Campo Most Likely Headed Back to Dallas

As the Super Bowl approaches the rumors are flying around Valley Ranch, but nothing will be announced until after Sunday’s NFL finale. Amongst the trade rumors and draft suggestions, there is really only one rumor that is likely to become reality, the return on Dave Campo.

Former head coach Dave Campo visited Valley Ranch yesterday. He could become the next secondary coach, replacing Todd Bowles who departed for Miami. Campo has been coaching in Jacksonville for the last three years.

To refresh your memories, Dave Campo started out with the Cowboys in 1989 when Jerry Jones took over the team. Campo took on many positions over the years such as defensive assistant, secondary coach and defensive coordinator. As defensive coordinator from 95-99, his defense finished within the top 10 overall in the NFL in four of those five years.

He was promoted head coach after Chan Gailey was fired in 2000. As head coach Campo went 15-33. Yes that’s right, three straight seasons ending at 5-11. Those were tough times for the Cowboys when salary caps and injuries really damaged the team. At the end of 2002 Campo was released and Bill Parcells took over.

Dave Campo is ready to return to Dallas and most likely it’s going to happen. We just have to wait a few more days for the announcement.

**UPDATE** Albert Breer of The Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys have hired Dave Campo to be their new secondary coach.

  1. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    Well according to the Dallas Morning News, Dallas has offered Campo a contract to be the new secondary coach so I should say it’s just about official.

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I’m sure they did and I’m sure he will accept. I was just aware of the “code of silence” during Super Bowl week. Teams aren’t supposed to make any significant announcements during this week. Unlike in baseball when AROD or Clemens can announce anything they please during the damn World Series. It sure makes for a quiet week around here, lol.

  3. Rich Isaacs
    Rich Isaacs says:

    I do hope Campo can bring back some of the magic we had in the secondary in the 90s. A friend reminded me just the other night though, that Campo had it made in the 90s with the secondary we had then. It would have been hard to mess that secondary up. lol. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that Campo is the man we need in that area and support this choice 100%


    As long as Campo remembers that he is not the head coach and does what he is supposed to do, than I do not have a problem with it. Roy W. used to be my favorite player until he forgot how to play. Maybe he should watch how MB3 does it and get that fire back rather than being content with being the highest paid guy on the team. TO me is a waste of payroll he couldn’t cover Drew Bledsoe and he forgot how to hit. What happened?????