he do??? Nothing… He had a chance to shine and be a Playmaker. That guy was droping passes and fummbled too. I wish Jerry Jones would have waited before resigning him. What a waste of money and yes I don’t like Crayton.
    Hopefully next year we can sign a WR “Crabtree” and some DB’s. Next year Superbowl bound.

  4. Romo2Owens aka Barb
    Romo2Owens aka Barb says:

    What a beautiful, well-written blog Kelly.
    UnLike the two above me, I’m not throwing anyone under the bus.
    What is the point of that anyway?!
    When it’s a Win, it’s a Team Win and when it’s a Loss, it’s a Team Loss.
    I know Cowboy Fans are passionate and broken-hearted.
    But think about the Players.
    How heart-broken they must be.
    It was a Truly beautiful year and I am Thankful for our record and proud of every single Cowboy.
    With all the talent on this Cowboys Team, the sky is the Limit next season and many seasons to come.
    Thank you for cheering me up with this post and for everything else you do for the FANS!!!
    *Cowboys for Life*

  5. krystal
    krystal says:

    wow i cried again but everthing happens for a reason the best part we had a great season 13-3 thats a good record. Yea we should have been at the supper bowl, but only one team can win each game. I have to say our boys came out there tonight with faith and played there heart out it was a good game win or lose im a cowboys fan till the day i die i love them boys. welcome back TO see yall next season

  6. ~lin
    ~lin says:

    It sure did not end up how any COWBOY FAN wants, but the facts remain and are written in stone. We are quick to be critical when we lose because it is hard to eat crow, especially from all the COWBOY haters that we deal with out-of-season. That is what depicts the TRUE BLUE DIE HARD COWBOY FAN from The Fickel Fan…..or am I wrong. Tell me I am wrong, but I thought humans still play the game, which doesn’t exempt mistakes from the list. We want a perfect season just like the next fan, but in reality they happen. Taking the good with bad and vice versa is what makes you WORTHY of being part of any GOAL, any FAMILY, any TEAM. Stand tall, stand firm, and take the blows like any FAITHFUL FAN would….otherwise, stand behind me and keep your comments to yourself.

  7. The Original Cowboys Nation
    The Original Cowboys Nation says:

    Incredible season!. We certainly had our ups and downs in a rollercoaster type season. Very typical for a team on the rise and that is developing. We are the youngest team in the NFL and are only going to improve and learn from this season where we went a fantastic 13-3. Imagine how strong and determined we are going to be in 2008-2009. I look forward to a exciting season(the last year in Texas Stadium) and then 2009 in our new home. Only positive and great times to come! Thank you for all the love and support. The Original Cowboys Nation!

  8. Angel
    Angel says:

    Well said Kelly! I’m doing my best to look on the bright side today because it was such a great season. I had to listen to so much crap from Green Bay fans last night though, as well as Eagles fans (if you can beleive that), so that made last night extra hard to deal with. I do look forward to seeing our BOYS again in the Pro Bowl and I can’t wait for next season. It’s just hard to beleive that THIS season is over.
    Barber looked awesome last night though didn’t he? ;o)

  9. Raina
    Raina says:

    Great article Kelly! Yes there are certain players that had a bad game but there is no sense in blaming one or two players you win and lose as a team! This loss hurt so much because we know we are the better team and we had them beat in the first half. I woke up this morning with swollen eyes from crying and I hoped I had a bad dream! Today I am going to look over all the positive things that happened this year. And to Romo we still believe in you!

  10. Txjane
    Txjane says:

    Great blog Kelly,All I have to say is that I love our Boys and am so proud of each and everyone of them for giving us so much to cheer about this season.What kills me is having to deal with all the haterz and can’t stand the disrespect that the Cowboys get from so many people.But I hold my head up high and wear my colors proud and I know that The Cowboys will always be a very special team to me.I see great things for our Boys in the seasons to come.GO COWBOYS,,thanks for all the memories!!