Rumors, Tidbits And Cowboys Draft Central

What’s up guys? Just want to give my 2 cents on some rumors and tidbits and even a little bit of reflection for the Boys. First, let me tackle this whole Pac man Jones wanting to be a Cowboy thing. This reminds me very much of how I felt when rumors first surfaced about Jerry Jones wanting Owens when he was released from Philadelphia.  At first I was very against this knowing how much T.O. had disrespected the star plus all the negative baggage he brought. Aside from that alleged suicide attempt last year, T.O. has been the ultimate teammate since he became a Cowboy. Romo even stated himself after last year’s loss to Seattle that T.O. would call him everyday after that loss to check up on him. I’m sure T.O. has kept in touch with Romo as well after the loss to the Giants last week as well and if that teary eyed T.O. defending Romo after the Giants game didn’t make you feel anything, then there’s something wrong with you. T.O. never had the off the field issues, like run ins with the law, but he was a cancer in the locker room. Looks like T.O. grew up and matured in Dallas. Then there’s the Tank Johnson signing this season. Tank did have the off the field issues plus he has even stated himself that most of his friends growing up were murdered. Tank has been the model citizen in Dallas. All I heard before the Tank signing was how wrong and detrimental to the team this would be. Now, all I hear was how god a signing this was for the Cowboys after the Ferguson injury in Week 1 against the Giants.

Now on to Pac man. Do I think the Cowboys should take a risk on a guy who loves the night life and fast women? Yes and this is why. Two words: Calvin Hill. This guy has made model citizens of both Terrell Owens and Tank Johnson. He is what most people call, Jerry Jones watch dog. This guy has done some amazing things considering the circumstances. Plus, if Pac man Jones would sign for the near minimum or some incentive laden deal, then I would be all for it. If he messed up again we could cut him and it wouldn’t affect the salary cap if at all. This is the only way I would be all for it. The guy can play football people. If you saw him play last year you know he was Tennessee’s Bob Sanders and that’s saying a lot. Plus he can return kicks. But in all likeyhood this isn’t going to happen unless the Titans release him which I believe they won’t.

Another grumbling out there is that Detroit’s Roy Williams would love nothing else but to become a Dallas Cowboy as well after his contract runs out after next season. Can you imagine T.O., T.G, Crayton and Williams in a four receiver set? DAMN!! Anyways, this isn’t going to happen people. I think Detroit will lock him up long term and I don’t think Terry Glenn will be back in Dallas next season. Another wide receivers name that has been popping up in the NFL rumor mill is Denver’s Javon Walker coming to Dallas in a draft day deal for either a 3rd or 4rth round pick. Don’t dismiss this rumor. I think this, out of all the rumors out there to be a GREAT possibility. Denver wants to get this guy out of Denver and the Cowboys have been rumored to be the team of Walker’s choice. So if it happens, remember where you heard it first.

Onto some Cowboy tidbits. I believe Dallas will sign one huge free agent this off-season. I honestly believe Dallas will sign either Marcus Trufant from Seattle or Ashante Samuel from New England and this is why. Jerry Jones is a very pissed off man as we speak. He believed, as many of us did, that this team had a great chance to compete for a championship this year. Jerry Jones stated last Monday that he has never felt as low as he did following the loss to the Giants in his 19 years as Cowboys owner. I believe Jerry to become a very imaginative and free spender this off-season and have Dallas in a prime position to be declared the early favorite come July to be Superbowl 43 Champions. Think of it guys, you think Jerry Jones hasn’t thought of the idea of opening up in 2009 at the new stadium as SuperBowl champions? If we know Jerry, don’t be surprised come March when the free-agent signing period begins.

Onto to the NFL Draft. Two words: Darren McFadden. Although this isn’t a really forgone conclusion to believe this, I believe Jerry likes, or should I say, LOVES this guy so much that this might happen. I’m going to keep this short but don’t be surprised to hear that Dallas is desperately trying to trade up in this year’s draft to get this guy. Plus having Bill Parcell’s running the war room in Miami might helps more than hurt us in trying to accomplish this. Just don’t be surprised if it happens and I for one would love to see him and Barber in a two back set. Well that’s all for now kiddies and remember, see you next Sunday. Same Cowboys time! Same Cowboys place! Same Cowboys channel!            Fredooch!   

  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I am hesitant about Pac Man but I can’t disagree with your thoughts about Calvin Hill’s work with the bad boys we bring in. I said myself that he would keep T.O. and Tank out of trouble and it appears he has.
    I would welcome Roy Williams (GO LONGHORNS!) but I can’t see it happening.
    And let’s just say if Darren McFadden really comes to Dallas, that I will throw the biggest welcome party in town!

  2. mike a
    mike a says:

    I can’t see wasting a pick on McFadden…you see how easily he got stuffed in the Cotton Bowl by a small defense like MO…Roy Williams is injury prone…never lived up to the hype…However, Javon Walker…I can see making a immediate impact in Silver and Blue…But I do think as well, Jerry Jones is going to do some wheeling and dealing to make a strong run for the Super Bowl…there are a lot of good safeties that are in the draft, that can tackle and not quit on a play…I look for Dallas also to draft a reliable quarterback in the draft maybe the one from MO, since he is home grown from Texas…I just think we will suprise a lot of people this coming year…you will see a different Romo, now that he knows what it takes to win…it is all good…

  3. David Brown
    David Brown says:

    Fredooch! How’s it going? First of all, Great blog! I do have some concerns with Pac-man Jones coming to Dallas. I understand the situation with T.O. and Tank Johnson being here in Dallas. Both had problems, but not like Jones. You are talking about a BAD apple on the tree. Is he a Wrestler or Football player? I just don’t think he is a good fit here in Dallas. I do think that Roy Williams (WR) would be a great fit here, but at what cost. Him working with T.O. everyday would be great for his career because he has a reputation as a WR that takes games off. The fire and passion that T.O. has could rub off on him. Win-win situation for both player and team if he did come here. Asante Samuel also would be a BIG pick up for our team. This means we could move Anthony Henry to the nickel corner position or safety position along side Ken Hamlin in the nickel. What a great DB tandem we would have on the field. As for the trade with Miami. What exactly would we give up to movie up to the #1 pick in the draft and is it worth it to do so. There will be some very good and FAST running backs in the middle to late first round in the draft. I think Felix Jones from Arkansas will be a good player to look at in this position. With the other first round pick we might go after a good corner back or safety if we do not address these positions in free agency. Blaring needs for this team. What do you think? Best friend David Brown.

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    Adam Jones is not worth the risk. Here is my point:
    Goodell has stated that he will punish teams that pick up players with personal conduct issues and gets in trouble again. Cowboys sign him, and he gets in trouble, Goodell could take draft picks away and fine the team. Is that worth the hassle? To me, no! It would be the biggest mistake the team makes.
    Quote from Goodell’s policy:
    “Clubs will be subject to discipline in cases involving violations of the Personal Conduct Policy by club employees. In determining potential club discipline going forward, the commissioner will consider all relevant factors, including the history of conduct-related violations by that club’s employees and the extent to which the club’s support programs are consistent with best practices as identified and shared with the clubs. Recommended best practices include having a full-time club player development director and a full-time club security director.”
    Even if Jones goes through Calvin Hill’s program, he gets in trouble it would be disastrous for the Cowboys.
    Plus, I don’t think Jones would be willing to play at bare minimum. I don’t think he is that type of player. He’s been out of football for a year.
    He can want all he wants, but I don’t see it happening.

  5. Barb aka Romo2Owens
    Barb aka Romo2Owens says:

    Yet, another blog from you where we get to re-live your Owens/Cancer story….
    *heavy sigh*
    Can we stop living in the past please….
    I know, I know, you’re giving him mad props now…
    it’s just exhausting.

  6. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    I know Barb, but I had to bring it up just to prove my point. No offense to Owens, he has all my respect now and i even bought his jersey the day after the loss to the Giants because he proved he is a changed man. The Owens of 5 years ago would of thrown Romo under the bus but he has finally grown up and become the consumate teamplayer.

  7. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    I know Barb, Im sorry but I had to bring it up to prove my point. The Owens of 5 years ago would of thrown Romo under the bus but the kid from Chatanooga-Tennessee has become a man since he became a Cowboy.