Boys Have Alot to Hang Their Hats On

As I enjoyed my Monday off thanks to one of the most influential figures in American history, I watched highlights of every game the Cowboys played this year in an attempt to help my still heavy heart.  As it turns out, reflecting on our successful season was just what the doctor ordered.  Here’s a list of players who I thought had surprisingly successful years. 

Greg Ellis

I’ll put up with a little off-season belly-aching from Greg anytime as long as he buckles up and goes to work like he did this year.  Seriously, hats off to this guy for his monstrous play this year.  When the complaining started in the summer, everybody including me thought it was time for Greg to hang up his spurs.  But you kind of got the feeling that Greg had a giant chip on his shoulder after his first game back against the Rams.  You could commonly spot Ellis in the backfield racking up sacks and stripping the quarterback.  He was a great compliment to Demarcus Ware and I see no reason why he should not be back next year flustering quarterbacks with his counterpart. 

Ken Hamlin 

The Cowboys could not have asked for anything more than what they got from Ken Hamlin this year.  They signed the guy to a one-year deal in the off-season, hoping his play would do justice for a bigger contract next year.  It’s safe to say Dallas found a baller in Hamlin.  He constantly made interceptions at key times in games and was the leader in the secondary when it came to getting everyone lined up in the proper formation.  I’d venture to say that Hamlin had a bigger presence in the secondary this year than Roy Williams.  Expect Hamlin to receive a fat pay raise from Mr. Jones and stay in Dallas for awhile.


Patrick Crayton

We all held our breath in the summer and hoped that Terry Glenn would be ready at some point this season.  But when week 1 rolled around, it appeared that Terry Glenn would be resting his moneymakers a little longer than initially expected.  No problem.  Insert Patrick Crayton.  After seeing Crayton perform at a high level the first few weeks of the season, it was obvious that he was no longer a pup from Northwestern Oklahoma State.  The offense ran like a well-oiled machine and never missed a beat with Crayton lined up opposite Terrell Owens.  Now, we can still sit in our favorite Sunday armchair and daydream about what could have been with Owens, Crayton, and Glenn on the field at the same time, but it seems as though Dallas has found a franchise wide receiver in Patrick Crayton.

  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I agree with you, those 3 Cowboys really shined this year. I hope Hamlin gets a fat contract, he was very impressive! Greg the sack monster definitely put his money where his mouth was and Crayton showed up big when we needed him. Great blog!

  2. Marc
    Marc says:

    Crayton had a GOOD season? Really? This is the same guy who dropped at least 3 crucial passes in the last 3 games? I agree with Hamlin and Ellis but not Crayton.

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Thumbs up – Ellis and Hamlin
    Thumbs down – Crayton
    I think Crayton was a tease with a few good plays. He needs to play like he talks. I am very unhappy with him.
    This piece was well put together Derek so two thumbs up for you!

  4. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    Greg Ellis and Ken Hamlin had a good season but I have to disagree with your statements concerning Jackie Smith, aka Patrick Crayton, he should be ran out of town. The Cowboys have yet to find their 3d receiver as of today.

  5. Ruffus O Iley
    Ruffus O Iley says:

    Now I have to agree most certainly with Ellis and Hamlin escpecialy Hamilin. But you know,I have to say even Crayon. We are jumping to fast on Being down on Crayton. I was devistated and seriouly pissed when Crayton dropped that pass in the division playoff game, But you have to look passed his last three games, he had a good season. He messed up when it was big yes, but it was his first time that far. Remember Romo and how he ended his first postseason run. Terrible. I believe that Ellis and Hamlin did more for this team than Crayton given that they had to back up crapy ass Reves, but Crayton in my opinion was a good franchine 3rd wide receiver, Im not quick to say 2nd or even 1st for the time being, and Hamlin better get a damn paycheck! Go BOYZ!!

  6. Raina
    Raina says:

    Wow I didn’t realize how many of you are down on Crayton! Yes, he is one of my favorites and yes, I was made as hell when he dropped those balls against the Giants but I think overall he had a good season. Take a look at film like Derek did and you will see how many games he helped us win! As Far as what he has been saying they havent shown anything up here so I can’t comment on that.
    Good Article as usual!

  7. Rick
    Rick says:

    I was surprised that Ken Hamlin made the Pro Bowl this season. I really wasn’t that impressed with him. I’m hoping the Cowboys can make some moves to improve their secondary in the offseason.