I Am Won Over

Anyone that knows me knows that I didn’t want the Cowboys to pick up TO. I was one of those fans that could not forgive him for the star incident! I just could not let it go. Even when he made touchdowns at the first of the season I had mixed feeling about it.

As the season progressed I saw him becoming a Cowboy. I saw him being a leader on the sidelines. He and Romo have this connection that is amazing! But hard headed me still could not let it go, I still saw a little of that Eagle green on him.  Game by game we saw him making touchdowns with class, giving the ball to fans you can’t get better than that.

The green started to fade just a little, but after Sunday’s heartbreaking loss the man with class, Mr. Terrell Owens, won me over completely! When I watched his interview I cried right along with him as he defended his QB. The emotion he showed made me see him as all Cowboy and the green was gone. I can’t believe I am writing this and I am so happy that all those bad feelings are gone. So I guess this is another good thing that came with the loss.

Cowboy Fans stay true because we had a great season and we have so much to look forward to next season!

Contributed by Raina Middleton

  1. Angel
    Angel says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I also had a hard time forgetting the star incident. But all season long I have thought of Terrell as a Cowboy, it’s so obvious that he’s happy with this organization and has become a true team player. I think the world of him for defending his QB…OUR QB.

  2. Gregncali
    Gregncali says:

    I guess I wasn’t the only one to get emotional watching T.O.in his interview. True blue fans must have gotten tears too if not somethings wrong. Nice article Raina. Lets keep our head up and look forward to next year

  3. Susan H
    Susan H says:

    I totally agree, as well. T.O. has shown that he IS truly a good person and a TOTAL team player. The long hours he spent every day for 3 weeks “healing” his ankle is a testament to his commitment to this team. I just received my T.O jersey the other day and I will ALWAYS wear it proudly. I cannot WAIT until next year!! (By the way, GO PACKERS!) I hope Brett Favre will put Tom Brady to shame in the Super Bowl. Brady may act humble right now… but it’s VERY easy to be humble when you’re winning. I can’t wait to see him lose.
    Greetings to all Cowboys fans out there from Susan in Virginia!

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    T.O. is a true blue Cowboy and this loss and the way this season went for the Cowboy’s, is that much more fuel for the burning desire he has for the Cowboys organization and the fans..