Injury Update: Owens, Glenn and Everyone Else

With one more week to go before the Cowboys play their first playoff game, there is only one injury still lingering. Terrell Owens high ankle sprain is still healing. He isn’t wearing the protective ankle boot anymore and he has begun light jogging. That’s a great sign that Owens will be ready. He has always been a fast healer and tough player. I would bet that he will be ready for the game next weekend. He is expected to start full practice on Wednesday or Thursday, then we will know more.

Terry Glenn returned for the first time this season last weekend. He did not complete a pass and didn’t stay in for the entire game. He practiced without pads this week and plans to resume drills by Wednesday.

Andre Gurode was very limited in practice this week with a left knee sprain. He missed the last two games of the year, and it showed. He is a huge part of the reason Romo was having such a great year. The pro bowl center could be ready for the game next weekend, right now he needs to rest and stay off his leg. He is day-to-day.

Safeties Pat Watkins and Keith Davis practiced this week and should be ready for the game. Terence Newman seems to be back on his feet and ready to go. Jay Ratliff who also missed the final game of the season is also well.

Although the Cowboys have great depth in many positions, I feel that a return of the two star receivers would increase the chance of excelling in the postseason. Not to say it couldn’t be done without them, but seems a lot less likely. Owens had a nice year despite the way the season ended, and Glenn has waited all year to return. I predict a spectacular return by both of these shining stars, it could be the highlight of their careers!

  1. Romo2Owens
    Romo2Owens says:

    I’m going to be sick to my stomach on a daily basis until someone says the words to me…
    ‘Owens is playing’
    True Story^

  2. lizzyfreek
    lizzyfreek says:

    Nevertheless, you must always prepare for the worse. Owens return is too far away and too close to gametime. The Cowboys and the fans must not count on it happenening. Although it more than likely will, we have to be prepared if it does not. Terry Glenn is back, and not at a more perfect time than anyone could have prayed for. At least we have him and Crayton and Hurd for insurance. Not bad if you ask me. Gurode we need as bad if not worse than T.O..
    We will just be fine, so do not panic. We can win without these two players if we have too, but Tony Simpson Romo will have to throw the football to the receivers instead of to the lady in isle 47, row31, seat 18.