Looking at Free Agents

Unrestricted Free Agents (6)

  • LT Flozell Adams
  • S Ken Hamlin
  • RB Julius Jones
  • S Keith Davis
  • CB Jacques Reeves
  • CB Nate Jones

Restricted Free Agents (5)

  • RB Marion Barber
  • DE Chris Canty
  • LS L.P. Ladouceur
  • RB Tyson Thompson
  • OL Joe Berger

Exclusive Rights Free Agents (4)

  • DE Stephen Bowen
  • OL Cory Procter
  • CB Evan Oglesby
  • TE Tony Curtis

In my opinion the Cowboys must keep Marion Barber, Chris Canty, Ken Hamlin and Tony Curtis. I believe all of those players will help the future of this team. Some might add Flozell in with those names, but he just has too many penalties, and we all know when it comes down to it, penalties can make or break a game. Free agency signing period begins February 29th.

Cowboys fans have fallen in love with Marion Barber. With his rough style that earned him 10 touchdowns and 975 yards as the back-up running back to Julius Jones, its clear why they love him.



Chris Canty started to shine this year. The 25-year old defensive end had 3.5 sacks and 43 tackles. He is a restricted free agent, but is expected to sign a deal similiar to Jay Ratliff’s 5 year-20 million.



Ken Hamlin, who signed a one year deal last year, has had a successful year. He had 5 interceptions, 62 tackles (45 solo) and will start in the Pro Bowl next month. That’s more than enough reasons why the Cowboys should give him a contract.



Tony Curtis, the third string tight end, showed great potential earning 3 touchdowns from only 3 receptions in 2007. He also looked really good in pre-season. Being an exclusive rights free agent, he really has no say in the matter, but I’m sure he will be a Cowboy in 2008.



  1. Joe D - The Cowboys Nation
    Joe D - The Cowboys Nation says:

    In addition to the players you suggest we keep, I would strongly urge the Cowboys to retain Keith Davis. I do realize that most Special Teams players are never considered impact players, but Davis is the exception to the rule. Ken Hamlin, Chris Canty and Marion Barber are all no-brainers and believe that jerry Jones is already hard at work trying to iron out contracts for all three of them. Flozell may draw many penalties, but he is still one of the top offensive linemen in the league. In the end he could end up being a salary cap casualty just like Terry Glenn. Obviously, Jaques Reeves is history, rightfully so, but Nate Jones should be retained so as not to completely lose our depth at the position. Nice job Kelly.

  2. Juliuxxx
    Juliuxxx says:

    I agree, but I have a question: Did Dallas must retain Tyson Thompson, or Julius Jones?
    Wherever, we must wait the NFL Draft, and look out for a Running Back, a Strong Safety, a Cornerback and a Wide Receiver. I know that is the real life and not Madden, but Jerry Jones have the money and the brain, or not?
    Greetings from Mexico.


    Yes, we need to keep Marion Barber, Chris Canty, Ken Hamlin & Tony Curtis…. Especially Marion Barber. We do need him out of any of the others. If Jerry don’t keep him, he’ll be making a bad decision.

  4. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    We are definitely going to need a running back, but I dont think they have to retain Jones or Thompson. I was impressed with Thompson in 06 but after his ankle injury he just didn’t play the same. They kept benching him this past year, so I just don’t see them keeping him (even though hes a local Irving-born native). As for J.Jones, its very clear and evident that he wants to be a starter and wants out of Dallas.