Cowboys Look to Quiet Critics

It’s finally here.  The day Cowboys fans everywhere have been waiting for.  The day the Cowboys prove all the critics wrong yet again and beat the Giants for the third time this season. 

The critics have been on the prowl the last couple weeks.  In fact, I’d venture to say they stepped their game up a notch.  Everything under the sun was used to prove the Cowboys had no chance of winning today.

Tony Romo didn’t play well down the stretch.  And his mind definitely could not have been on football since he was in Mexico during the bye week. 

Terrell Owens is hurt.  He won’t be a factor in the game.

Assistant coaches are being interviewed for head coaching jobs.  It has to be distracting the team.

Nobody can beat a team three times in one season.

Heck, someone living under a rock would never know the Cowboys even went 13-3, won their division, clinched a first round bye and home field advantage. 

It’s sure something to listen to the critics rip on the Cowboys.

Tony Romo was in Mexico?  Are you kidding me?  That’s really going to play a factor in this game?  I don’t think so.  Tony Romo is a professional athlete, and pro bowler at that.  I’m sure he has some sort of clue about how to manage his time and get ready for a big playoff game, but that’s just me.

Terrell Owens will play no factor in this game?  That gives me quite a chuckle from when I hear analysts try to make that argument.  They must not have seen Super Bowl XXXIX, when Terrell Owens picked apart the Patriots secondary for 122 yards, just a couple months removed from surgery to repair his broken ankle.  I will in no way be surprised when Terrell Owens comes out today and torches the Giants secondary like he did in the first two games.

I feel stupid for analysts who think Dallas’ assistants getting interviewed is going to impact their focus on the task at hand.  If this team or any professional team is affected by their assistant coaches being interviewed by other teams then they might as well go back to playing Pop Warner with their kids.

And last, I’m not sure how analysts even make a valid argument about it being extremely difficult for a team to beat someone three times in a year.  I guess Dallas shouldn’t even take the field to play the game since the analysts seem to think it will be harder than robbing Fort Knox.  I vividly remember the Cowboys beating New York quite soundly up in East Rutherford in week 10.  And when they make the argument that the Giants have won 8 consecutive road games, they fail to mention that the last time they lost on the road, it was at the hands of Dallas at Texas Stadium.

The only thing I have left for my fellow Cowboys friends before I retire to my comfy armchair is to take TO’s advice from earlier this week and "Get your popcorn ready."